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  1. TLH

    Fish Illness ID needed...

    Curved spine is often associated with old age. It can also be attributed to Vit C deficiency sometimes I've heard, something akin to rickets I suppose.
  2. TLH

    echinodorus tank

    I agree with Mark. Unless you have a huge tank they can soon take over. I have a marbled queen that a1matt gave me that has taken over my 48"x18"x15". I'm kinda loathed to get rid of it but I think it's going to have to go soon as it's shadowing out everything else on one half of the tank.
  3. TLH

    Snail ID

    I have those. Try looking for Physa sp.
  4. TLH

    Getting stems to grow straight up

    Light coloured substrates bouncing light back maybe thereby confusing the plant as to which way is up?
  5. TLH

    Is all CO2 the same?

    There is only one size of thread for disposable cylinders, afaik, in the uk (and maybe the world) for COâ‚‚ which I think is 10mm x 1. I've not got a disposable reg to check it.
  6. TLH

    No bubbles when solenoid cuts on

    I'm no expert but it sounds like you may have some grit or dirt in the solenoid. Can you blast it clear with a compressed air line? You shouldn't really open the valve on your reg all the way, just turn it enough to get 1-2 barr. The valve on the bottle only needs opening as far as to show...
  7. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    TDI-Line's Rummies... Picked 'em up last Saturday along with 10 Oto's. Tested for ammonia daily but not a trace detectable. Kinda surprised me as I was expecting a blip if not a spike with adding so many fish at once, added 44 fish to this tank which only had 6 in before. Fish settled in within...
  8. TLH

    Using chemicals from work?

    Aslong as they are pharmaceutical grade they should be fine. Main ones are KNO₃, MgSO₄, KH₂PO₄ and to a lesser extent K₂SO₄. Then of course you'll still need some form of Trace mix.
  9. TLH

    Would this be a suitable filter?

    One thing to bear in mind is that if a 200w heater malfunctions it'll heat the tank alot quicker than a smaller one. A 50w would still be able to heat your tank more than well enough, maybe even just a 25w would do in a 27 litre tank. External filters need to be below the tank to work best.
  10. TLH

    When to add Shrim/Fish to a new tanks?

    Aslong as the fish aren't ripping the plants up or eating them they won't be bothered at all.
  11. TLH

    When to add Shrim/Fish to a new tanks?

    If you JUST keep plants then no you don't have to cycle the tank but you will have to cycle if keeping fish. Plants don't produce ammonia but fish do. You can add ammonia to do a fishless cycle and then stock to the full load almost immediately or add the fish in small numbers slowly building...
  12. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Couple of days turned into a month, sorry. :lol: I've been meaning to resize these pics and put them on for a while now. I finally chopped down most of the plants yesterday and had a tidy up in preparation for some new fish at the weekend. The original flower spike from the Ech.Cordifolius...
  13. TLH

    Willow drift wood

    What about acetylsalicylic Acid in the bark ie;aspirin? Not sure I would want my fish swimming around in a bath of that knowing that they use it for thinning the blood to prevent clots
  14. TLH

    Loose Gauge Cover

    The cover is only there to stop the needle and dial getting damaged nothing else.
  15. TLH

    Ice Road Truckers

    They all have bigger cahoonas than I do.....and less sense. :lol:
  16. TLH

    Hydor koralia nano

    I have two of them and find them great to use. Silent aslong as you don't let them get air in the top. They can vibrate a bit if debris blocks the ports. The only drawback with them is they use a metal spindle as opposed to the ceramic one used on all the other koralia heads. The impeller shaft...
  17. TLH

    Apple Mac repairs?

    No idea. Can't you just get a new mouse?
  18. TLH

    One for the techys out there.

    I think most sata drives get recognized as removeable devices. The bios is booting from it though so you have it set right.
  19. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I got the first flower out today on the Ech. Marbled Queen. Lovely white 3 petaled thing with yellow stamens. There are another 5 to go too. Unfortunately they will be the only ones I get on it though as it grew into the light fitting and before I realised the end of the spike had dried out and...
  20. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Yeah it seems to have done all the growing in the last month. Before that the leaves were quite small but it had grown new ones. It'll soon be as big as I want it. Not sure what I'll do yet if it gets too big. The other sword you gave me hasn't really done alot. I put it in the back corner by...
  21. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    These spath things grow flippin quick don't they !!! This is it yesterday in the one pic I got before the batteries gave out. It's not in great focus. and this is it today roughly 24 hours later out of the water. I make that about 1.5 inches of growth, maybe a bit more. Fast.
  22. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I must be doing something right. My Ech. Marbled Queen has a flower spike. I'll get some pics once the batteries have recharged. I knew it had settled in because the leaves have really gotten big over te last few weeks but I didn't expect a flower yet. Took me by surprise aswell as I didn't spot...
  23. TLH

