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  1. Andy D

    IAPLC 2018

    Great result!
  2. Andy D

    IAPLC 2018

    Ideally I would add all the UKAPS members to this list too (I've picked all the UK ones as we are UK based) as we are a worldwide community but as I've not been on here for a while I have lost track of who is who. If someone wants to pick out the UKAPS members from the list and add them on here...
  3. Andy D

    IAPLC 2018

    Hi All, The results are out as I'm sure many of you are aware. The UK entries and rank: 81 - Pavol Kulanda 483 - George Farmer 681 - Konrad Michalski 739 - James Starr-Marshall 805 - Stephen Rhodes 822 - Dorin-Florian Romaniuc 1087 - Piotr Kwiatkowski 1116 - Michael Gittins 1172 - Jay Keegan...
  4. Andy D

    Hello from North London

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
  5. Andy D

    Minnow Island

    Having moved about 8 months ago now I've finally got round to setting up another tank. I pretty much only have one space for it and that is in the fireplace. The space itself has dictated many of my choices like tank, stand and filter. I would like to have got an Aquascaper 600 to benefit from...
  6. Andy D

    What are these????

    I used Panacur as well and followed Darrel's dosing calculation here: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/hydra-removal.29790/
  7. Andy D

    Newbie here

    Hi Philip! Welcome to the forum! [emoji106]
  8. Andy D

    Hello all.

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
  9. Andy D

    Hello from Farnborough Hampshire

    Hi! Welcome onboard! [emoji106]
  10. Andy D

    Hello hello

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji106]
  11. Andy D


    Hi! Welcome to the forum! [emoji4]
  12. Andy D

    ADA 45P Forest scape

    Looking forward to see this progress. ADA tanks are expensive but they are nice too. I just bought a 60P and will be setting it up shortly.
  13. Andy D


    Welcome back. I need a Reg soon and have been hoping the site would be back up.
  14. Andy D

    IAPLC 2017 Results

    A few but I have not had time to put them together. Will try and get a list together. [emoji4]
  15. Andy D

    IAPLC 2017 Results

    Just 6 from the UK this year. George Farmer - 393 David Pierce - 611 Stephen Rhodes - 758 Alexea Tonge - 917 Ivana Bielikova - 1140 Mike Genna - 1269
  16. Andy D

    The CO2 Revolution

    I get the same. Not a positive sign. [emoji15]
  17. Andy D

    What next......

    Personally I would use a complete fert like Neutro+ rather than Neutro T but having said that, if the tank is doing well why change it?
  18. Andy D

    Hello Everyone

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  19. Andy D

    Hi all

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  20. Andy D

    Green fly remedy tips

    Hey, are you in the UK? Has the tree flowered? If so you should see signs of the fruit beginning to develop where the flowers were.
  21. Andy D

    Mighty Cave - ADA 60P

    Looks good! Reminds me of THIS one.
  22. Andy D

    Low Tech Kitchen Shrimp Tank

    Have a look HERE.
  23. Andy D

    Low Tech Kitchen Shrimp Tank

    Hi All, A few months ago I set up a 19l P@H Aquarium to house a few snails for my 3 year old son who is fascinated with them. Back in Feb I had to move so the tank also became home for some RCS and my one remaining CRS from my other shrimp tank. The tank was thrown together with bits and...
  24. Andy D

    Green fly remedy tips

    I do what you have already done. Spray with soapy water. Just stay on top of it. You can buy sticky strips to go around the base of the tree.
  25. Andy D

    Tesco clay cat litter.

    Strange, seems ok for me. Search Tesco for: Tesco Low Dust Cat Litter 10L
  26. Andy D

    Tesco clay cat litter.

    Packaging has changed but they still do it: LINK
  27. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Just to put a close to this thread. Both tanks were taken down in Feb due to moving house. I have a shrimp tank and 1 scapers tank running currently. Will start a thread about those at some point soon...
  28. Andy D

    New member from the Midlands

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS!! :wave:
  29. Andy D

    Hello again from Wales

    Hi! Welcome back!
  30. Andy D

    Hi from Coventry

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  31. Andy D


    Hi Chris! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  32. Andy D

    My first attempt

    Looks great!
  33. Andy D

    Setting Up, Suggestions Please

    What size of aquarium are you looking to use? Tropica or ADA substrate will both do a great job.
  34. Andy D

    What am I doing wrong? At wits end

    I would look to move the drop checker nearer to the substrate and see how it reads. I suspect the issue lies with circulation and the CO2/nutrients not getting to the plants. I would look to adjust the output from the filter to point away from the surface (which is most likely speeding up the...
  35. Andy D


    Hi Matt! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  36. Andy D

    Hi from Holland

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  37. Andy D


    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  38. Andy D

    Hi from currently sunny Portsmouth

    Hi! I'm also from Portsmouth although I currently live in Fareham.
  39. Andy D

    ADA Aquasky users - what power adaptor?

