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    stumpy woods.

    I love it when photographs make me smile, and these did - they're wonderful :D
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    Best Snow pic

    I'm loving logging in and seeing these photo's - there are some real stunners. Each time I visit, they bring a big smile to my face :clap:
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    Shrimp images.

    Just picking myself up off the floor - they're amazing images.
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    Best Snow pic

    I wish, Dave - its not quite pin sharp though. Damn my unsteady hands :(
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    Best Snow pic

    Thanks guys :D They're on the Norfolk coast - just up from Winterton-on-Sea. We parked there and then just kept walking up the coast. You can probably get in closer. We were there at dawn - so it was an early start! Edited to say: Agree with Aaron - really like that last BW pic, John. I...
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    Best Snow pic

    Happy New Year to you all :D Some beautiful photographs - real winter wonderlands! We got up at stupid o'clock to get to the coast to see the seal pups;
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    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Awww - congratulations - she's beautiful :clap:
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    Algae are nutrient scavengers

    I can attest to this being the truth. I recently decided to increase the lighting period of my second lighting beam and am now wishing I hadn't due to a resurgence of BBA and what I think might be brown algae (not really getting why I've got the brown algae though). I only increased the time...
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    tabs for substrate to give hairgrass a kick

    I got these from TGM; http://www.thegreenmachineaquatics.com/mall/productpage.cfm/Aquatics/_tpncp36/199020/Tropica%20Plant%20Nutrition%2B%20Capsules%20%2836pcs%20x%202%29 They capsules are a bit squishy (see notes on TGM link for why) and a little difficult to get out of the packets, but...
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    what car are we driving?

    Ejack - that is a cool car 8) I bet it sounds awesome!
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    Trapping Pakistani Loaches

    I had to capture 2 SAE's recently and used one of those storage containers usually used for breakfast cereals - they have a small, round flip top in the lid. You can fill them will water and they'll still float. I put some food in there and then left it floating in the tank with the flip top...
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    Am i paranoid?

    :lol: Thanks for brightening my morning with a bit of hilarity :clap: I've only read your posts I've come across them in my random wanderings around the forum - but I can assure you that at no point has the word 'grabber' crossed my mind. Paranoia can be a terrible thing - stamp on it...
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    Blyxa japonica

    Cheers George. I'll be delighted if it grows :D
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    Blyxa japonica

    Its 155 litres, George - it's quite deep though, about 70cm. I've got good circulation - the C02 bubbles get right down to the bottom as I use a couple of Koralia 1 pumps - all the plants sway in the flow too :D
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    Blyxa japonica

    I've tried Blyxa in my tank before and had bad results - so, I'm trying again. I have pressurised C02 and 4x24w T5 lighting. I use EI dosing. The Blyxa is slightly shaded - am I on a hide into nothing by having it out direct light?
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    what car are we driving?

    Re: what car are we driveing? This because I love the styling (I find it quite retro looking) and it has a fair amount of poke. Not as much as the M version though - all being well, I'll be swapping it for one of those in March.
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    The SAE's are off to Maidenhead Aquatics at the weekend. I really want the moss to do well. After looking at some pictures of it from the early days of it being in my tank - I've realised just how bad it looks now.
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    Might be worth trawling or posting on Piston Heads - they have a BMW section of the forum and there are bound to be people who drive the models you're interested in. I don't find the ride too harsh in mine (Z4 Coupe 3.0si) - but then comfort wasn't high on my agenda :)
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    How awful! Sounds like your recovery is going to be a long one, but I hope that its as swift as it can be.
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    A bugs life...

    I'm sure you're already aware of this, but just in case - here's a link to a download for CombineZP. It's an image stacker used to extend the DoF in macro photography. There are other packages out there, and you can use photoshop - but CZP seems to be pretty widely used too and its free (CZP...
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    UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010, Germany

    Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010 What a fabulous opportunity and a great experience. Well deserved and I have no doubt that you'll do a first class job 8)
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    I'm admitting defeat and am going to bed in the hope that tomorrow won't hurt as much!
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    I had a first rate night, all - thoroughly enjoyed myself and got to spend time with very nice people. Leigh said that it was the best Halloween do he'd been to, and I'd have to agree. Between the self igniting cat and Ali's star turn - I've had several laugh out loud moments today. I...
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    George - every time I think about it, I end up laughing out loud. It must have been mortifying and I really felt for her - but it was just one of those priceless comedy moments :lol:
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Trust me when I say this - there's going to be at least one pic that is well worth waiting for :lol: I feel far too delicate to post anything else right now - the sofa and a cup of tea are calling.
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    I understand that spicy food is thought to bring on labour. With chilli and green thai curry on the menu, we might end up celebrating more than Halloween!
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    If you could surreptitiously get photos of their reactions, it would make for some great pics! Mind you - trying to do anything covert whilst dressed up in some serious horror get-up is likely to be a serious challenge :D
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Leigh and I will both be dressing up too :D
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    Great :( My tea strainer has now been seconded to my tank toolkit. Trying to trim the dwarf hairgrass without making a mess is almost impossible. The tea strainer is brilliant for sweeping the surface and getting rid of the trimmings though.
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    Do you ever...

    I don't mind not being asked - I'm pleased that anyone would want to use a pic of mine. :lol: At 64, my mum would be delighted with that compliment - I'm going to have to tell her!! I love taking pics, but when I see some of the stuff that you guys and friends on Flickr take - I'm just...
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    Do you ever...

    ... image search your photos on Google and the like? I know it can be contentious, but I don't limit who can download my pics on Flickr, so they sometimes end up in really strange places. I've just spent 10 minutes and the strangest place a couple of them have ended up is on a pet lovers...
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    That doesn't sound good - I don't want high maintenance anything. Water changes alone are enough for me (I'm still using a bucket!) Saturday is tank maintenance day - I might try and get it out. The moss is what I'd really like to get sorted - although I think I'm on a hide into nothing with it!
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    :lol: Right SAE's get the blame then (and not my shoddy attempts at attaching it in the first place). It looks like I'm fighting a war of attrition to keep the moss going - not only do I have 2 SAE's - I have a little tribe of Amano shrimp. It's like a 24x7 salad bar. I'll leave the...
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    Thanks Saintly - just been to Google some pics of it and you're right. There must have been a strand or two of it in with the FM when I got it (although I certainly didn't notice it). Unless it came in on another plant and found its way into the moss. Strange that it's done nothing for so...
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    New Puppy

    She's gorgeous :clap:
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    why stinging nettles sting.

    Stunning image.
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    I've got flame moss in my tank, it's been there for several months and its never really done much. I'm probably to blame because I was very slap dash in my attempts to tie it on. I've recently re-tied it and done a much better job and am hoping it still has enough life in it to finally attach...
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    Interesting that the M cars don't though. I was loaned a Z4M roadster when someone drove into mine - it was awesome. No run-flats, no electronic steering - shed loads of fun 8)
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    :clap: Excellent! I've just been to read a few reviews about it - seems that its a cracking car - fingers crossed its on the list. I don't know whether it comes with run flats (I suspect it might), but I got rid of mine and its a better ride for it. Like the 123d, mine has electronic...
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    Which model did you get to take out?
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    EFA :wink: Enjoy!
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    New Cars... Good MPG?

    Its worth checking out the cost of the car if you source it through your company versus the cost if you source it via your own PCP (or similar) agreement. To get the car I have through my company car scheme was loads more expensive than leasing it myself - even factoring in insurance, tax...
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    Back from holiday - Lots of pics!

    Some smashing photo's there Steve. I'm off to your Flickr link for a better look!
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    So, the date is drawing ever closer.... Does anyone have any dietary requirements - vegetarian, vegan etc? Shout if you do, we don't want anyone going hungry (although you may decide that going hungry is preferable to my cooking - although it is Halloween, so being horrified is all part of the...
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    Help with another plant ID

    Just that one plant is starting to get unruly, George! It's a pretty little thing, but it seems to be bent on getting tangled in the p. stellata - so it might have to go (or at least get moved). I need to start re-thinking my random approach to planting!
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    Help with another plant ID

    Thanks for the info. It's going to get a trim today as its starting to tangle with another plant. I'll take some off the top and keep it pruned to see if I can get it to spread out a little. Thanks again :D
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    Help with another plant ID

    Thank you, both for responding. It's starting to bolt up now, but I rather like it. If it starts getting tangled up in my other plants, it might have to go - but at the moment, I find it really pleasing to look at - very delicate. From your experience, Saintly - will it spread out as well as...
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    Challenge Cup Final Weekend - London Baby!

    I like the first photo of Big Ben - the warmth of the stone colour makes a lovely contrast against the sky - especially those sullen looking clouds. I'd tilt it ever so slightly though to straighten it up - its a nice picture, so its worth the effort :D
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    Help with another plant ID

    Having had a search around, I'm wondering whether it's Cardamine lyrata - any thoughts?
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    Hello and welcome :wave:
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Brilliant - thanks, Saintly. My tank looks like a wasteland compared to that - it looks beautiful. Yep, there's loads of new shoots coming up from the bottom and one of the stems has bolted way ahead of the others. I'll get pruning later :D
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    Help with another plant ID

    I know I shouldn't go off buying random plants without knowing what they are and what they need - but it looked on it's last legs and I liked it. I didn't think it was going to survive (I planted it at the same time as the stellata) as it went very yellow and lost a lot of it's leaves. It...
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Obviously I didn't read it well enough, Saintly! Where do I cut? Just above existing leaves? Between sets of leaves on the stem? Thanks
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Thanks for the ID, Clive :D I'll take off the tops then. Sorry about the amount of questions I'm about to ask :oops: Can I leave the established part of the plant where it is? (It's throwing up all sorts of stems that are making the plant quite bushy at the bottom, so I'd like to...
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    Photography website

    Some great photos in there - I particularly liked 'Camouflaged snooze' and 'Damselfly chinook' - certainly a site I'll revit to have a good browse.
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    My first wedding shoot

    Smashing photos, George. I love the ones with the shoes on the red carpet - I like the stark contrasts - lovely!
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Clive - I really enjoyed reading the piece you wrote about Limnophila Aromatica - a great article. Right - I finally managed to get some pictures. I still don't know which plant it is and I can't put off pruning for much longer. It still seems to be doing well - although not nearly as well as...
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Thanks all for the advice and information. Apologies for not responding sooner - work is just nightmarish at the moment. I only escaped from working the weekend because it's my birthday tomorrow and I'd already made arrangements. Have to be away again for most of next week - so very little...
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    Excellent - thank BVB. I'll get a photo tomorrow or Monday and post it - it would be good to know which it is. It's only been in a fortnight, but its grown loads. Whichever it is, it's a lovely plant - really pleased with it. Thanks again. Caroline
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    I bought the plant as Pogostemon stellatus - it has quite a narrow leaf with serations along its length. The new growth that's nearing the top of the tank has a pinkish tint to it and the leaves at the top of the plant when I purchased it did have a pinkish hue. That seems to have gone now and...
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    Longleat Safari Park - holiday photo's

    Re: Longleat Safari Park Some lovely photo's Aaron - you're getting better and better :clap:
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    Photoshop CS Plug-In

    Hello I was given a great tip about a plug in that reduces noise - NoiseWare. It means that you can use high ISO settings and then clean up the images afterwards. I've bought plug-ins before and not been massively impressed - but this one is excellent. It reduces noise noticeably, but...
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    Planted Ripariums

    Really lovely :D That's all I need. Another addiction 8)
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    Sea Life centre benalmedina

    I love the picture of the eel - he looks like you caught him doing something he shouldn't!
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    Hey John :D Thanks - she is a cutie. I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon though - I can't believe how expensive zoos are these days. I thought Leigh was going to have to have a sit down, he was so shocked :lol: Tom - I was really lucky - they came quite close to the barriers...
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    Thanks, Dan. I'm hoping that the birthday fairy might be bringing me a longer lens soon 8)
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    Cheers, George! I used my 55-200ml.
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    Today, I was looking through the photo galleries on the Telegraph website and browsed through a selection of photos of baby animals taken from a website called Zooborns. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthp ... world.html I'd been to Whipsnade recently and taken some pics of their baby...
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    My first photo contest

    George - what a brilliant achievement - and well deserved! Congratulations :D
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Leigh and I are staying here, Dave; http://www.laterooms.com/en/hotel-reser ... rugby.aspx Dan tells me it's pretty good and the price isn't too bad ETA: Yes, yes I can see your point, George :lol:
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    That's a shame, George - but understandable. Maybe another webcam can be set up and you can join us that way! :D
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    time to retire from UKAPS

    I think the many supportive comments that have been posted, speak highly for you, Saintly - you really shouldn't allow yourself to be driven off. "Noli nothi permittere te terere" :wink: Don't give them (whoever they are), the satisfaction of driving you off.
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    Holiday Photos

    They're all lovely, but (for me)the first one is a stunner!
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    Equipment needed to take a photo of two iPhones

    Re: Equipement needed to take a photo of two iPhones <sighs> What a great job to have......
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    Black T5 Lights Two Bulbs

    I've got this lighting beam over a Fluval Osaka 155; http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/tech ... 81529#more I'm really pleased with it. The tank is 61cm wide and the light beam can be suspended or attached to the sides of the tank. If attached, the beam does have some limited flexibility to...
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    ADA How to photograph your tank tips!

