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  1. Kristoph91

    Romford Area Shops?

    Hi guys, Visiting girlfriends parents today till Sunday. Any decent aquatic shops I could take a look at in Essex? Thanks!
  2. Kristoph91

    TMC 15 - Amano Cube

    My ex reef TMC Microhabitat 15. Filtration - HOB in the back compartment and small powerhead in tank. No heater. TMC Aquaray mini 500 tile about 1 inch from the water surface. Dosing liquid carbon 1ml/day & EI every 3 days. Daily 20% WC before dosing. This is about a month in, with all the...
  3. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Unfortunately not! I'm a student, so renting a house - can't really go drilling holes!
  4. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Hi guys, So currently I've got a TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 over my TMC Microhabitat 15. Its producing great results, but on such a small aquarium the mount supplied with it is really making it look cluttered. I want to suspend the tile about 3 inches from the surface. First off: - Will...
  5. Kristoph91

    Amanos Settling In

  6. Kristoph91

    TMC Microhabitat 15 - Too Much Light?

    Hi Guys, I've had a TMC Microhabitat 15L (http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/glass-aquariums/microhabitat-15-nano-reef-aquarium.htmlpreviously a marine setup) in storage for a while. I've dug it out and plan to start it up as a planted invert pico next week. Just...
  7. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Hi Nick, Yeah thats what my instructor was saying. Thats good to hear though as I definitely want to dive abroad, theres a dive holiday at the end of the year in Hurghada, Egypt. So the Red sea. I'd love to do it, just depends on how much I spend this year! I'm studying Marine Bio at Bangor...
  8. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Cool, I was thinking of doing BSAC but the club trains mostly PADI so I just went along with it :) I'd love to try freediving but I've heard too many horror stories of blackouts. Thats pretty cool though I'll jump on and have a look :D
  9. Kristoph91

    Hello from Ireland

    Hi Fran, whereabouts in Ireland are you from? I'm from County Louth its nice to see a bit of home on the forum :D
  10. Kristoph91

    Any Divers Out There?

    Hey guys! I'm loving Uni at the moment, Bangor is great and I love my course. I've been doing a bit of dive training the past 3 weeks and I'm now a qualified open water diver :D So pretty chuffed with that, going to do the advanced open water soon. Anybody else on here dive?
  11. Kristoph91

    240cm Custom Starphire Scape

    Great tank, going to be tough keeping it pretty from that many angles though! Think this is going to be a good 'un. The lights are a bit blue for my liking but I'm sure it will look good when it's all done :D I'd agree with Chris above on the powerheads.
  12. Kristoph91

    Anybody keep any carnivorous plants?

    :wink: Yes mate I am, thanks! I really need a macro lens though :( Might have to borrow one for a week from the Photography Society at Uni. Yeah me neither mate, just started reading up on them yesterday. They seem a lot more.. evolved than other plants! Cool mate :) care to share pictures...
  13. Kristoph91

    Anybody keep any carnivorous plants?

    Hi guys, As I'm in Uni now, my head has been melted with stuff to do. Thats why I haven't been as active as usual, which I'm not liking! Anyway, the Uni runs Treborth Botanical Gardens, here in Bangor. They have a few lovely greenhouses, one of which is completely tropical and overgrown with...
  14. Kristoph91

    Utricularia Graminifolia

    I thought it was a bladder wort? Not a liver wort? The "bladders" are what traps the small insects, and they're not on the leaves they're on the roots as Darrel said. Beautiful flowers though.
  15. Kristoph91

    Could I use this T5 bulb?

    :lol: Clive you are so unbelievably sarcastic :lol:
  16. Kristoph91

    Air stone co2

    sounds unreliable mate, easiest way to diffuse CO2 through a small tank (which I assume you're doing) was using DIY yeast method but with jelly. Then placing the output pipe, no airstone, into the impeller section of a small HOB. You can hear the bubbles being beaten into the water!
  17. Kristoph91

    oddn0ise 270litre rebuild + Cory collection

    Re: New to UKAPS Nice mate :D Plants look super healthy :D
  18. Kristoph91

    From This to This!!!

    July 2012 This evening Oct 2012
  19. Kristoph91

    another plant ID please..

    Looks like some kind of Hygrophilia?
  20. Kristoph91

    Tonys 200l "Horatio's Cave" - #175 IAPLC 2013

    Absolutely stunning. Great use of the Hydrocotyle. I love it. Keep photos coming !
  21. Kristoph91

    The rebirth of two 30cm P@H cubes [pic heavy]

    Maybe nothing, maybe it will deteriorate! Low tech plants like anubias grow slowly anyway so probably nothing for a while. Why not get some Cryptocorynes?
  22. Kristoph91

    The rebirth of two 30cm P@H cubes [pic heavy]

    The second scape is good :D I like it. Word of advice though, the anubias doesn't like its Rhizome below the substrate.
  23. Kristoph91

    IM BACK- Nature's River by Harry Robinson

    Looking great mate ! :D
  24. Kristoph91

    Never give up.

