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  1. tel

    Blue rams with shrimp?

    I have German Blue Rams and shrimp. From what I have found so far if the shrimp have somewhere to hide they do ok. Introducing them into the tank was the tricky part as the Rams thought they were food, but as you are going the other way around you should be alright. If they are larger shrimp...
  2. tel

    Thred fin rainbow advice.....

    Hi Ben , Others may be able to provide more specific advice but link can at least give you an inidcator http://aqadvisor.com/ If you want a quick run down on how it works before checking it out you could have look at the thread below viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10010 cheers
  3. tel

    Fish volume Calculator

    Maybe in the archives this is exists and I did a quick search to check but couldn't find anything. So again on my hunting around for cool community fish I found this site which provides a calculator for fish stocking levels. One of the interesting things is that it gives, what I think, is a...