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  1. glenn

    Should I rinse aquabasis?

    dont wash it, its a powdery crumb so washing it will just be wasting your money as it will just all go down you plug hole. and your capping it so it dosent matter.
  2. glenn

    JBL aquabasis plus and Tropica Plant substrate

    i used 1 bag of aquabasis+ to cover 100cmx40cm and it gave me about 3/4 to 1" of depth if that helps. so one 9l bag would be fine.
  3. glenn

    Bad experiences with ADA AS?

    Re: Bad expereinces with ADA AS can you plant HC in the bigger graded AS?
  4. glenn

    What Substrate/Gravel?

    im only using ADA aquasoil purly for aesthetics, as i only fould out about Aquasoil arfter i bought the JBL aquabasis+ :x . other wise, as you say i should just use aquasoil. and i think you will agree aquabasis isnt to pretty so thats why im topping with AS.
  5. glenn

    What Substrate/Gravel?

    ADA aquasoil amazonia is what im going to put on top of my JBL aquabasis+.
  6. glenn

    heating cable???

    no, i meant moving the nutrients arount and within the substrate not in the water colum. sory for the misunderstanding.
  7. glenn

    heating cable???

    if you've got one, i think there is no harm in using it. JBL aquabasis plus recmend using a heating cable with there substrate-they say "a heating cable will enduce a convection current eliminating dead spots in the substrate and allowing nutrients to travel around the substrate" any way, if...
  8. glenn

    contrast of colours

    yes thats a good point...im still not sertain thought...but i would like to cover 70% of the base with a carpet plant :? ATM im just fishing for opinions :lol:
  9. glenn

    contrast of colours

    i just wanted people opinions on what they think will look best- in my rio 180 i instaled the juwel 3D stone granit background http://www.juwel-aquarium.de/en/motive_background_stone494.htm and with the tank came the usual natural gravel...