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  1. spider72

    Can a Fire Extinguisher damage a Regulator?

    But only when you fully open the valve and flow is very big. At the rate of flow which we are using (very, very low) FE will release CO2 in gaseous form. Edit: James was quicker :D
  2. spider72

    Can a Fire Extinguisher damage a Regulator?

    As long as FE is not in horizontal position or upside-down, regulator should be fine :) .
  3. spider72

    Does accuracy of 4dKH solution matter?

    Other downside which can occur and should be noted while using dropchecker is when aquarist is spraying mist of CO2, what I am doing for example. I have noted that checker is turning yellow quite quick with no effect on fish or shrimps. This is probably because CO2 mist is entering diffusion...
  4. spider72

    cleaning diffuser

    Hi everyone I use hydrogen peroxide (6% solution from Boots) and it works quite well. No need to worry that diffuser is rinsed properly after cleaning as H202 is mach more less harmful than bleach and decomposes very quick. Regards
  5. spider72

    how do you inject CO2?

    I was using set to be on/off before lights option for some time and now I am using pH controler as I have soft tap water (2dKH) and pH swings has been quite significant. Now I have got stable pH 6.5 all the time and less wastage on CO2. I bought cheap pH controler from Indonesia (about 60£...