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  1. YzemaN

    Otos - 30L Suitable??

    30L might be a bit small as Harlequins are very active swimmers. I would hesitate to put them in anything smaller than 3ft, but I've seen them in 2ft aquaria, though. Sent from my Android using Tapatalk
  2. YzemaN

    'Vintage' UKAPS

    ceg asking questions about CO2?!? :-o I think I have to lie down for a moment... Great find though!
  3. YzemaN

    Juwel 70cm lights and non photoperiod light

    Correction: T8s are 8/8'' across = 1 inch ~ 25mm T5s are 5/8'' across = 0.625 inch ~ 16mm Your tubes are T8s EDIT: I completely forgot to answer your Qs... Lose the TerraPin bulb. I has some ultraviolet light in it, that might speed up the breakdown of some of the micro nutrients, but there's...
  4. YzemaN

    Rolling in the deep

    :jawdrop Seriously excellent tank, with very nice dimensions! Are you gonna have emersed growth as well?
  5. YzemaN

    Helloes from Denmark

    Hej Anders, og velkommen til UKaps :) I can see you already added yourself to the map. Feels a bit less lonely already...
  6. YzemaN

    Cleaning Hydor ETH

    According to Hydor, just run a soft bottle cleaner through it, but do not soak the heater.
  7. YzemaN

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... partial full tank shot. Hmm... I can only see two different Harlequins. Trigonostigma heteromorpha & espei. Have a look here: http://fishbase.org/NomenClature/Scient ... ackstep=-2 EDIT: Oh, I forgot to add :roll: The scape is coming together very nicely indeed! And I...
  8. YzemaN


    Nice! Still very lush and delicious :)
  9. YzemaN

    So many problems I don't know where to start!

    Here's a bit of info from Tropica's website: TROPICA PLANT NUTRITION+ They recommend 5 mL per 50 L water weekly at water change. But once you get started I suggest watching your plants. They'll let you know if something's amiss. And please note the "...if algae growth starts, PLANT NUTRITION+...
  10. YzemaN

    So many problems I don't know where to start!

    I just had a look at JBL's website and none of them "...contain the algae nutrients phosphate and nitrate" [sic] :lol: API Leaf Zone contains only Potassium Phosphate and some form of iron. My advise would be to take your so-called "fertilisers", look at them, laugh at them, bin them!!! Without...
  11. YzemaN

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return Nice and classic stone placement. Maybe tilt the rightmost stone a bit more or the middle one a little less? I say forget the HC and stick with the tennelus as carpet. Amano would love you for that :D
  12. YzemaN

    Top tip for useful info.

    Good to know. I usually use this molecular weight calculator: http://www.webqc.org/mmcalc.php
  13. YzemaN

    3ft Bogwood + Anubias tank

    Sounds pretty much like what I have in mind for my nano :D Depending on your fish load you might have to dose NPK. You could mix up a batch of James' AllInOne, without the traces, as you already have ProFito. Then just dose a bit at water change. Remember it's mostly about watching your plants...
  14. YzemaN

    Fish death survey

    Lost one oto, probably due to transportation stress, they looked pretty well fed from the LFS. Then I lost 2 out of 10, wild caught - shame on me, Microdevario kubotai. After getting 10 Paracheirodon simulans, of which a couple didn't look too well and died within a couple of days, I suddenly...
  15. YzemaN

    Saintly's 120cm' Fraggle rock' THE BIG STRIP

    Re: Saintly's 120cm' Fraggle rock' I'd go for a small-ish shoal of rock dweeling fish that would only dash out every now and again. That would compliment the simplicity and tranquilness of the scape IMO
  16. YzemaN

    Cryptic Diptych

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I only meant to use the siphon tube part between the two tanks, not the whole overflow box :roll:
  17. YzemaN

    Cryptic Diptych

    Ooh... As always I can't wait to see this grow :) You could make something similar to the link below and attach the small tubing to a similar arrangement on the powerhead intake: http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/di ... low/70.asp This should provide enough suction to keep the siphon working...
  18. YzemaN

    Buying Plants....Leaded or not?

    I think the lead weights are only there to keep the plants from floating at the LFS. If you buy them potted they were probably grown emersed and will go through a transition while they grow the submerged leaves. The leaded are most likely grown submerged and will not have to go through the...
  19. YzemaN

    The Cryptarium

    BAM! You just knocked it up a notch!
  20. YzemaN


    Lots of carbon and nitrates! Remember to get some good flow all the way down to the substrate.
  21. YzemaN

    Iwagami, wabi kusa, wasabi?

