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    Where do I fit a starter motor for a Rio 400?

    Both lights have failed in my Juwel Rio 400. I have found a website in UK that can supply the starter motor (assuming this is the fault) but I cannot find any slot, catch or any thing where I can gain access to fit it. Several people have said it is a sealed unit as indeed it looks to me, but if...
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    My lights have failed

    I have a Jue juwel Rio 400 which on Saturday the lights failed. Routine checks include changing the fuse (with a known good one), checked the socket, and the rocker switch. Seems strange that both tubes have gone together. I changed one of the tubes about a month ago with end caps, and I...
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    Rabbit droppings for plant food?

    I have had suggestions from several other folk to add an anti bacterial treatment in case there was any nasties. Could you suggest anything, like say a 1/20th bleach solution that I have used to treat plants for the tank to rid them of Black beard algae. Would this be sufficient to kill any...
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    Rabbit droppings for plant food?

    A friend of mine has said he was recommended by a RETAILER to use Rabbit droppings for plant food. :lol: They are supposed to contain all the trace elements needed for a healthy tank. I understand rabbits eat their droppings after their exit 1st and 2nd times to gain nutrients but on 3rd time...
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    Budget tube for Juwel Rio 400?

    My (original)tube has just failed after just under 12 months, but as I expect I may be made redundant shortly I want to avoid purchasing a premium Jewel replacement tube. I remember reading of someone using budget tubes successfully. Does any body know any source of budget tubes and may they...