    Added to favourites - thanks. Got the first quiet weekend in what seems like ages coming up - hopefully I'll get chance to try out some of the tips :)
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    45cm golden hill

    Beautiful - congratulations :D
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    saintly's real life lighting attempts

    You're too modest!
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    Considering a "New" car for the summer - opinion welcome

    This might be of interest. Sorry if you've already seen it; http://pistonheads.com/sales/995493.htm Not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat :D
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    saintly's real life lighting attempts

    Jealousy is not an attractive trait...... ...... but when I look at those photographs, I just can't help myself. :wink:
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    shots from Mexico

    They're great photo's, Ivan :D You're English is excellent - better than mine and I live here :wink:
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    The trip to Dan's in horror make-up will make for interesting re-telling, Steve :lol: I wonder if a Halloween themed scape is a possibility? We've booked into a nearby hotel for the night, so there'll be drawing straws for who has to drive :D
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    Fishkeeping on a slightly different scale!

    <swoons> Fabulous!
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Re: Hallowe’en Steve - I'll even do the cooking for this one. After all, it's supposed to be a night of gruesome horror.
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    All Hallows Eve conveniently falls on a Saturday this year and Dan has kindly agreed to host a Hallowe’en ukaps soirée at Chez Crawford :D We have yet to sort out the fine detail, so will update the post with times, soon. Fancy dress is optional – but do come dressed for the occasion if...
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    The Golden Hour

    Looks like the mother ship is preparing to land....... Or maybe I've just had one glass too many :D Lovely photo.
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    ei ferts and herbs/houseplants

    Another vote for using tank water at water change - it works like magic!
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    Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Florida

    :lol: Not at all what I expected!
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    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Cracking photos, George. After getting smokey water right, tank shots are next on my list! Next time there's a get together (and if I can stay sober enough to remember), I'm going to hassle you guys to show me how it's done :D
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    Trip to London.A few more pictures.

    So much atmosphere in your shots - they're very good!
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    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/02/blob_monster/ :shock:
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    UKAPS BBQ 2009 @ Dan Crawford's - Photos

    Absolutely superb day - we had such a great time. I only wish we could have tried for the ukaps5 - did anyone make it? We got the tank home in surprisingly good shape - I was panicking with every bump in the road and roundabout - but it arrive home looking pretty much the same. Leigh has been...
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    Allways looking for Inspiration.

    Thanks John and Stu - that was the only half way decent one out of many taken - it's still a long way from what I'd like to get though. I've seen some awesome shots that people have taken on beaches, the water looks like dry ice. If I ever manage to get one like that - I'll be very, very happy...
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    Allways looking for Inspiration.

    Thanks for all the advice and tips, chaps. I've tried the ND filters, slow shutter speeds and using self timers - the problem I generally have is just getting pictures that are way over exposed. What I need to do is get out there at dusk and try again. This was the closest I ever got; I...
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    Allways looking for Inspiration.

    I'm liking the second one. Trying the get that smokey look to the water is like the holy grail for me. It's very tricky and usually results in me getting wet :(
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    Eheim Liquidoser

    Well, I jessed out and decided not to use the liquidoser whilst I was away - just cut down the lighting and C02 by 50%. I was very pleased to come home to healthy looking plants and fish - so thanks for the advice, I won't worry so much next time. I'll have to see if I can find a good use for...
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    You must be delighted! Congratulations :D
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    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125 It does look lovely, Paulo
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    Photographic Opportunism.

    Bring back the pylons! I loved the way the light caught on the glass disks - the lines made my eye travel around the photo too. :D
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    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Tonsers 200L Optiwhite (now ft. plants & a bag of gravel !) It looks outstanding - really looking forward to seeing it develop.