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    Comp_Nov09: Riccia Rockery - NEW PHOTO

    Very nice. A rock pool in your imagination. I like it a lot.
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    Comp_Nov09: Pico Paradise

    neat and natural
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    Comp_Nov09: Mossy Stream II

    Great video. I enjoyed. Nice pico. A different take again.
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    The altum angel tank at TGM that Andy Mack has just set up has a piece of driftwood that George Farmer found on his travels. It floated in the tank for a couple of weeks, than sank. But once it sank we decided that it looked more 'elegant' when floating. We've now lifted it so it fills the...
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    Comp_Nov09: When you wish upon a star

    You've put a whole different take on the pico project. Your ideas are very refreshing...I love them both :D
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    Comp_Nov09: Fern Vale

    that is very nice. small is beautiful. all these picos are delightful.
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    Comp_Nov09: The Elle

    Simple yet effective. Even the wallpaper backdrop looks part of it. It looks really lovely
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    Comp_Nov09: Sticks and Stones

    lovely,lovely,lovely. & cute too
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    65L iwagumi , new lay-out

    Your aquarium looks lovely. The rocks look very dramatic and I've taken note of your moss stones & I'm going to give that a try. Keep it posted on how it develops.
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    36cm nano

    Are the fish celestial danio or galaxy rasbora?
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    New Scape (critique needed) PICS

    I think you know where you're going with it now. Just keep lookin for natural rhythms in the rock and wood. Go with your instincts, it's lookin good. You'll be amazed how different it will look when you add the water and the plants, it transforms into a magical, mystery tour :D Keep us posted
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    10-20mm lens for full-tank shots?

    We've had decent results with the Canon 50mm - no zoom facility but very little glass and what there is, is good quality, well polished. The only problem is you have to be about 12' away from a 5'3" tank to fit into view finder. Less of a problem for smaller tanks in smaller rooms. There's very...
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    New Scape (critique needed) PICS

    You've got some nice pieces of wood and all the correct substrate to give plants a really good start. Try the wood coming from one direction (left or right) and same with rocks - big to small and then add some intermediate sizes to break up the transition of rocks to pebbles, gravels to sands...
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    Low tech lily bowl

    Lovely. I really like it too.
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    60cm - Espei's Escape (preview)

    Patience. A tank has to grow and mature to look 'natural'. Were all looking forward to seeing some fresh ideas at TGM.
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    The Green Machine - New display tank pics as requested

    Whatever!!...good pic...good work Ewan
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    The Green Machine - New display tank pics as requested

    The scaping is looking good Jimmy. It'll be nice watching it mature and seeing what the plant growth from the ADA products will do. Also I like the diffuser ~ looks very futuristic. See you Saturday x
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    I like black neon tetras

    We like Black Neons Tetras too....but only male ones!! They spawn easily and the shoal grows rapidly. After a while the females become like 'feeders', bloated and swollen with eggs. But the males are lovely, that red eyebrow is delightful. A very under rated fish.
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    Trimming C. Balansae

    Balasae is a very tall plant...it is impossible to keep short and healthy...look at pics of it growing in the wild...snipping off older leaves will expose the red stems of the new growth but you'll find it very difficult to keep it below 12". Ours reach anything up to two feet long!!!
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    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    Sorry Lisa. You do look a bit alike. There were so many faces and forum names/real names to conjure with on the day. Forgive the mistake. We've just got back from TGM, I've taken some pics of the demo tank, so as soon as I've figured how do load pics onto forum I'll post them, incase anyone is...