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    HC Cuba - dark and tiny leaves

    hi all see photo below, ( i know it's not great) i have cuba growth thats a bit odd, its very thin darker shoots with tiny leaves now the chances are that this is some of the pieces i planted very deep i had severe issue keeping it in place (in-vitro plants) so planted it very deep and then...
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    glosso or hc

    hi all i did try search for this, but getting conflicting stuff all over the web i have done a hc carpet and loved it, hated the way it uprooted itself on me though i only found out that it needs severe mowing when it was too late my new tank will be a little deeper than my last, so im half...
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    quick riccia question

    hi i've put a few "mats" of riccia together and they look great but i was just wondering.... will the riccia grow out of these netted mats and come loose to the surface i want more to plant in more mats so if i dont trim will i be able to propagate it by letting it grow out rgds 4
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    using oasis flower foam in tank?

    hi all i was thinking how good Oasis foam blocks would be in the aquarium (the green blocks that flower arrangers use that hold lots of water) you can shape them any way you want and plant straight in them anyone ever tried it, i am trying to find out if its tank safe but no luck yet regards 4
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    couple of cuba questions (established that is!)

    hi all a large portion of my cuba has become up-rooted through a vigourous cleaning any tips on how to bed it down, will it re-root if i weight it down the sustrate is pea gravel with sand and flourite sand but the sand has all sunk as you can imagine other question is a bit silly perhaps...