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  1. Billypete

    Anybody want to go to vivarium '11 ?

    Hi All Is anyone interseted in going to vivarium '11 in holland ? If i can get 2 or 3 people to share costs ... approx £70 ferry - hotel - room share £120 for 2 nights ( 60 each ! ) Petrol - :?: Am travelling from S.Wales so can pick up anywhere on the way'ish ... can travel anytime from...
  2. Billypete

    How to sterilise tank after using silicone remover ?

    Hi Guys. After some good advise from flyfisherman :clap: , have been using silicone remover :shock: to take out light bar supports on my Aqualife 350 , with good success :D . Now they're out , am very concerned about residue chemicals affect on fish / plants. Has anybody had any...
  3. Billypete

    How to get siliconed glass light supports off aqualife 350

    Hi All , Happy new year to you all :-)) I have recently bought a Rena Aqualife 350 :D but the lights I want to fit ( 6 X 54w '4 t5 ) are about an inch too long because of the glass supports for the existing Rena light bar :x have tried to cut them with a stanley...
  4. Billypete

    moler clay ph 5.5 - is this a problem ?

    Hi All . Have been reading lots about the use of cat litter as a substrate but am led to believe the ph is 5.5 :?: Have also come across this :- Moler/Terramol ( Biozorb ) Bonsai soil £22.75 for 60 litres incl. delivery :!: - sophisticat pink without the odour control I believe...
  5. Billypete

    overdriven fluorescents

    Hi All. Can anybody help with overdriving ? Have read loads of articles but am still not sure!! I have just bought a juwel rekord 70 and need to change the light. I have a light control box (for a (near :?: ) future project - ebay :wink: ) that has 3 t5 ballasts each capable of...