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  1. mattb180

    Finally... UK aquascaping competiion.

    I am considering entering, worth testing your scape against the best for a tenner! The only issue I have is that I am a useless photographer!
  2. mattb180

    Bug hunt

    I had hydra in a shrimp only tank and they multiplied like crazy - I had ramshorns in there. As soon as I put the powder in they died and did not come back - I believe it also kills planaria.
  3. mattb180

    Bug hunt

    Hydra - Not good for baby shrimp or fry. You can buy a pet worming powder that gets rid of them in very small doses and is harmless to shrimp. I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called though! EDIT: Panacur!
  4. mattb180

    Anyone use tree wood in their tank?

    Pulled it off of a tree in my garden. It was only thin pieces mind, if you were to use a thicker branch I would probably bake it in the oven and then remove the bark and soak for a bit. Like I said I have had no trouble. Hardwoods are generally ok. A few have poisonous sap which can be dangerous.
  5. mattb180

    Anyone use tree wood in their tank?

    I have used apple tree wood. Soaked it for a while and scrubbed the outer bark off to reveal the hardwood inside. Had no issues and it has been in the same tank for a year now.
  6. mattb180

    Get excited and make something.

    Using one of your earlier pictures as my desktop background at work George, calms me down in the mayhem!
  7. mattb180

    Get excited and make something.

    Big shame losing Garuf, great member. Hopefully this thread will carry on regardless because its great.
  8. mattb180

    Get excited and make something.

    Only just stumbled across this thread. One of the best threads i have read in terms of providing pure inspiration and ideas. Brilliant efforts by all those who have posted different stuff :clap:
  9. mattb180

    Aquarium Related Videos On TV

    Re: Amazon Abyss (Aquarium Related Videos) This is great!
  10. mattb180

    Plantsalive.co.uk quality?? inconclusive conslusion.

    Re: Plantsalive.co.uk quality?? Japonica arrived..... I've used them twice in the past, the first lot were good and the second not so good. I guess with plants like crypts it doesn't matter so much as they tend to die off anyway before coming on strong again. They are decent value though in...
  11. mattb180

    Takashi Amano talks about failure

    I love Amano, he seems like an incredibly intelligent man, but also very philosophical with it. Quite an inspiration.
  12. mattb180

    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    That moss tank is amazing! :clap: