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  1. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Thanks for comments guys :) As for the Rhomb Barbs I love them :yes: I have a shoal of 8 and they get on just fine with the other barbs in the tank :) They are a little shyer than some of the barbs and are very speedy. Like all barbs they are greedy and can be nippy. Here's a close up of...
  2. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Hello all :) It's been a while so I thought I'd post some recent shots of the tank. Not much has changed :roll: Some of the occupants: pomacea bridgesii (apple snail) hypancistrus L066 (king tiger plec) hypostomus L077 (rusty plec) threatening hypancistrus L066 [he won...
  3. BeBea

    Arcadia Luminaire - unimpressed

    I didn't know that! Thanks PM :D Zoe
  4. BeBea

    Plant friendly, snail eating fish

    Hey Lee :) Most loaches will eat snails :yes: Depends on how much room in the tank you have as to which type of loach you might consider. Most loaches prefer to be in groups (the larger the shoal the happier the loach). Smaller loaches such as Kuhli loach and Dwarf chain loach are reputed to...
  5. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Thanks evryone :) Hey Pete!! The lamps are fantastic thank-you, thank-you, thank-you :D I've put two of the new lamps into the arcadia with two of the original (all 4 white lamps washed out all the red in the tank including my barbs :(). The plants are loving the extra kelvin - I'm having...
  6. BeBea


    I've got loads! PM me and I'll give you my address. If you then send me a large sae I will send you some :) Zoe PS I love my snails :D As you can probably guess by my avatar > I've got purple, blue, ivory, pink and yellow - they are so great to watch and their bodies match their shells...
  7. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Thanks Planter :) The plecs are terrorizing one of my swords currently :evil: I have to say I am not impressed! The barbs leave the plants entirely alone though. Yes the tank is AquaOne dimensions: 71" x 24" x 24" / 180cm x 60cm x 60cm. And I purchased it from MA :) Zoe
  8. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Oh My :oops: :shock: I'm not worthy *bows-down* :wink: Shucks - thankyou. Zoe
  9. BeBea


    Beautiful. I especially like the second pic on your first post - brilliant composition and colours :) Zoe
  10. BeBea

    Rescaped my 54L today

    Eoto, I can't see the most recent pic :( Zoe Edit: Ahh there it is :) Plants are growing in nicely. Barbs look good in there too. Zoe
  11. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Hello you :) Thanks. I too love the plecs :D But then I'd have to as the little blighters are ruining my echinodorus :roll: I removed approx. 20 leaves today :( Serve me right for not giving them veggies yesterday in the hope they might eat the algea on the front glass instead :shock: Zoe
  12. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Hey Tig sweetheart :) Thanks x
  13. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Hello All :) Thanks for the welcome and nice comments :D This is not my first planted tank although it is my first serious attempt (with decent substrate and lighting etc). I have a couple of other smaller tanks (a 200l and 65l) that are very low tech and planted (sort of :roll:). The...
  14. BeBea

    6' barb tank

    Hello :) I'm new around here (although some of you might recognise me from 'elsewhere' :wink:) This is my 6' barb tank when I first set it up in February 2008: Here are a couple of recent shots: Filtration is 3 x Aquis 1000s. CO2 is injected via an aquamas in-line diffuser at...
  15. BeBea

    Rescaped my 54L today

    I like it :) Any updates? Zoe
  16. BeBea

    30cm - Little Mountain

    Absolutely gorgeous 8) Zoe
  17. BeBea

    60cm - English Summer

    Wow :shock: Beautiful *bows-down* Zoe