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    hiding equipment idea, any comments

    hi all im doing the scape below and was thinking i could stash a lot of equipment behind the wood, could i create a screen and leave the area behind the roots as a void with my inlet and outlet and my co2 diffuser there as well under the outlet, the gaps in the roots will be filled in with...
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    algae under silicone, bad news?

    hi all I;ve read up on this and theres mixed opinions! whats your opinion please! ive not posted my actual tank before, just read other peoples questions so here is mine, this is by far the worst part of it as you can see its not in where the glass touches but not far off it, its unsightly i...
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    ada gallery tanks - low flow, co2 bubbles stright to surface

    hi all i have been watching a clip of amano showroom in niigita http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjV6_3Xgoc you can see from the first few tanks that they seem to have very little flow and the co2 just goes straight to the surface any thoughts on this, it goes against the general advice given...
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    filling tank - full on from the off?

    hi all i have planted hc and Eleocharis acicularis 5 days ago in a moist DSM style environment and now i want to fill the tank (i never claimed I'd have the patience for tom's method !) will i go full on from the start? full ei dosing? full on co2 injection? i will fill the tank in the next...
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    planted tank checklist for newb?

    hi guys and gals i am setting up my 36 x 12 x 15, it has medium light from 2 x 27w compact flourescents in a luminaire, i hope to use yeast co2 if i can, i plan on an asian style with a carpet plant and grasses with rocks i have only ever had a low light 54l tank with a few low light plants...