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  1. tropic_john

    FoF 2009 UKAPS Display Aquascapes

    :jawdrop I hope that one day I might even be half as good at aquascaping than the guys who did those scapes [great job!]
  2. tropic_john

    Active Carbon???

    like al of the above, it well eventually be unable to take in any more nutrients.
  3. tropic_john

    Far Cry 1G

    Hey Gill! Long time no see. I'm sad to see that pico coming down, have been reading this since I was a member on TFF. Can't wait to see the long bowfront :geek: :P :thumbup: John.
  4. tropic_john

    What us Welshmen do when really bored...

    haha, that is quality. My favourite bit was the sheep-dog runnning and then blowing up like a firework :lol:
  5. tropic_john

    Whats the ultimate shoaling fish?

    ember tetras ftw! :P Or those see-throughy mini neons - forgotten name already :oops: :thumbup:
  6. tropic_john

    Can royal mail post to scotland and/or wales-4 fry & plants

    Hey everyone, since I have my fry for sale, I'm just wondering if royal mail post to scotland & wales, and if they do, do they offer next day delivery [recorded] Thanks, in advance, John. :thumbup:
  7. tropic_john

    My 625Ltr planted tank 6 foot

    wow, amazing, beautiful :D :thumbup: What fish are in there [aswell as the boesmanis] and I bet the shrimp [if any] absolutely love it in there!!!!!!!
  8. tropic_john

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (Photo Update 21/09/2009) Sorry to hijack the thread :oops: , but can I ask what a drop checker helps to do? Is it measure the amount of co2 in the water :?: very nice btw, love the hardscape aswell as the plants! :thumbup:
  9. tropic_john

    65L Skeleton coast

    I swear there is a dead fish [or maybe a live white lyre tail mollie] in the top left hand corner :?: Love the tank though!!!!!!!
  10. tropic_john

    Diffusion idea that works!

    must say, as simple as it seems, thats a brilliant idea! :clap:
  11. tropic_john

    Low tech lily bowl

    very nice, now I wanna do the same :D :thumbup:
  12. tropic_john

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    Well, I've been reading through some stickied topics and also through the ''Setting A 'Higher' Planted Tank Up'' and I must say, they have answered loads of questions and have actually made me want to start a hi tech planted. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  13. tropic_john

    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    wow, its really as easy as that! I thought it was way way way more complicated.
  14. tropic_john

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    from truckasaurus on tff [not sure of his name on here] and id seen adandrews sig...
  15. tropic_john

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    Hey everyone, I've decided to join this forum after falling out with another, and I am becoming more and more interested in planted tanks anyway. So, lets cut to the chase; I currently have two 10US Gallon tanks; one has vile pink gravel and multi-coloured castle [oh what you do to keep family...