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  1. spider72

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    Can we growth healthy plants limiting phosphate? Of course we can. Sears-Conlin paper became small bible in Poland where I have been born, and many of polish plant keepers became so skilled in this than many of them even don't need to test phophate levels. They just know their tanks very well...
  2. spider72

    Green water in tank with filter being cycled

    Good picture is more than thousand words in some cases :) .
  3. spider72

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    In both tanks at the time when pictures have been taken level of NO3 has been around 80ppm and PO4 above 10pmm (out of scale). These levels have been kept for about 4-6 weeks before pictures have been taken. Bigger tank (on the top) is HT tank with CO2 addition. Small one is LT with liquid...