    Aponogeton Crispus Propagation Help Please

    I'm just quoting here, no actual experience myself. Reference link... http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/plants/cripus.php
  24. TLH

    Stopping redmoor from floating

    Lead is fish safe, just don't drink your tank water. :lol: I wouldn't worry about adding lead to the water system either as there are still houses out there with lead piping in them.
  25. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I'm quite happy leaving it for a couple of weeks to see what happens. I can't be arsed going to the hassle of snipping and potting it. :lol: If it does flower I'll definitely take photos.
  26. TLH

    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    My water for the tank comes from the bath which is fed off the coldwater tank in the loft therefore it has an air break already. Correct me if I'm wrong please! This is not potable water that is meant for drinking anyway so surely there is no need for a non return valve on my changer hose in...
  27. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Hey chaps. A quick pic of the first ever plant to grow out of the water. Wonder if it'll flower?
  28. TLH

    snails grouping at the waterline

    I have one spot on the front glass where mine like to congregate and its right where the flow from the spray bar goes. Whether its the flow they like or it just grows extra algae there I don't know but they always hang out there more than anywhere else.
  29. TLH

    4KH solution. Has anyone tried to DIY

    You can increase the accuracy of your test kit by using a bigger sample. If you use 20ml instead of the normal 5ml then you need to add 4 drops to get 1dkh instead of 1 drop. This would mean you can measure in 0.25dkh steps. You can go even further with it if you want and use a 40ml sample for...
  30. TLH


    Interesting. I've never seen Tubiflex au naturel before.
  31. TLH

    Cryptocoryne undulata help?

    I've heard a few reasons for crypt rot, among them being nitrate ,pH or light fluctuations. Who knows what actually is the trigger for it? It is safe to say that they don't really like being messed with too much, especially the roots. Once you put it in the gravel/substrate try to leave it...
  32. TLH

    Feeding Otocinclus in a planted tank?

    Mine like courgette and carrot, blanched. I want to try them on mango sometime as I've heard they go mad for it.
  33. TLH

    Black Phantom tetras

    One of the first fish I ever kept. Crackin' little tetra and nice choice for any tank.
  34. TLH

    Brewing in a Co2 setup

    Certain champagne yeasts are the best to use as they have the highest tolerance to alcohol of them all, something like 15-16% or more and so people use it to restart stuck ferments. A general wine makers yeast would be good though and would hit 14% which would be a good lump above bakers yeast I...
  35. TLH

    My 35l

    Twist it in and out mate. Sometimes starts when you remove it but you have to play around a bit. You can use a starter from a strip light in the kitchen if you have one, or atleast I have before. You should be able to get a new one from any diy shop, B&Q or Homebase for example. Nice little...
  36. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Has a big hole now where all the crypts were but I have a few to put back in. Just deciding whether to put them back in or do something else.
  37. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Yeah I thought wild ones (Neocaridina Heteropoda) but wasn't sure if they would colour up later on into reds. They are breading like crazy and I have loads of little miniatures already. I haven't been able to get a decent pic of the redder ones that are in there but there is quite a difference...
  38. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    A quick pic of my shrimp. I got these for nowt from a nice lady off PFK was was creeped out by them. There are a couple of redder ones than in this pic but I'm not sure these are Cherry shrimp. Anyone know for sure what they are?
  39. TLH

    Plant ID please

    I found this site recently... http://www.rataj-spk.cz/www_eng/index.htm Has a nice photo library of all sorts with quite a few Echinodorus sp. Make sure to look at both demanding and undemanding sections. Ok for an ID but doesn't tell loads about specs like height or width.
  40. TLH

    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    Personally I prefer 2 dial regs like this... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0432373386 You should be able to buy disposable bottles of co2 for that at around £13 tops for a 390g size from a welding suppliers. A reg with a standard thread, so you can put it on refillable bottles...
  41. TLH


    I'll be there. Fed up of watching repeats on Dave. :roll:
  42. TLH

    What are your other hobbies?

