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    Timers on extension cord

    Hi all, Digging out my old timers to set up my co2, have a couple of digital ones from argos, had to get the manual online to refresh myself on how to program them, I never actually used them before but a couple of my mechanical ones are bust, anyway to the point...the manual says do not use...
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    edited: any thoughts on the size 36w x 15h x 17d"

    hi all im fairly restricted in the area the tank is going so i have asked for prices on the above size 36 x 15 x 15" (or 910mm x 380mm x 380mm if you prefer) like everyone, i am trying to get a deep look is same height and depth a good option? rgds 4
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    betta brand tanks

    hi all anyone use betta tanks for the planted tanks? (the seamless radiused front cornered ones, i mean) another thing, has the betta brand another name or something i am finding it impossible to search for their products, as every search i can think of throws up siamese fighting fish sites...