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    Lower Maintenance high tech 'scape ideas please

    hi all having set and established a lovely tank, i'm losing the battle to maintain it well due to life getting in the way! my MC carpet is all lifting despite several trims as it is so rampant im getting dead spots and algae, any tips on a lower maintenace tank, still co2 and EI dosed just...
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    Creating depth, smaller plants to back / Cliff Hui - "Destiny"

    hi all ive loved Cliff Hui's Destiny for years and am looking to do similar my tank is a poor dimension for aquascaping (90cm W x 30 D x 38 H) Destiny was a 90 x 45 x 45, have i any hope? Something obvious about Destiny is that he has small delicate plants in the back which does a great job of...
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    'scaping a slim tank - path?

    hi all i have a 36" x 12" x 15" tank (thats 12" front to back) as you all know this is a bad size for a scape as its so slim from front to back i have done lots of reading and playing about and have a basic grasp of what creates depth i am re-scaping at the moment and fancy a change (i had a...
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    iwagumi style, cruel to fish?

    hi all i was wondering if there are any opinions on this i was looking at my new tank last night it is an amano style low carpet and rocks job and it looks great (well should in a few months!) but,, i was thinking that i sure wouldnt like to live in it! (no fish yet) its so sparse and there...
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    any tips for raising areas

    hi all i have some rocks i can work with but as pointed out to me here they will be too low when my hairgrass grows any tip for things to sit them or raise up areas apart from more mail order rocks and more expense! substrate is small pea gravel on flourite sand i can pile the pea gravel up...