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  1. Z

    Ger's 36" Clearseal

    Glosso is worse! :lol: I don't like ur rocks. I like Seiryu Stone or dragon stone more.
  2. Z

    Fresh start

    What Crypto is that red one? Nice tank BTW. :D
  3. Z

    whats my best option?

    yes if you can afford it.
  4. Z

    my planted tanks

    Looks like But ur rockwork is better!
  5. Z

    54 Liter open tank

  6. Z

    Hygrophila pinnatifida

    Hello, The only info i've got is that is is from India. Could you give me more information? Thank, realy Simon Edit: http://www.arbeitskreis-wasserpflanzen. ... planta.php Only a picture :cry:
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    my planted tanks

    Realy nice tanks. Have you got a photo from mino no yama from the front?
  8. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    still no alg.
  9. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    Is profito ok?
  10. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    Thanks, I have a Vallisneria in my tank so easy carbo won't work well. I have somewere a Tetra co2 thing, I'll install it. I live in Apeldoorn. You might have seen it on the news?
  11. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    Thanks, Later I'll get a external and then put the internal in my big tank. I tried DIY co2 but it didn't work. Now there are 2 lights on.
  12. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    I also don't like the stones. When the plants are big I might get them out of my tank. But for now the colour fits the fish. If my Englisch s*cks then tell it an I'll learn some more :wink:
  13. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    Thanks, My tank is now tree days old Any tip is welcome! :wink:
  14. Z

    54 Liter open tank

  15. Z

    54 Liter open tank

    Hello, My tank http://i465.photobucket.com/albums/rr20 ... 040485.jpg Superfish Aqua-Flow 400 Hydor intern filter 4x24watt t5 10.000K Pogostemon Helferi Ceratopteris thalictroides (Sumatravaren) Glossostigma elatinoides Rotala rotundifolia Vallisneria spiralis Bacopa australis Micranthemum...
  16. Z

    Parrots and Priests

    Nice one!
  17. Z

    TLH's Tank

    more is better
  18. Z

    Far East planted site title rip off!

    That's (...) illegal! Can't do anything against it, huh?
  19. Z


    lovely tank! What wood have you used?
  20. Z

    critique needed on iwagumi

    Can you build someting like this / \ with the rocks