    Here's a bit of info on Wabi-sabi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi
  22. YzemaN

    Pogostemon Helferifor a beginer?

    Would be more suitable as a midround plant in that size tank. Just remember good flow and nutrients and you should be fine.
  23. YzemaN

    What is the best method of making a moss wall?

    Check out the Tutorials section ;) viewtopic.php?f=34&t=297 The principle for a moss wall instead of a carpet is the same.
  24. YzemaN

    how to find "dead spot" in my tank?

    To get a quick idea of the flow you can also crush a bit of flake food and dump it in while the filters are running. It will quickly give you an idea of troublespots, then move your drop checker there.
  25. YzemaN

    River Sand?

    Well, yes to both provided it's not chemically poluted in any way, but I would boil both before adding to any tank. Childrens play sand and tap water might be a safer option, though.
  26. YzemaN

    liquid carbon dosed via a persistaltic pump?

    I just used a 2L water bottle. I drilled a 5mm hole in the cap for the 4/6mm tube that feeds the pump and next to it I drilled a 1mm hole to let a bit of air in without too much evaporation...
  27. YzemaN

    Merry Xmas

    A happy Yuletide and New Year to all of UKaps!
  28. YzemaN

    Broken Heater?

    They should be fine. A lot of corys actually prefer it a bit cooler than we usually keep our tropical tanks. Check out Planet Catfish for more details. And according to fishbase.org your harlequins live in 22C-25C, so they probably won't mind either. A lot of fish use a drop in temperature to...
  29. YzemaN

    Broken Heater?

    Not really, but just sticking your hand in the tub should tell you whether it's lukewarm (around 25C) or colder (room temperature).
  30. YzemaN

    Undergravel filters

    Hooray! I absolutely love this kind of answers. It proves that UKaps is a world class website for plant geeks. Very informational and educational. :clap: UKaps Baby!
  31. YzemaN

    Hagen T5HO light unit Bulb Sugestions

    Hiya, Have a look at Lampspecs' website You might want to read this neat article first: James' Planted Tank Oh... And I've ordered from them before. Swift delivery and proper packaging :thumbup:
  32. YzemaN

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Hmm... Mr. Amano inspired me to get into the whole planted tank business, but seing stuff like this is really starting to grip me. This tank looks absolutely fab-tastic and certainly something to think about for future projects. And also I think the Chief would appreciate a more varied and...
  33. YzemaN

    Nano tank and yeast CO2 . Difusor?

    What sort of filtration have you got on this tank? I might be worth just to connect the CO2 hose to the outlet.
  34. YzemaN

    First Attempt (Rio 180)

    Nice start Richard! If you "fancy rocks and HC Cuba or something..." you might want to take a look at zig's Mountainscape V2 here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3193 I believe it finished 15th in last years ADA competition 8)
  35. YzemaN

    what car are we driving?

    I'm with you on this one SC Nothing to be ashamed of 8)
  36. YzemaN

    36cm nano

    Oh no! They're such beauties once they grow a bit and colour up :( But good luck with it all. The tank itsef is ooking ace!
  37. YzemaN

    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    Nice one Mark. I knew I wasn't the only one here who likes a bit of metal :twisted:
  38. YzemaN

    BBA but not on plants, means?

    BBA is usually brought on by fluctuating CO2 levels. This could come from a number of things like doing frequent water changes while lights are on. It could also be that the level of CO2 in the tank when the lights come on is insufficient for the plants. Try turning on your CO2 a couple of hours...
  39. YzemaN

    9 Gallon African Biotype

    Welcome to the dark side! 8) The plants you've selected are all slow growing and in a sence low maintenance, but if arranged right, they can be very effective. You might want to cut the lighting duration, but your plants will tell you when they've had enough! Watch them as carefully as you...
  40. YzemaN

    Grrrrrr! surface scum - help please!

    Try adding Nitrogen and Phosphorous. None of the products you are using contain these so your plants are disintegrating, hence the surface scum. If you just add the amount of EC it says on the bottle you should be OK for carbon. It also depends on your lighting level. If you have a lot of light...
  41. YzemaN

    65L iwagumi , new lay-out

    :lol: Show him this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjOSLCR2hE That'll teach him what happens to naughty birds Excellent 'gumi, by the way. Very inspirational!
  42. YzemaN

    AquascapeGallery.com, a personal introduction

    Great initiative, Ewan. Just signed up. I'll be putting up my scapes later
  43. YzemaN

    Would this tube work?