    I tried it with a normal plug and it worked. Sadly I sold it before I could get any extended use out of it.
  40. Andy D

    understanding lighting frequencies

    If you click on the word THIS it should take you here: https://www.lupyled.com/en/
  41. Andy D

    Hello from the Highlands

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS!
  42. Andy D

    Zante from London (soon to be Florence)

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! Looking forward to the upcoming project.
  43. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    The tanks are going well. Very slow growth but that is to be expected. I am having to move at the end of this month so the Betta tank is coming down and maybe the shrimp tank too until I can be sure where they will be going at the new address. The filters do a good job but they are not being...
  44. Andy D

    Iwagumi Nano 30 x 21 x 26cm

    No need to add it as there is plenty (400ppm) in the atmosphere anyway.
  45. Andy D

    1st post! School Aquascape?!? My 20 gallon long tank journey:

    Hi Shane! Looking forward to the progression.
  46. Andy D

    Starting over - liquid CO2

    If you take a look at THIS site and identify the algae you had it will give you a good idea of what the problem was. If you can also list things like tank/lighting/filter specs, cleaning regime, fert dosing regime etc it will help identify where it may have been going wrong.
  47. Andy D

    hi from the valleys

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  48. Andy D

    hello from herefordshire!

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  49. Andy D

    Hello From Portland, Oregon, USA

    Hi Shane! Welcome to UKAPS!!
  50. Andy D

    understanding lighting frequencies

    Hi Andrew, there are quite a few on here that understand the science they have just determined that in the main it is not something to get too technical over as 'most' lights do the job we need them for. I understand your request for a moonlight that does not stimulate growth but as Mark put it...
  51. Andy D

    Hello complete newbie

    Hi Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  52. Andy D

    Newbie alert

    Hi Paul! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  53. Andy D

    What to add to RO water

    Personally I follow THIS
  54. Andy D

    Hampshire Aquascaping Group - 2nd Birthday Event

    Me! In the Portsmouth Guildhall no less!
  55. Andy D

    Aquascaping Live Stream George Farmer

    I echo what Tim said. Gonna have to take a road trip up there one day. [emoji4]
  56. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    The Shrimp tank. Also unedited. [emoji4]
  57. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    A video of the Betta tank. Completed unedited so apologies in advance! [emoji4]
  58. Andy D

    Evening from Somerset

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  59. Andy D

    Hi All

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  60. Andy D

    Hi everyone

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  61. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Added some Lilaeopsis:
  62. Andy D

    leaves as a substrate cap

    Don't expect them too either. I have used oak leaves a lot and they release hardly any tannins (if any at all). They do take ages to break down as well which I like. If you want a nice tint then alder cones work well. Indian almond leaves also do a great job.
  63. Andy D

    Report from the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

    Any update on a video for this?
  64. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Fissidens added:
  65. Andy D

    new here

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  66. Andy D

    My first planted tank

    I would say your education is of to a good start! It looks great! Plants look very healthy. :thumbup:
  67. Andy D

    New at UKAPS

    Hi Ana! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  68. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Well, I have some Fissidens. :) It was supposed to be in the tank by now but other things have got in the way so it is currently sat in a jug of water. Hopefully be able to get it in on Friday at the latest.
  69. Andy D

    MC Mountains - 12g long

    Looks great! :thumbup:
  70. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Thanks All! Plan A - drop the water level and stuff the moss into crevices. Plan B - tie it to small pieces of rock Plan C - combine plans A & B [emoji1]
  71. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    I was thinking about doing this too. I have plenty of rock I can break into small enough pieces.
  72. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    If I didn't have shrimp in the tank already I would just drain it and then use the DSM to attach the moss. This may still be the best option. The pain with this is going to be getting the shrimp out and keeping them somewhere else. I could remove the rocks but I am slightly reluctant as I just...
  73. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    I was hoping you were going to say that!
  74. Andy D