    I used to fish in my teenage years, never really got into pike fishing though. Went a couple of times in the winter with a mate and froze my tackle :lol: so thought better of it after that. Got into motorbikes and eventually had a gsxr750. Used to go to race meetings on Sundays at Mallory...
  43. TLH


    I wouldn't, I see no need. Leaves are the powerhouses of plants that produce the energy for growth. I've not heard of anyone buying plants to cut the leaves off ever. I have seen various sellers on ebay from Taiwan/Malasia cutting the leaves off before posting but have no clue whether the...
  44. TLH

    Juwel t5 HO

    You quite often see a lifetime of 15,000 hours against T5 tubes which would be just over 4 years @ 10hrs per day.
  45. TLH

    Plant ID please

    Is it a plain ol' Amazon Sword?
  46. TLH

    Budget Rimless tank - Removing clearseal glass bits??

    If you want to remove the braces altogether you probably shouldn't fill it more than half full afterwards. The braces aren't just there to stop the front and back bowing they are there to stop pressure being forced onto the end silicon seams to stop them peeling open. It's very hard to push out...
  47. TLH

    I've lost part of my regulator!!

    You could always just get one of these... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0306190397 Comes with 2 sleeve things.
  48. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Well I said chuck what you didn't use. It cost the same to send as less and it would have only gone in the bin here anyways. I still have more than I'll know what to do with shortly. :lol:
  49. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I did always mean to update this here just never got around to it. It just doesn't feel right to just copy'n'paste from one journal to the other though. I do spend time on PFK. It feels like I'm the teacher there and I can help whereas I'm still the student here.
  50. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    lol. Didn't realise the spelling. :oops: I think the other is just a bog standard normal cordifolius. I have that one near my intake and it is growing better although the new leaves come without much colour at first. The marbled queen has new leaves but the whole thing is staying quite...
  51. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    It's been a month so it's about time I made an update. The shrimp seem to have settled in really nicely. When I got them there was only one red one which was one of the originals that Tina-Jane bought. In the end they all went in the big tank. I have spotted a few that have coloured up now that...
  52. TLH

    Before I take the plunge, need advice on EI

    Yes you'll need a carbon source if you start EI. I would invest in a FE and regulator on a tank that size as it'll cost you loads to keep treating with liquid carbon. Your dosages don't sound far off what I had for my tank which is about the same size. What I found though is that I didn't have...
  53. TLH

    Watering garden vegetables with old tank water...

    What about diseases from fish though? I don't have many fish yet but I will be getting some soon I hope when I see something I like.
  54. TLH

    Watering garden vegetables with old tank water...

    I saved the 90 odd litres of water from my last water change and weve been using it to water the vegetable patch this last week. I've used it for house plants before and they look a bit perkier, esecially the ones that need their compost changing. I don't forsee any problem but is there any...
  55. TLH

    Oto + Brush Algae advice

    Re: [Wanted] Oto + Brush Algae advice Oto's should be fine with shrimp being vegetarian. You really need enough algae for the Oto's to feed on though so if you have too many shrimp they may keep the tank too clean for an Oto to make a decent living grazing.
  56. TLH

    Staghorn Algae

    Most of my staghorn seems to have disappeared now. It turned red when I got the COâ‚‚ right and just seemed to break off the leaves. I still have a few little red bits around but I haven't actively cleaned it away so I'm ok with that.
  57. TLH

    Staghorn Algae

    I'm having one right now. I wasn't too well last week and I neglected the tank a bit. The water level dropped and COâ‚‚ was reduced due to bubbling. It's quite amazing how fast this stuff took over. I had strands on the spraybar 2 inches long in next to no time. I pulled the worst leaves off the...
  58. TLH

    Cherry Shrimp gone in to hiding

    I have over 40 but don't see more than 10 at a time until today when I did my waterchange. I think they like it when the water is more still because they ALL came out to play. I didn't think I had that many but when you see them all together like that it's quite creepy. Now the flow is back...
  59. TLH

    Monitor calibration?

    This is what I use... http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ It's a really easy step by step guide on all the settings you need and how to adjust them. If you can't afford a colorimeter it's the next best thing.
  60. TLH

    what photo packages?

