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  1. scapegoat

    best places for wood

    Ah sorry didn't realise it was manzanita in particular, guess I should have read the whole thread :rolleyes:
  2. scapegoat

    best places for wood

    I've always found ebay to have a decent selection, 2 mins of looking and found this lot.. gre0044 | eBay
  3. scapegoat

    Coffee table idea anyone?

    I'd probs go for an island scape so it works on every side, manzanita branches with ferns and other undemanding plants. I assume you're not going to be adding a Co2 system and extra filtration? What's the filter like?
  4. scapegoat

    Piranha Tank at the London Aquarium

    Wow this tank is going to be immense! Next time i'm in London I'll be checking this out for sure is it going to be low or high tech?