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  1. scapegoat

    World smallest air stone

    I really could have done with one of these a few years back and looked everywhere for something similar. When modifying my fluval edge I ran the co2 tubing into a hole in the hob filter to then get mashed about inside before going into the tank. One of these would have made it a lot more sufficient.
  2. scapegoat

    Hydor External Heater Colour Difference

    Ok great cheers for the heads up, I'll definitely be purchasing one then
  3. scapegoat

    Hydor External Heater Colour Difference

    I'm very curious about a few on ebay as the picture of the box looks different and doesn't seem to mention hydor on it. I was about to purchase one then read this, are these the fake ones? @ HYDOR EXTERNAL FISH THERMAL HEATER 300W 16mm ETH300 IDEAL TANK AND FOOT SPA | eBay
  4. scapegoat

    All Pond Solutions Reviews!

    Very helpful! just purchased an All Pond Solutions tank and external filter so good to see them in action
  5. scapegoat

    Cutting acrylic

    I use a scroll saw to cut acrylic but thats for finer details, if your cutting straight lines a band saw or a jigsaw work well, just watch out for the melting, if it joins back up straight after the blade has gone through then you are using the wrong blade. if you want to cut by hand a hacksaw...