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  1. glenn

    Very hardy tight schooling fish

    check this thread out. there are many different species mentioned. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7259&hilit=the+best+shoaling+fish
  2. glenn

    New additions

    hi, have a read of this thread, there are loads of fish recomended on here. :thumbup: http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7259&hilit=ultimate+shoaling+fish
  3. glenn

    Gill Disease

    i thought all fish gills were red. is it the only one, or are they all like that?
  4. glenn

    Royals, Whips and Diamonds

    very nice pictures. i love roylas, but not as much as my Adonis :mrgreen: your whiptail is very nice also iv never seen a species with such a big dorsal :shock: is that....shrimp :jawdrop
  5. glenn

    L27c Royal Mini Picture Series

    Re: L027c Royal that is such a needed product...when i tryed to feed my plec cucumber i stabed a turkey tempurature gauge through it :lol: how long hav theses 'screcumbers' been out?
  6. glenn

    L27c Royal Mini Picture Series

    Re: L027c Royal screm
  7. glenn

    L27c Royal Mini Picture Series

    Re: L027c Royal wow golden nuggets are so cool! do you have to blanche the sweet potate 1st to stop it floting?
  8. glenn

    L27c Royal Mini Picture Series

    Re: L027c Royal wahts that your feding it looks like cheese in the 1st photo :lol: is it sweed? and how long is it?
  9. glenn

    unusual fish

    i see my glass catfish all the time, they shoal around the base of my bulb plant quite hapily and they get on well with my altum's and plec. i think they are mostly active when feeding and squeez together when not feeding as they are shy and timid. they are like clown loach for stocking...
  10. glenn

    unusual fish

    i think i might have somthing you would like. :shock: glass catfish-these are odball i think(they should be) or odball catfish.i plant to have a shoal of these in my planted setup...i love them, they are so different (as you say)to the usual tetras and rummy noses and they shoal quite tightly...
  11. glenn

    Angels plant safe?

    i have a pair of altums and they are fine with my plants...