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  1. TLH

    echinodorus tank

    I agree with Mark. Unless you have a huge tank they can soon take over. I have a marbled queen that a1matt gave me that has taken over my 48"x18"x15". I'm kinda loathed to get rid of it but I think it's going to have to go soon as it's shadowing out everything else on one half of the tank.
  2. TLH

    Getting stems to grow straight up

    Light coloured substrates bouncing light back maybe thereby confusing the plant as to which way is up?
  3. TLH

    Aponogeton Crispus Propagation Help Please

    I'm just quoting here, no actual experience myself. Reference link... http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/plants/cripus.php
  4. TLH

    Cryptocoryne undulata help?

    I've heard a few reasons for crypt rot, among them being nitrate ,pH or light fluctuations. Who knows what actually is the trigger for it? It is safe to say that they don't really like being messed with too much, especially the roots. Once you put it in the gravel/substrate try to leave it...
  5. TLH

    Plant ID please

    I found this site recently... http://www.rataj-spk.cz/www_eng/index.htm Has a nice photo library of all sorts with quite a few Echinodorus sp. Make sure to look at both demanding and undemanding sections. Ok for an ID but doesn't tell loads about specs like height or width.
  6. TLH


    I wouldn't, I see no need. Leaves are the powerhouses of plants that produce the energy for growth. I've not heard of anyone buying plants to cut the leaves off ever. I have seen various sellers on ebay from Taiwan/Malasia cutting the leaves off before posting but have no clue whether the...
  7. TLH

    Plant ID please

    Is it a plain ol' Amazon Sword?
  8. TLH

    Sorry...another ID needed

    Looks like the L. Palustra green that I just got.
  9. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Only had one of the cuttings go a bit rank so far since I planted them. The rest of them have started going red at the tips as has the L. Glandulosa. The cuttings are starting to look more like Ludwigia Arcuata but still a bit early to tell for sure yet.
  10. TLH

    Limnophila aromatica 'Corkscrew'

    I just bought mine the other day so I don't know much about them yet and it's still emersed growth too. Not sure if mines corkscrew but it didn't say anything fancy on the label.
  11. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    After sorting through those bundles I think I've chucked well over a third of it. They looked a bit soggy at the bottoms when I got them but I thought the tops would be ok but some of them only the top couple of inches was any good still. I got quite a few that are still ok though so I am still...
  12. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Nope this was the other one on Newport Pagnell Rd.. It's closer to me than the Harlestone Heath one, I will try to get over there one day though. I did ask the fella about whether they had different stock there etc. and he said they have a salty section although he couldn't tell me anything...
  13. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    I should have put a ruler against it shouldn't I. The bunches are approx 7-8 inches. Each stem is about 25-30mmm wide. I saw a few with that label and didn't quite know what to think of it. I much prefer the Tropica labels.
  14. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Popped over Maidenhead Aquatics in Northampton this afternoon to see what fish they had in stock. Nice selection they had too, some nice Discus which may turn my head one day. Bought some plants though to fill in the gaps in my tank. I was going to get some bunches aswell as the pots I got but...
  15. TLH

    Random Freebies

    I got a couple of inches of HM in some moss from a1Matt which has grown into a nice sized patch now.
  16. TLH

    Trimming bylxa japonica

    I've just stuck some in my tank and didn't trim it. Half has just melted away and half still looks ok. Only two plants out of eight looks really good but I think the others have just about gotten used to my conditions now and are starting to come back somewhat and start to grow.
  17. TLH

    Lace plant propogation.

    You actually cut the bulb in two? :o I would have thought if it had enough nutrient and good conditions it would have formed a separate plant from the bulb itself (natural split) which you could have then taken away without harming the mother plant. Letting it flower and seed would be the other...
  18. TLH


    No idea how fast but they grow to the surface and then spread out. I've read you should remove the surface leaves before they get there otherwise thats all you'll have and it will shade out the tank.
  19. TLH


    Nymphaea sp. 'Rubra' for the first. Not quite sure on the second.