    That tube will be fine. Anything goes, really. Also have a look here: http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/lighting.htm
  44. YzemaN

    Water Changes. How do you do it?

    Nice long thread about it here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1729 Enjoy the reading :D
  45. YzemaN

    What aquascaping tools do you use and why?

    I use the 5-piece set once available from AE. I mostly use the angled tweezers and the curved scissors for all the everyday maintenance and planting. The straight tweezers come in handy when replanting stems at the back of the tank. I use the straight scissors when handling plants out of water...
  46. YzemaN


    Ooh, the wait must be killing you :D I wish I had the money for one of these. Let us know how it goes and put up a couple of pictures while you install it :thumbup:
  47. YzemaN

    Filter Cleaning

    That's what I do :wink:
  48. YzemaN

    90 Litre tank, High tech/Low tech CO2?

    If you make sure your lighting is below 1WPG (T5/USG), then you should be able to get away with liquid carbon on the smaller tank. Things grow a bit slower, but with a large high tech tank to look after, it might not be such a bad idea.
  49. YzemaN

    Big fish, little fish cardboard box?

    Cardboard box, for the same reasons as Lozbug...
  50. YzemaN

    Boraras brigittae

    I fed mine this wonderful stuff: Red Granular Crumb Grade 3 Once I started feeding them this they would rarely take anything else.
  51. YzemaN

    Im sick of paying over the odds for TPN+

    Then there's always the classic All-in-One: James' Planted Tank
  52. YzemaN

    What tetra?

    Lemon tetra look good in a 'gumi, but I think like most tetras they only school until they have settled in.
  53. YzemaN

    Lunch time woe's (TPN+)

    I think Tropica based their calculations on the average European consumer. i.e. some plants and lots of fish in a non-CO2 injected tank. I seem to remember that if you dose the amount (in ml/week) that they recommend it approximates what you would dose 3 times a week in an EI tank.
  54. YzemaN

    Lunch time woe's (TPN+)

    "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I overdosed Excel on my 25L and had plenty of good growth of HC & P. helferi, but all grass-like plants just survived, didn't put out any runners. If your vallis and the rest are doing fine you're not overdosing, so don't change anything...
  55. YzemaN

    easycarb and filter bacteria

    "... killed the cat". The active ingredient in liquid carbon is poisonous to a lot of life forms, so it will probably kill off some of the bacteria if you put enough of it in, but then it will probably also kill some of the life in the tank. But by all means, it's your tank and if you have the...
  56. YzemaN

    Dry start and cycling soil?

    Well, bacteria are everywhere, literally on all surfaces in the tank, including the surface of the gravel/sand bits that makes up your substrate. In fact plants need these bacteria in the substrate to do their magic. With the dry start method you cultivate all the bacteria that don't live in the...
  57. YzemaN

    Dry start and cycling soil?

    Try having a look at The Barr Report: Super easy method to start a new tank without any algae, any issues,dosing etc
  58. YzemaN

    ?? Tropica Website

    Seems like someone did a 'drop table users' on their database. It's been like that for at least a week now :(
  59. YzemaN


    Whatever you do, don't go into the air ducts!
  60. YzemaN

    Needle Valve

    Hi, this might give you some ideas: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=7696
  61. YzemaN

    Plant Nutrition v Profito

    Hi Billy, Check this link: Easy Life Profito Product Page One sentence sticks out as a sore thumb and is at the heart of your problem: So you are basicly feeding your plants plenty of vitamins and no Steak & Mash (and gravy) and a what you are seing is a deficiency. Why a company like Easy Life...
  62. YzemaN

    A Great British Biotope

    Really inspirational as always, George! What are the water parameters? Did you do anything special to the tank or has it just been run with EI? I know in the winter a lot of the lakes and ponds in Northern Europe go through a temperature drop, would it be necessary to emulate that in our tanks...
  63. YzemaN

    8l mini mountain scape

    Re: 8l mini mountian scape That scape looks ace 8) If you're serious about the HC (which I think you should be), get ready to get the scissors out. Once it get's going it will hide anything lower the a couple of inches.
  64. YzemaN

    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    Re: saintly's manzanita scape. (to be named) Boy's got wood :lol: Unless it gets in the way of the light I say leave it! Funny how a bit of wood changes everything in the scape and the potentional. Looking forward to this!
  65. YzemaN

    Low light Setup (new pictures added)

    Re: My Frist Go at a planted Tank Hi Jon. Glad you seem to have gotten the bug :thumbup: With an extra T8 tube you should be fine with the plants you have atm. I've never used play sand, but I've heard that it might go anaerobic after a while, but you have a lot of crypts in there (my...
  66. YzemaN

    Hemianthus Callitrichoides tips?