    NICE :D
  25. Kristoph91

    Shrimp disaster

    Mate, sorry to hear about that. You should only add livestock to a well cycled tank though. :( Learning curve.
  26. Kristoph91

    An old photo - My old planted Biorb 105... 'A Dome of Green'

    Re: An old photo - My old planted Biorb 105... Nice :) like the way you've hidden the tube with the bogwood. Looks healthy!
  27. Kristoph91

    How to remove fine scratches on glass on inside of Aquarium?

    Re: How to remove fine scratches on glass on inside of Aquar Wow old thread, nice dig!
  28. Kristoph91

    a noob tank "RTFM" trigon corner tank

    Re: a noob tank "RTFM" I would say, get a lot more plants, get rid of your rocks and just use the bogwood as a centre piece. Plant around it.
  29. Kristoph91

    a noob tank "RTFM" trigon corner tank

    Re: a noob tank "RTFM" Needs more hardscape mate, those rocks look too small for a tank that shape and size. They'd look great like that in a japanese style Iwagumi tank, but what are you thinking in terms of planting ?
  30. Kristoph91

    dwarf cuba?

    :wave: Thanks whitey. :lol: Sorry Jack!
  31. Kristoph91


    Our sponsors usually have some great deals on fantastic quality plants. AND they have a massive selection.. LFS' usually have a terrible selection of deteriorating plants that are nearly famous for introducing pest snails into your aquarium.
  32. Kristoph91

    dwarf cuba?

    No I don't think so, all the "little people" in Cuba tend to stick to the mainland.
  33. Kristoph91

    90x45x45 Optiwhite : Thread Finished

    Re: 90x45x45 Optiwhite (not yet named) Opaque/frosted would look pretty nice Chris.
  34. Kristoph91

    90x45x45 Optiwhite : Thread Finished

    Re: 90x45x45 Optiwhite (not yet named) Nice Chris :) Very nice!. Background happening ?
  35. Kristoph91

    Otocinclus with Tannins?

    I think tannins are good for most fish anyway. If you ever have a look at Otocinclus' native habitat, you'll see that they literally live back to back in shallow muddy ponds that you cant see into.
  36. Kristoph91

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - All change! Looks superb.
  37. Kristoph91

    downer. moss didn't attach to coconut shell

    I don't really trust superglue, it has to be the gel kind or something aswell. Best thing to do is tie it down really well, with cotton sewing thread - get dark green or something so you cant see it. It looks kinda crap for a few weeks, then it will start growing like wildfire in the right...
  38. Kristoph91

    Best Reefscake ever!!

    Thats extremely cool, love the seahorse!
  39. Kristoph91

    Weird "TubeWorm" On Saggitaria?

    Re: Weird That makes them turn into TWO :O
  40. Kristoph91

    Weird "TubeWorm" On Saggitaria?

    Just cut the whole leaf. There was THREE on it ..... Sh*t. Anything that eats them ?
  41. Kristoph91

    Weird "TubeWorm" On Saggitaria?

    WHAT ! Oh no :( I'm draining the tank on saturday and bringing it on a 4 hour trip. Think this will kill it ?
  42. Kristoph91

    Weird "TubeWorm" On Saggitaria?

    Check this out. Anyone got any ideas? Its on the underside of a saggitaria subulata leaf, moves a lot, hasnt spread to anywhere else in the tank and is cream white in colour. It's been there for about a week and is starting to get to me. Apologies for the badly edited photo. Look for it in...
  43. Kristoph91

    What am I?

    It's a paradise fish !
  44. Kristoph91

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    Yeah he's nice. Unfortunately the only one with this kind of colour.. The others look extremely low grade! Hahaha! :lol:
  45. Kristoph91

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    Ah I see! You're probably right!
  46. Kristoph91

    Aquanano40 CRShrimp tank....Journal Closed.

