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  1. Wallace

    Adam's (Tony's old) 5ft Monster tank

    So this is Tony Swinney's old 'Triassic Hollow' tank. He was giving it away and I just couldn't say no. The plan is to use this as a room divider between what is our lounge and the kids playroom. The tank is 152.5cm x 60cm x 60cm (60'x24'x24') somewhere in the region of 549l. The tank is...
  2. Wallace

    80cm long term journey

    Well here it is, I finally got my bottom into gear and sorted out the cabinet for this tank to sit on. It's an 80cm in length by 30 wide and 40 tall, which is 96ltrs but with substrate etc works out to about 82. Firstly the cabinet .......... and now for the tank in situ ........., I'm...
  3. Wallace

    My first journal - Juwel Rekord 600

    So this is to be my first journal, please go easy on me.  This is a pic of my tank as it stands now: Inside of the cabinet : In situ :  Below is the spec of what it will become: Tank : Juwel Rekord 600 sat on a DIY ADA rip off stand Lighting : Standard fitment with 15w day light T8...