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  1. scapegoat

    Hose diameter, bottle necking and flow..

    I know this subject has been covered greatly on here but after measuring the diameters of various components I have some queries. After recently purchasing an APS 2000 external filter I discovered that although the hose id is 18mm, the spraybar right angle piece id is only 10mm with the main bar...
  2. scapegoat

    APS external + spray bar

    I recently purchased the APS 2000+ external filter for a new setup i'm planning. It came with a spray bar but the inner diameter is only 10mm where as the hose is 18mm. Going by what I've picked up on here this will make a big difference to flow, has anyone got any experience with this spraybar...
  3. scapegoat

    Fluval fx5 too much for a high tech 200l?

    Hi I've been researching into setting up a new tank and this forum had helped me a great deal so I thought it was only right I sign up and get involved. I'm looking at purchasing the All ponds Solution 200l tank to set up as a heavily planted tank, I can see the built in filter isn't going to...