    Congrats :) Hope they come on well !
  47. Kristoph91

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    I have this one shrimp, who spends a lot of his time "walking" under the surface of the water. He's the only one who does it. Photos cropped and doesn't look so great. sorry! IMG_1675 by KrisHumphreys1991, on Flickr
  48. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Cheers mate :) Haha i've got a feeling I'll end up with a whole new 'scape after the ferry and moving in etc. :lol: Thanks Ian :D Yeah the health of the plants is great in this tank, I'm overfertilising and overdosing liquid carbon and CO2 so they're loving it! Lighting isn't too high so algae...
  49. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Last update before I get off to University guys ! Enjoy ! The tank has come a long way! IMG_1930 by KrisHumphreys1991, on Flickr
  50. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Thanks for the advice mate. It's a 3 and a half hour ferry and a half hour drive. Not too long. I'm just dreading getting back into the car and the substrate being everywhere. :( PLUS they said no pets in the halls, but f**k that it's plants I'm keeping :lol: That's what I'm going to do with the...
  51. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    cool :)
  52. Kristoph91

    Snails - love or hate them?

    I know MTS overpopulation comes from overfeeding fish. Don't know what the story is with the ramshorns though, they just breed & breed. I never put any kind of food in my tank, just a shelled pea or two once every 2 weeks.
  53. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L - Slowly getting there :D Quick update. Moving to Uni next week, don't know how I'm going to get this tank there (Ferry trip, drive etc.) without ruining it. In other news, got a new camera so the pictures will be a lot more decent. Here you go guys...
  54. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    That'd be great :D Have you any pictures on here of them ?
  55. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    Done. :lol: Really sorry for the dud posts guys !
  56. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    IMG_1438 by KrisHumphreys1991, on Flickr
  57. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    Why did they come up so small! Ugh.
  58. Kristoph91

    My Little Wabi

    Hi guys here's a few pictures of my Hydrocotyle Wabi-Kusa. In it there is; -Java Moss -Hydrocotyle sp. Japan -Myriophillum Mattengrossense Planted in just regular garden compost, sprayed twice a day with RO water out of a 1 Litre sprayer with a squeeze of ferts in it. The pics are before...
  59. Kristoph91

    Snails - love or hate them?

    I like snails, I've got a horned & zebra nerite. Loads of ramshorns too, they do a great job of keeping the smaller plants clean. But again, they breed at a ridiculous rate! My tank actually just houses cleaners, RCS.. Otos and snails! MTS, Red and Brown Ramshorns and Nerites.
  60. Kristoph91

    total carnage

    Thats a real shame mate! WC to the max!
  61. Kristoph91

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Yeah mate just switch the dial to M for manual. The auto uses the flash loads which I don't like. I bet it eats the battery too! thats cheap for the CF :)
  62. Kristoph91

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Thanks ! :D I will let people know what problems I have with it etc. Sr20det, the settings aren't massively hard. Just play about with them, I bought mine used too. It had only been used for around 1000 exposures though. The CF card I got was tiny ! 256mb :( Picked up a 4GB one today though...
  63. Kristoph91

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Thanks guys. Picked it up earlier, here's a shot :) Bear in mind I'm VERY new to all this :lol: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  64. Kristoph91

    Self inflicted snail explosion...

    Big lump of fillet steak. :lol:
  65. Kristoph91

    New Camera On Monday :D

    Hey guys ! I'm going to pick up my new camera on monday evening. So I can finally take some decent snaps of my tank :D It's a Canon EOS 350D. With it I get.. -Lens 35-80mm -Zoom lens 75-300mm -Flash -Camera Bag -Memory cards All for €250. I think its a steal! What do you guys think ...
  66. Kristoph91

    First Ever DSLR - How to take pics of my tank and shrimp

    You'd probably need a Macro lens or filter for some decent pics.
  67. Kristoph91

    Amazon themed plants

    Google "planted amazon biotope" maybe?
  68. Kristoph91

    Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 01/03/2013

    Re: Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 02/09 Scapes mate sorry ! :lol: I'm sure your scales are just as nice !
  69. Kristoph91

    Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 01/03/2013

    Re: Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 02/09 Looking superb. Your scales are always so clean looking!
  70. Kristoph91

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    I know Chris he sent me a photo. Really nice setup and really healthy :D PLEASE LET ME WIN THE LOTTERY
  71. Kristoph91

    Cube Re-scape "Behold! A nugget of purest green!"

    Uh Oh what happened ? Also, off topic, can anyone ID the moss on the branches in pepedopolous's inspiration source ?
  72. Kristoph91

    IM BACK- Nature's River by Harry Robinson

    Re: Nature's River By Harry Robinson (NEW Video pg11) I read the first part of that too quick :shifty: :lol: Looking great Harry ! Starting to carpet really well :D
  73. Kristoph91

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    That's what I'll do then Darrel, if I don't take Iains lovely tank :D I'll be doing Marine Bio so I'll imagine that I'd have plenty of access to resources! (By the way its still down that way ) Do you know anyone in the Uni, or have you studied there?
  74. Kristoph91

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    I know mate. What am I like! :( :lol:
  75. Kristoph91

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    Hi guys, I'm going to try a reef in my room at Uni this year. Just wondering if there's any good marine shops close by ? Cheers!
  76. Kristoph91

    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L Perigean Beach (week 8) Please more pictures of the marine tank :D
  77. Kristoph91

    Anyone been to Beijing?

