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  1. spider72

    My litlle 250L garden.

    Damn me :wink:
  2. spider72

    My litlle 250L garden.

    Oh Jezz, what a terrible mess :jawdrop :wink: . Some people could kill for mess like yours :lol: . Don't you have a scissors or what :?: :lol:
  3. spider72

    My litlle 250L garden.

    Hello mate :D . Nice to see you on this forum.
  4. spider72

    My litlle 250L garden.

    Hi mate. I know this tank from somewhere :wink: :lol: .
  5. spider72

    NANO 30l by Tekla

    Hi Tekla If EC is the only source of carbon in this tank, than you may have too much light. I've got similar tank where I am using only liquid carbon and EI (50% of recommended dosing) but I've got there light level slightly below 0.5 W/l. I think you also should aim below that level if you are...
  6. spider72

    480l speedeecat from PL

    It should rather be: I am going to have fish as well, preferably one species and for sure no more than two. I don't want herbivorus fish eating mosses or other plants and I don't know what fish species will be suitable for my tank. Hi speedeecat First you should decide what size of fish do...