    HC needs a lot of carbon and ferts. I've had great results growing it in a small tank using only EasyCarbo and TPN+, but on a larger tank you might want to invest in pressurised CO2 and make sure you have good circulation. When you plant it a good, but laborious, way is to plant the individual...
  67. YzemaN

    Matts 60L Jungle Edge (update 27/09/09)

    Re: Matts 60L TPN+ is just regular TPN with added N and P, so you don't really need to add TPN (unless you like the extra cost). Tropica recommend 5ml per 50L each week for both products. I use the recommended dosage as I would EI, so dose 6ml TPN+ three times a week and do a 50% WC. HC likes...
  68. YzemaN

    My 35l

    Ooh, nice tank! What sort of plants do you have in there and how long has it been going?
  69. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Thanks for all the nice words :D I'm quite sad to see this one go, but at least it's a very small tank and I'll set it up again as soon is I have finished the tank stand for it (and found somewhere permanent to stay :wink: ) The pogo forest sort of overwhelmed me. I had no idea it would grow...
  70. YzemaN

    Any experts on France here ? - planning a road trip

    I just spent a week in the Black Perigord (Dordogne) in April. Beautiful area, I don't think I've ever seen a place the lush and green. We stayed in a town called Sarlat-la-Canéda which is very quaint but probably overrun in the summer. They have farmer's market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Be...
  71. YzemaN

    help please

    Ferns, crypts, vallis, some stems. Take a look here: Tropica Anything that says low light really. I'd personally ditch the yeast based CO2 as they tend to deliver varrying amounts of CO2 and it will likely trigger algae, especially BBA, which can be hard to get rid of once it's there. Good luck...
  72. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Final Update: Hi no moto The tank will be no more after this weekend so I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures. Maintenance has been a doodle on this tank and algae virtually non-exiting :D The only thing is I could have used a couple of months more to get the L. nummularia into proper...
  73. YzemaN

    Setting up a “higher” tech planted tank

    :lol: I think "Ãœber" sounds way cooler
  74. YzemaN

    New challenges...

    Ooh... Exiting. I've been wanting to do a biotope since I started fishkeeping but got sidetracked by Amano and his minions :D. I've found it quite hard to find any decent detailed images of different biotopes. Most are just descriptions and we all know a picture is worth a 1000 words...
  75. YzemaN

    My new Frogfish :D

    That's no fish... It has legs, surely it must be a dog in scuba gear. :roll:
  76. YzemaN

    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    Yes. It should be made sticky and put next to the Welcome thread. I complete missed this thread until it was brought up again.
  77. YzemaN

    couple of questions

    Hi Nick Have a look here: Nitrogen cycle As long as you stock sensibly you shouldn't run into any toxicity issues in a low tech tank
  78. YzemaN

    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    Me, looking really cool in front of Soho Review Bar 8)
  79. YzemaN

    I have a couple of annoying glitches on my PC

    HALT! Hammerzeit! :lol: (picking himself off the floor) That's class!
  80. YzemaN

    Java Moss As A Carpet

    I'd say that a moss carpet could be done. IMO it takes a while to adjust to EC but I've grown loads while slightly overdosing, so no problems there. Could if you're dosing EC you might as well give HC a go. I takes a bit longer to establish compared to CO2 but once it takes hold you have to keep...
  81. YzemaN

    Fish jumping and open topped tanks

    Try this guy: TA-Aquaculture The Red Crumb is very good. Some of my fish stopped eating the flakes and bloodworms, but this stuff got them going again. Btw: I never had a problem with my Rummy noses jumping out of the tank, but I do have a 2"-3" plastic rim and it might be too high for them...
  82. YzemaN

    Group shipping buy for Manzanita driftwood from Tom Barr

    Weee... A London UKaps meet. I might be interested, even though I'll be moving in the summer. Always good to have some scaping materials :D
  83. YzemaN

    Funny Videos

    Re: Cat vs Aquarium :lol: Nice one. Good way to start your day
  84. YzemaN

    Floran - very cheap alternative to Aquasoil?

