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  1. jack-rythm

    Information Facebook, Twitter and Google Integration

    whats the benefits of this Paulo?
  2. jack-rythm

    How to! Create a link?

    I'm confused.. This doesn't actually tell me how to create the link. It just shows me the difference between the two? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. jack-rythm

    Resolved! Editting my journal links..

    cheers nath, ill give it a bosh
  4. jack-rythm

    Resolved! Editting my journal links..

    How do I change my journal links for just the names of the tanks, as aposed to the whole copy and paste link? im a bit slow at this sort of thing!
  5. jack-rythm

    Resolved! Couple of teething problems

    I keep getting logged out when im browsing and then go back to the journals page?