    I've not editted a pic yet but I have CS3 and am just learning about using it. Looks quite complicated as yet but hopefully I'll get used to it once I do the tutorials I've got.
  61. TLH

    Algae scrappers

    I have one of these Algrade scrapers from my old tank. I have yet to get anything better like a mag float so this thread will be informative for me.
  62. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I do have a sponge I can use but I think they will all be about 20mm anyway. That won't stop any new babies getting sucked up though. I'm going to put some in my old 2 foot tank and have the best coloured ones in the big tank. One of my amanos lived inside the fluval 104 for a few days so I...
  63. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    I should hopefully be getting some cherry shrimp this weekend for free. Just have to collect them is all, she's going to do the trapping and collection. Anything I need to know or do I just treat them like my Amano's and let them get on with it?
  64. TLH

    How to return ebay search to the old sort method

    They've been doing this for ages already. We are stuck with the new search engine now though as we can't opt out any longer because the old one has been retired. I can understand some of the changes but this is one of the bad ones. I don't want stuff pushed on me to buy. I go looking for very...
  65. TLH

    Sorry...another ID needed

    Looks like the L. Palustra green that I just got.
  66. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Great, thanks for that confirmation chaps. I was on just 7.5hrs and I've just upped it to 8.25hrs. It's a 2x54w T5ho fixture
  67. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Is 9 hours a good lighting period?
  68. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Ok, quick question. What's your photo period length. I cut mine down to 7.5hrs after the BGA outbreak. Now that everything is growing well again what's the best period to go for? Is 10 hours too much?
  69. TLH

    koralia powerheads.

    My Nano's can vibrate a bit if debris gets trapped on the outside. There can be a problem with some Koralias though where the impeller starts hammering in and out on the spindle. You can solve this by cutting a little washer, to go over the spindle before the impeller goes on, out of soft rubber...
  70. TLH


    I read elsewhere that someones Oto's didn't like cucumber but I've not tried it to test. Mine have fed on courgette though, blanched of course. I also gave them some par boiled carrot which they seemed to like and raw apple once which I saw one of mine nibbling on. I've heard they go mad for...
  71. TLH

    Diffusing directly into the filter inlet

    I sent bubbles straight into my 2128 for a while but got a build up after a while. I have added a ceramic diffuser now which sit immediately underneath the intake and it seems to be working fine now.
  72. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Only had one of the cuttings go a bit rank so far since I planted them. The rest of them have started going red at the tips as has the L. Glandulosa. The cuttings are starting to look more like Ludwigia Arcuata but still a bit early to tell for sure yet.
  73. TLH

    Just been told off in Customs.....

    :lol: :lol: Were you overweight or do they not allow rocks through?
  74. TLH

    D-D regulator replacement - options?

    Fits on refillable bottles. The disposable bottles have a 14mm (or something like it) thread and would require an adaptor.
  75. TLH

    D-D regulator replacement - options?

    As far as I know the ones that Lunapet (aquarianeversand) sell are exactly the same as the D&D ones. They look it if you compare to the DD one on AE anyway. So I'd have to say everything will fit. You should be able to fit your solenoid 'inline' anyway if it doesn't.
  76. TLH

    Dammit, not another tank to do! 450 Gallon Starfire glass

    Whats it like having to clean 6 filters at once? :lol: There has to be about 3 tonnes of water in that when its filled. How thicks the glass?
  77. TLH

    D-D regulator replacement - options?

    I'll vouch for the Lunapet one, thats the set I have and I can't complain at all. Well actually thats a lie as the non return valve didn't work but that's what... a quids worth? I got my whole set for around £90 but that was well over a year ago now. Here's just the reg...
  78. TLH

    Limnophila aromatica 'Corkscrew'

    I just bought mine the other day so I don't know much about them yet and it's still emersed growth too. Not sure if mines corkscrew but it didn't say anything fancy on the label.
  79. TLH

    D-D regulator replacement - options?

    Even if you were all it should have done was press down evenly. To crack it like you describe it would have to have been forced outward which means it didn't really fit well in the first place.
  80. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    After sorting through those bundles I think I've chucked well over a third of it. They looked a bit soggy at the bottoms when I got them but I thought the tops would be ok but some of them only the top couple of inches was any good still. I got quite a few that are still ok though so I am still...
  81. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Nope this was the other one on Newport Pagnell Rd.. It's closer to me than the Harlestone Heath one, I will try to get over there one day though. I did ask the fella about whether they had different stock there etc. and he said they have a salty section although he couldn't tell me anything...
  82. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    I should have put a ruler against it shouldn't I. The bunches are approx 7-8 inches. Each stem is about 25-30mmm wide. I saw a few with that label and didn't quite know what to think of it. I much prefer the Tropica labels.
  83. TLH

    D-D regulator replacement - options?

