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    What happened to JamesC

    Wow :) I have not intended to trigger that sort of discussion, but glad to hear that he might still be in the hobby :) I know what you mean. Some folks take our hobby too seriously ;)
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    What happened to JamesC

    Does anybody know if JamesC (www.theplantedtank.co.uk) is still in the hobby?
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    DIY substrate - wormcast, akadama, FTE....

    Hmmm, a bit to late to change it now :? In the end I decided to use 1cm layer, which is less than what people use in LT. Still quite a lot, but I am not going to re-scape more frequently than once a year. Funny you say that :D After more reading I have spotted the issue with fritted traces and...
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    DIY substrate - wormcast, akadama, FTE....

    :) No worries. I'm doing it just for fun. No conclusions, just fun :D Yes, yes, yes. I know. If I say it works for me better than EI then the whole EI/ADA discussion will start over again. :angel: The dimensions are in cm. So 120cm long, 45cm wide and 55cm high. 4x54W T5, Arcadia When it...
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    DIY substrate - wormcast, akadama, FTE....

    Hi, thanks for the responses :D Have been doing that for quite a while now. Akadama+osmocote. Decided to see how the plants will respond to a different substrate. Is it because of the amount of light, or circulation? (b.t.w I am running the lights on 108W with 216W bust for 2-3h a day) EDIT...
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    DIY substrate - wormcast, akadama, FTE....

    I am just setting up a new tank and decided to give the wormcast a go (after reading this article http://amania.110mb.com/Chapters/Tech/s ... ls_en.html) I am not quite sure about the quantities to use though, hence I would be happy to hear your opinions. Here is what I’m planning on: Tank...
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    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Must be a typo. % volume %mass g/l (B) 0,20 0,2 2,0 (Cu) 0,10 0,1 1,0 (Fe) 1,50 1,3 15,0 (Mn) 0,54 0,5 5,4 (Mo) 0,03 0,03 0,3 (Zn) 0,10 0,1 1,0
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    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Hi James. A reply in no time. as I've expected :D That's the stuff I was using a year ago and was very happy with it, but then I ran out and had to switch to the trace mix from AE. I remember you mentioning the Zn:B ration before, but did not find any details. Could you tell a bit more about...
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    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Just found somebody selling HEEDTA chelated, liquid micro on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT
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    Rotala sp. green - with a bad case of the bends!! help!

    Note sure about green, but indica in my tank always behaves like that after re-planting.
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    photoperiod query

    Had the same issue and I have reduced the photo period and use the full blast only for 2h a day. L. Aromatica
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    65L douce ambiance

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    4 x 2 x 2 Low maintenance 'scape

    Love the setup. How much time do you spend on trimming the plants?
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    Rio Negro biotope

    :D Love the tint
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    Amazon biotope Lnumber/Aphisto tank

    :D Are you going to stick to the high kh/gh ?
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    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    Hi James, have you changed your mind about the flow? :D I'm thinking about buying some Koralias myself (just 2-3 smaller ones for more even distribution) but from what you are saying it may be just better to use a proper external, inline pump.
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    needle wheel - noise

    Could anyone advice on the level of noise generated by needle wheel pumps when used for dissolving CO2? I am in the process of setting up a new tank and still have not decided between a reactor, a needle wheel and an inline diffuser.
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    Quality braceless OptiWhite – what supplier

    Thanks for the info! Just working on drawing showing where all the holes are going to be and will be placing my order soon :D amy4342 you should blow the story wide open :evil: That is just unbelievable. Has anybody used nd aquatics btw?
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    Quality braceless OptiWhite – what supplier

    Following a constant improvement in the quality of my plants ;o) I have decided to treat myself and get a new tank. In terms of communication Aquariums Ltd and ND Aquatics and Poseidons palace are very good. Not quote sure about the quality of the tanks though. I could use some advice :D...
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides and Akadama

    I use 1200lph filter and a 400lph circulation pump. Will change the direction of the main outlet for the time being.
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides and Akadama

    I've suspected akadama because of it's PO4 and K binding abilities, but it looks like it is not the cause. PH in my tank suggests 30ppm CO2, and the drop checker is green/yellow. I'll try to redirect the filter outlet though. I wouldn't be so grumpy about HC if other plants were not doing well...
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    Substrate didnt fix it.

    Hi Sam, my blyxa grows like crazy, but HC and other small plants not so much. I thought it may have something to do with Akadama, but looks like it doesn't. What are your approx water params? EDIT: My HC is pearling nicely for a week or so after introducing into the tank, but then the...
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    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Hi Sam, took me a while to find this thread :D I have similar problems with HC and akadama. All the plants are doing great, except the small ones, like HC. EI dosing, light 0.75w/l, co2 30ppm, NO3 10-25, K~30, PO4~2, Fe~0.2, Ca~35, Mg~8 Do you know approx levels of all the nutrients in the...
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides and Akadama

    Hi, I've heard the topic has already been discussed, but I cannot find it. I've been using Akadama for several months now and I am very happy with the results..... ................well, almost. All the medium and big plants are doing really well, however small plants like Hemianthus...
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    Help needed - limited substrate options

    Can you get Akadama for a reasonable price?
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    AGA 2008 results...

    Congratulations ;o)
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    CO2 bottle / reg problem

    Which valve do you use to adjust bps?
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    How to stop algae in sand?

    I would try to lower micro and NO3 and increase P a little bit. Do you know the params of your water?
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    D-D CO2 Regulator

    It looks exactly the same as a regulator I got from the German ebay seller . Works very well for me. The solenoind is much cheaper on ebay though. £16 or something. If you are thinking abut buying some tubing and a bubble counter, then the ebay seller may be a good choice.
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    TPN+ or EI?

    TPN and dry KNO3, KHPO4 and K2CO3 is in my opinion a good ballance between cost, flexibility and easyness. You can keep dosing EI amounts of the fairly cheap salts, and just enough TPN to keep the plants growing well. Defficiences of micro do not have as rapid impact on plants as defficiences of...
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    TetraTec EX 2400 - review

    Huge. What's the volume?
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    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Re: Completely stumped It is correct if the levels of NO3 are at EI level (~20ppm). For 60ppm+ NO3 it may be a problem. I've observed that in my tank. For many plants extra Mg is not required. It is beneficial for more demanding plants, like Rotalias. But high levels of Mg will block K. Also...
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    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Re: Completely stumped In case of slow uptake you may end up with 60ppm NO3 and 6ppm PO4 in the water. High NO3 together with soft water may cause problems. I would reduce dosing to 1/3. Add 10ppm K as K2SO4 and 5ppm Mg as MgSO4 when changing water. Ideally try to achieve 4:1 Ca:Mg. What are...
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    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    Great journal!!! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking whether it would make sense to soak the substrate in PMDD. If I understand the theory correctly this way it would pick up some Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and Co. Also, is there any substrate capable of binding P ?
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    Ferplast CO2 test – inconsistent results

    Hi, I used to measure PH and KH to estimate CO2 levels in my tank, however after some time noticed that the PH seems to be quite high regardless of fairly high BPS. To double check I have bought the Ferplast CO2 test. It turned out that the CO2 levels measured with the Ferplast test are twice...