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    Inline CO2 before chiller

    Hey - unlikely scenario for the UK I know but with temps in tropical Australia starting to ramp up and tank temps of 28 C+ already I have purchased a chiller. Just wondering if anybody has run inline CO2 before a chiller before and whether it could damage the chiller. I have seen some threads...
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    Algae ID

    I have a couple of types of algae in my tank atm and looking for IDS. Plants are mostly growing happy, I did a big trim yesterday. Looking for some recommendations from people on what to change to prevent/remove the algae. It's not overwhelming atm but seems to be slowly getting a bit worse. 1...
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    Cryptocoryne growing above surface?

    Has anybody had any experienced growing Cryptocoryne emersed at the aquarium surface attached to wood? Tried this with Java Ferns last week but the shrivelled up - I think either I needed the rhizome submerged or was just no good. The wood has terra tape attached. So far I just have them resting...
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    Temperature for Blue Rams

    Just got some German Blue Rams yesterday and heater is set to 25 C. Being in tropical Australia the tank is currently at 26 C and will probably be above 25 C most of the time anyway, however on some days in winter the heater temperature will be reached. 25 C was chosen because having a...
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    First Iwagumi

    Just thought I'd make a post here to see what people thought about it and how I can improve it. It's pretty much my first attempt at a proper scape let alone Iwagumi so here goes. Been quite hard to make it look good due to the viewable dimensions on being 17cm x 15cm x 22cm.
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    Luke's TMC 8L Nano

    Hey, so my tank came during the week and I've gathered a few bits of pieces and some vague ideas. Thought I may as well got on with the journal now, rather than later. Mainly pictures for the moment! 3L ADA Aquasoil Amazonia 500ml ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Powder 500ml ADA Powersand Special...
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    JBL Profi Set 2 Manuals?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I acquired two CO2 sets from work as my boss wasn't using them anymore, anyway they aren't complete kits, but basically they have everything I want apart from the refillable bottles which I need to buy. The sets I have are the m603 apart from the bottle and the Regulator and...
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    Iwagumi in the TMC Microhabitat 8L?

    Hey again everyone, just recently came back to this forum after starting marine during the past couple of years and I've thought that since I have a job now I could start investing in planted tanks again. I also apologise if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if it'd be better off in the...
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    Why don't my cherries breed?

    I bought like 15 or something cherries for my 30L tank like August last year, I think for some reason I only have like half left. However, I am extremely confused as to why they won't breed, they don't even look pregnant! I've got some paler ones, some strong red ones and a couple with like a...
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    Looking for a UK Reef / Marine forum.

    Looking to get a marine tank set up in May next year so I was wondering if there is anyone on here who is a member of a good uk marine / reef forum?
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    Luke's Nano - Updated with Pictures 1/10/10 ~ 2 years on

    After about 2 months of planning, I've managed to set my moss tank up. I don't have any pictures yet, because the tank is still clouder. But I can give away some information. Tank: 35L / 8G Approx Filter: Aqua One ClearView 500 (Hang on Back) 500L/H Lighting: 14W T8 AquaGlow. CO2: Nutrafin DIY...
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    Nutrafin my Nano.

    I'm looking to get a Nutrafin Kit for my nano of 30L, but have a couple of questions. How much of teaspoon of yeast should I use? How often should I change the mix (less yeast, longer lasting I heard)? Do I really need a drop checker?
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    Well my birthday is coming up...

    If anyone could source me some cheap CO2 (non fire extinguisher) then I'd be grateful. 600g welding bottles is the cheapest non FE isn't it? Also how long would one of these run on my 120l? By the way solenoid is preferred since it will pay itself off. http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p...
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    How do you scape a tall cube?

    Ok well I have a Juwel Lido 120 (60 x 40 x 60cm) and I'm kind of confused about what plants to use and how to scape it. - 2 x 24W Juwel T5HOs (Amazon Frogbit avaliable to dim the lights) - No CO2 - EI solutions that Ceg told me to use (I don't think these are regular EI) KNO3, KH2PO4, MgSO4...
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    Nano fish

    Hello I need some ideas on nano fish to go with Otos and Cherry Shrimp in a 10g long (50cm long). This is going to be an all-moss tank. I have a few ideas: Neon Tetras - Small and not kept for more than a few days before since they always die. Hopefully maybe this time they'll survive. Boraras...
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    Possible Moss tank with Fish and Shrimp.

    Since it's nearly my birthday I am looking at making use of my 9g tank. I was thinking of making it a moss tank since it would be a cheap solution and I could use the equipment I already have. The tank is 50cm x 25cm x 30cm and has 14w of T8 light. Making about 1.5WPG of T8. I will have ferts...
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    Small yellow spots on plants.

    I'll start with my stats: Tank: 120L Approx. / 32USG / 27 UKG (60cmL X 40cmD X 60cmH) Filter: Juwel Internal Filter 600lph, Fluval 104 480lph. Lighting: 2 x 24W Juwel T5HOs. CO2: None. Substrate: 2cm Tetraplant Complete Substrate, 1cm Pea Gravel, 4cm Argos Playsand. Fertilisers: KN03, KH2PO4...
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    Alternative to TPN+ on a low tech tank?

    I have been advised to dose TPN+ and Easycarbo, well I know I can't get away with using a cheaper carbon source. But I was wondering if you could dose dry ferts instead of TPN+ which I feel is going to be extremely expensive. Is this is feasible I'm looking at dosing: KNO3 KN2PO4 Trace I have...
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    I am not happy.

    I really thought I was going to succeed this time, but at least I now know that it's far from a piece of cake. I have lots of algae problems, and am generally unhappy with my scape, I want to create something great! I like the Iwagumi and Red Moor Wood (With moss) scapes but I'm unsure if these...