    Hi Antoni Could this be of any use: http://www.worldbonsaiguide.com/bulgaria.htm As far as I remember from James' guide, akadama is used a lot in bonsai. They might be able to point you in the right direction for a local supplier? In these times this thread could turn out to be a lifesaver for...
  85. YzemaN

    Journey of a beginners first planted 50gal

    Hi JaM3z. Welcome to UKaps and congratulations on swallowing the red pill. This is probably going to be a steep learning curve, but don't worry, we're all here to help enlighten you. Head over to the Tutorials section and brace yourself for a bit of information overload. It'll all fall into...
  86. YzemaN

    here to learn.

    I stand corrected. Oh well, we're all here to learn :D I myself have tried with three types of Vallisneria, Sagittaria subulata, Rotala wallichii, Hemianthus micranthemoides (I think) and a couple of types of Eleocharis. I've been dosing at the recommended level for a heavily planted tank (>90%...
  87. YzemaN

    here to learn.

    Take the outer measurements in centimeter: (WxLxH)/1000 = L There's also a link to a calculator here: Caribsea Eco-Complete at AquaEssentials Excel / EasyCarbo sounds like a good plan. Just be aware that true aquatic plants don't seem to like it much as well as most grassy looking plants. Be...
  88. YzemaN

    Newsletter discussion

    I use Gmail and I received the confirmation mail straight away
  89. YzemaN

    Sleepwalking Fail

    Ninjas, Gotta love them: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/n ... rough_town
  90. YzemaN

    Dan's Little Mountain replacement

    Wow! Top grades on the hardscape. I like the attention to detail in this one (the way the twigs seem to come out of natural cracks in the rock, the small pebble to the far left etc.) but it looks like it might be very high maintenance to keep it from being overwhelmed. Definitely one to watch!
  91. YzemaN

    word association?

    It's the Pentaverate! We were getting too close to the number of posts in one of saintly's journals :lol:
  92. YzemaN

    A question regarding water filtration

    The first time you run water through I've notices the water takes on a blue-ish tone. Probably just a bit of carbon dust. I've never worried about it and figured a bit of internal cleansing wasn't going to hurt. That aside I wouldn't bother using it for tank water, just get a decent water...
  93. YzemaN

    Planting HC in EcoComplete ??

    :lol: On another note, looks like you're off to a flying start! IME you should be careful with the EC and the Acicularis. I've seen the odd couple of new leaves (very) shortly after planting, then it just seems to wither away, never put out any runners. But with plenty of CO2 & ferts it should...
  94. YzemaN

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    Re: Once upon a time at the riverbank 125Ltr Cool. I love crypts. In fact the more I looked at your previous scape, the more I want to do a hardscape, ferns, crypts-only scape myself.
  95. YzemaN

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    Re: Once upon a time at the riverbank 125Ltr Nice hardscape. With your fern growing skills this will look awesome. What about the left hand side. Is it going to be stems only?
  96. YzemaN

    need some advice on my new tank calling CEG and the plantoph

    Heheh... I can see this turning into a religion. CEGism, including diverging factions :D Just dose full ei. You might want to cut lighting period down to 6 or 7 hours to begin with. Otherwise just make sure you have plenty of turnover and keep up the maintenance.
  97. YzemaN

    Black substrate for Corys (and plants!)

    If you start dosing Ecel your Vallis will definitely be a goner. They don't like liquid carbon at all. Same goes for Elodea, Eleocharis and some Rotala species.
  98. YzemaN

    tank dimensions

    Completely missed the bit about weight :roll: If you're interested in the metric values an easier way is to measure the dimensions in centimeter: (LxWxH) / 1000 = Volume(L) and 1L water = 1kg So your tank would be (roughly): (90cm x 40cm x 30cm) / 1000 = 108L = 108kg
  99. YzemaN

    tank dimensions

    You two calculation should give the same result. Otherwise we might have to rethink how algebra is done: Wikipedia Most people (I think) do LxWxH but it really doesn't matter unless you're having a tank built and want to make sure the builder gets the right dimensions and that the glas panes...