    She's been to Japan a few times before, her father is from Hong Kong originally so he brought her. She got there this morning and had a bit of a mad time trying to get a cab from the airport, ended up getting lucky and meeting someone from the Uni! Haha what is Cheken then Chris ?
  78. Kristoph91

    Trimming plants

    depends on your CO2 rate ferts etc and plants. If you're running a good nutrient rich enviroment they will bounce back twice as good!
  79. Kristoph91

    Anyone been to Beijing?

    Hey guys, My better half is moving to Beijing in the morning :cry: It's for her third year in Uni, she's going to BLCU. To study language and business :) Just wondering if anyone on here knows much about it, or has been there.. Places to go, things to know etc. Funniest thing I've...
  80. Kristoph91

    What's your most useful piece of kit? (aquascapin that is!)

    What piece of kit couldn't you go without guys ? For me it would have to be my HOB's.
  81. Kristoph91

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Looks great mate! Nice looking stauro!
  82. Kristoph91

    Where to buy in Wales (Bangor)

    I'll have my car :) Still a bit far though, might have to save up for petrol!
  83. Kristoph91

    Member collections service

    Danny, this is a great idea. Nice of you to volunteer to pick up all the UKAPS members stuff :lol: But yeah I'm definitely up for this :D
  84. Kristoph91

    Rare fish for 60x40x40 tank

    Where would you get the Pygmy Sunfish from ?
  85. Kristoph91

    Where to buy in Wales (Bangor)

    Hi guys, Looks like I'll be living in Bangor from now on. Dream course awaits me in the Uni :D :D :D Anyone know any good places to buy near here? Marine/FW/Planted all in one ? Or how far TGM is ?
  86. Kristoph91

    Drinks cabinet as a stand - what weight can it take?

    Off topic, has anybody seen the guy on PFK with the huge marine tank ? He used RAILWAY SLEEPERS as his tank base !
  87. Kristoph91

    Bubbles causing a film on the surface....

    My CO2 bubbles always stick to the surface, don't have surface agitation it will gas off your CO2.
  88. Kristoph91

    A Few Photos of My Fish Bowl

    I LOVE your tanks! This is brilliant! Not to mention the shots and the gorgeous backdrop :O What is the emergent plant that looks like a circle made up of tiny triangular leaves ? Very interesting. Looks just great.
  89. Kristoph91

    'scape critique

    Much better :D :D :D Get your gear together and get this baby started then! :D
  90. Kristoph91

    'scape critique

    I like it the way it is. What's your plant list like ? If I were to say one negative thing... It would be that the stones aren't far enough out of the substrate. You should try and make them more "pronounced" looking. :D
  91. Kristoph91

    Micro Rasboras?

  92. Kristoph91

    Saggitaria Subulata and Liquid Carbon?

    As some of you know, I have just started dosing VIMI's "Accelerator" Liquid Carbon. Nothing has been affected in the tank by the daily 1.3ml dose. Nothing except the Saggitaria Subulata - I think! Is this melt ? :(
  93. Kristoph91

    Micro Rasboras?

    They were silver/grey in colour and very very tiny. Like less than a cm. They may have been young ? €2.99 each still quite expensive for such a tiny tiny thing! I was thinking maybe they'd be shrimp safe because they're so small ?
  94. Kristoph91

    Micro Rasboras?

    Anyone got any experience with these? Saw them in seahorse aquariums and they're bloody tiny.
  95. Kristoph91

    Thread closed

    Re: The green green grass my first try Spray bar in the sump is going to gas off your CO2 if you inject some. Other than that looking good, hate when you get the rescape bug.. Sometimes you just have to let it grow out. :)
  96. Kristoph91


    Nice one Harry, well done mate! Get to the pub :D
  97. Kristoph91

    my first ever planted tank 36x18x20

    WOW brilliant hardscape :D Love it :D
  98. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L - Slowly getting there :D Forgot to mention, moved the Vallis to a friends tank because it was becoming nearly 3ft long and had sent out four runners. It also doesnt agree with the Liquid Carbon :D
  99. Kristoph91

    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L - BIG UPDATE 06/08/12 Hi guys ! Bit of an update :) Tank is filling in nicely as you can see, still got diatoms though, on the sides of the tank from the sunlight coming in from the window and the door of our study. Also got weird green fuzz algae all...