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    emmersed growing on the windowsill?

    hi all any thoughts on growing some emmersed hairgrass beside my herbs on the windowsill i have the lid of an api master kit with sand/gravel mix and some bits of hairgrass i was thinking of just topping this up with my ei tankwater when required i ask, because a lot of emmersed growing talk...
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    growing hairgrass emmersed

    thanks dan i have a 3' tank with 90% cuba carpeting but would much rather hairgrass i planted a good bit when i started but lost lots to chronic algae at the start in an ideal world i would like to eventually replace the cuba with hairgrass i have had the same chronically slow growth rates...
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    growing hairgrass emmersed

    hi all thought i might have got a response on this one i have done some reading but what i have found is guys from america talking about it i assume their better weather gives them a head start rgds 4
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    growing hairgrass emmersed

    hi all i have had no luck with hairgrass in my tank it grows incredibly slow and seems to be a hair algae magnet i love the stuff and dont want to give up entirely could i essentially grow a large carpet emmersed? im not in any hurry, could i use the few healthy bits in my tank to try and...