    Just googling I found this place... http://www.prismplastics.co.uk/spacers.htm who do a range of washers of different sizes. There is a list. Measure yours and see if they have the same size.
  84. TLH

    Got a bargain, need a positive ID.

    Popped over Maidenhead Aquatics in Northampton this afternoon to see what fish they had in stock. Nice selection they had too, some nice Discus which may turn my head one day. Bought some plants though to fill in the gaps in my tank. I was going to get some bunches aswell as the pots I got but...
  85. TLH

    Word of warning

    I've got glass sliding covers on mine but I still see evaporation on a lesser scale. I don't suppose you can do much on an open top rimless tank without making them look naff apart from topping up.
  86. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Good point about having more is never a problem. I'll see how I go and adjust as necessary. I was just asking to get an idea of how much I'd need to order of each. Thanks.
  87. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Numbers are from the water report I posted the link to. I thought that was what the source box was for? Atleast that is what the program itself seems to say. Maybe as were doing a 50% water change every week those numbers should be cut in half perhaps? Surely the tap water contains some of...
  88. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Can someone check the above pic and dosing specs for me please? I just need a confirmation I've filled in the source correctly and everything looks ok. Thanks.
  89. TLH

    Digital Timers

    Cheers, yes that explains alot. I've had a £1 bid on a couple of Draper digi timers for the last week which finished tonight. They are narrower than the ones I have already so I hope they fit side by side on my 4 gang lead. If I hadn't won these I may have gone for this.
  90. TLH

    Hose "connectors"

    The standard hozelock ones fit Eheim 12/16mm hose a treat.
  91. TLH

    Digital Timers

    It only uses one socket but how many does the actual bulk of the thing cover up on a 4 gang extension lead, or is that a 3 gnag you have it on?
  92. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Does this look about right for dosing? This is my water report... http://commercial.geodesys.com/waterqua ... h_RW07.pdf
  93. TLH

    Britain's Got Talent 2009

    Aw come on, don't be so harsh on the people mate, lots of mainstream stars made their names on programs similar to this, they're only trying to catch a break. I agree there are too many programs like this though. I only watch this crud when there is nothing better on and I want a good laugh...
  94. TLH

    TLH's Tank

    Blackouts done and the tank is clean, well cleaner anyway. I removed as much crap as I could see and get to. Unfortunately I lost one of the Oto's as I can only see two anywhere now. They both look healthy though and they are the two bigger ones out of the three I had. I'm getting some hozelock...
  95. TLH

    ID my algae please.

    Well the gravel looks alot cleaner now. There were still a few bits on hte back glass where the flow didn't hit it as hard but the rest of the tank looks good. I cleaned up the last bits and did another filter clean and water change and scrubbed the wood again for good measure. There is still...
  96. TLH

    Tetris XXL

    I made a huge block in the middle and nothing happened. What do you have to do to win or score points? Been so long since I played the original I can't remember what you have to do, make a block or make a line. If it's make a line I'm giving up right now as I just got a 24" widescreen monitor...
  97. TLH

    Cleaning of Filter Media

    You simply can't get rid of the spores and toxins in either new or old water. Washing the media in old water is just handier as you're throwing it away anyway. By washing the media you are removing more stuff than you are putting back in the tank had you left it dirty. Washing the media in new...
  98. TLH

    50 of what tetra?

    The fella only sells in 25's and I don't think 25 is going to satisfy me. I have another tank that I could utilise if 50 does look like too many, or there's always the LFS.
  99. TLH

    My tank is naf, what to do?

    That's a nice bit of BBA you have there mate. :lol: Personally I don't mind it on rocks and stones like that but I'd remove any leaves with it on. You could do with having a major clean up and a good trim which would help to increase flow and help sort the bba. The yellowing is either iron or...
  100. TLH

    50 of what tetra?

    I've been thinking about fish shoals too. Do you think 50 Rasbora Espei would be too many in my (48x15x18) tank? I'll be getting a few Cory and some Amano's aswell to join the 3 Oto I have already.