    Critique my aquascape Aquascape not so good? :/

    I really like it how it is. I would try to get that substrate covered with more plants and I think it will look great.
  75. Andy D

    New Member

    Hi Mark, Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  76. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Cheers Roy. Am I gonna need to tie that on?
  77. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    You are right. It definitely needs more greenery and maybe some smaller rocks. It is very much a work in progress. What moss would you recommend?
  78. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Thanks Roy! No mate. It's Bolbitis. Thanks! Pretty sure I'm gonna be asking. [emoji4]
  79. Andy D

    Andy D's Splendid Tank

    Thanks Roy! I have started a journal HERE. Still need to be able to take a decent photo. I feel the tanks look much better in the flesh. Hoping to start a couple of Wabi-Kusa soon so may need to pick your brains on them. :)
  80. Andy D

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    Did they not give you a pair of Kessils as well. So tight.... lol :D
  81. Andy D

    My kitchen nano

    Looks great! [emoji106]
  82. Andy D

    Complete novice saying Hi

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4]
  83. Andy D

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    As I have said on FB, this is very well deserved. [emoji106] Looking forward to the scape!
  84. Andy D

    Insularium - Exclusive first sight

    I was thinking the same the other day. All seems to have gone quiet on this front.
  85. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    THIS stuff. Be aware it needs a LOT of rinsing!
  86. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Thanks! Simply because I like the way the colour matches that of the lava rock. Probably not but I am not too fussed about this as I want a jungle effect after all. If it gets too unruly I will trim it or replace it.
  87. Andy D

    My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

    Hi All! I have taken down four of my tanks and replaced them with two Dennerle Scapers tanks. I will also be setting up two Wabi-Kusa shortly. TANK 1 This is purely a shrimp tank. Currently housing about 20 Red Cherry Shrimp. I will add some more (most likely Red Crystal Shrimp) once it is a...
  88. Andy D

    Andy D's Splendid Tank

    Hi! I'm gonna be repeating myself on three separate journals but this tank has now been taken down. In fact all 4 tanks in this room have been taken down and sold. No further pics I'm afraid. They have been / will be replaced with 2 Dennerle Scapers tanks and two Do! Aqua plant glass...
  89. Andy D

    My Crystal Red Shrimp Tank

    Hi! I'm gonna be repeating myself on three separate journals but this tank has now been taken down. In fact all 4 tanks in this room have been taken down and sold. No further pics I'm afraid. They have been / will be replaced with 2 Dennerle Scapers tanks and two Do! Aqua plant glass...
  90. Andy D

    Epiphyte 'Tree'

    Hi! I'm gonna be repeating myself on three separate journals but this tank has now been taken down. In fact all 4 tanks in this room have been taken down and sold. No further pics I'm afraid. They have been / will be replaced with 2 Dennerle Scapers tanks and two Do! Aqua plant glass...
  91. Andy D

    What Stem/s For My Wabi-Kusa

    Thanks Matt & Zozo. I have read Roy's excellent journal a few times. Just wanted a few to look for so thanks for the suggestions! [emoji106]
  92. Andy D

    What Stem/s For My Wabi-Kusa

    Hi All, I am looking to set up a couple of really basic Wabi-Kusa using my Do! Aqua plant glass 'cubes'. (For reference they are 15cm x 15cm x 20cm ( l x d x h ). Can someone recommend a couple of stem plants that should grow out of the glass and (hopefully) flower? Would in-vitro plants be...
  93. Andy D

    First time crystals

    You can set up an RO unit to run of a hose pipe / washing machine tap so no permanent plumbing needed. This is what I do. There is a really good You Tube video on this but I cannot link to it whilst at work.
  94. Andy D

    Hello from SE London!

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! :wave:
  95. Andy D

    Welcome LFKC to UKAPS

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS!!
  96. Andy D

    Hi From Sheffield

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4]
  97. Andy D

    Wrinkles are only skin deep!

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4] Superb photos! Have not taken a look at the videos yet but seems you will have a huge amount of knowledge which is always welcome!
  98. Andy D

    hello from sunny suffolk

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4]
  99. Andy D

    Hello from Vancouver (Canada)!

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4] Love the den!
  100. Andy D

    New member looking tips and advice

    Hi! Welcome to UKAPS! [emoji4]