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    Aquascaping Contest Scandal

    There's a bit of a difference between adjusting the contrast and brightness sliders vs copying and pasting your fish though. I thought that these contests asked for RAW photo files to be kept so quite suprised that ADA did not ask for and check these from the winning entries.
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    Help with stag horn

    Prime is a dechlorinator not a fertiliser. I recommend you watch this video on lean vs EI dosing types to learn to pros and cons
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    ADA Vuppa II - calling all owners

    It's true that if you run it at it's lowest position in the tank the knocking sound basically disappears since at this level there is a maximal flow of water entering the skimmer and therefore minimal movement of the float switch. However with the weather where I live evaporation can make it...
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    Help with stag horn

    Try cleaning the main filter once a week. That's what I did. EI type simply means any fertiliser based off the EI system, there are plenty available commerically which you don't have to mix yourself.
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    Help with stag horn

    When I got this I started cleaning my filter more often and switched from lean dosing (ADA) to EI type and it went away.
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    ADA Vuppa II - calling all owners

    Height: Lowest position in tank which allows water to enter through the slot only. Water is not meant to enter over the top. Top up: manually every day from a bucket of water left over from weekly water change. Noise: I don't notice it at the moment because either I have my AC or fans running...
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    Critique my hardscape First proper hardscape

    Hardscape is way too small/low and background is very distracting.
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    - Redemption -

    They are pretty rare I think hence the price.
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    Sunrise Timer

    Actually you would have to be careful not to overdose CO2 before lights on. Before lights on is the most stressful period if you have livestock since the plants have been using O2 all night and producing CO2. I think we would need to know what algae it is for a start before jumping to...
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    CO2 Art regulator

    I had the same thing, had to tighten mine a lot.
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    White staghorn

    Clean your filter if it is dirty.
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    Why no EI in reef?

    Bleaching can be loss of algal symbionts and/or photosytnhetic pigments. It's an interesting question but I would bet that there has been significant bleaching of these corals since the original colonies were taken from the ocean. You might also like these that also describe the nutrients and...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    If these corals were on natural reefs they would be counted as bleached no doubt about it - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982220305716 The health is definitely sub-optimal - in many ways there is not much difference between corals bleached by temperature or a lack of...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    This paper is a good read and provides a number of examples of corals living in definitely not stable conditions: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmars.2018.00004/full Brown corals =/= unhealthy corals. In fact I argue somewhat the opposite...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    Re - algae smother corals. Algae will have a hard time smothering live corals unless there are space around them for the algae to grow. Re - stable environment. Not necessarily true for all coral reefs. Inshore and macrotidal envrionments can have extreme daily swings in parameters and the...
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    Why no EI in reef?

    Corals aren't plants, but they are heavily reliant on their endosymbiotic algae which are essentially plants.
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    200l Stocking ideas -ea aquascaper 90

    yes the ada is fine for your existing stock
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    Why no EI in reef?

    He's wrong - many reefers keep some N and P in the system and corals actually need some of it. Some people are actually now dosing N and P to keep levels present. If you have the rock packed out with coral then there is no room for algae to grow. But other than that not sure that a growing...
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    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    fishforums.net probably ... a long time ago
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    River/stream Iwagumi - 90P

    ADA ferts dosing is pretty non-specific actually, they recommend that you start with 1 ml per 20 L per day but then say dose 2-3x as much as needed. It would be more helpful if they gave specific dose amounts of their website features like they do for CO2.
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    CO2Art works fine. I imagine the Seachem is quite easy to break as it's glass.
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    Help with lighting suggestions

    Never heard of that light do you have a link?
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    ADA 60P lily pipe size and placement

    For reference my filter has 620 flow rate advertised and I feel like it is good enough, but I do have some staghorn algae. Not sure if that is flow related. If you scale the flow rate by area then you end up with around the same flow rate as me. Whether it works like that or not I don't know...
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    Pincettes (tweezers) that actually pinch?

    I used the Tropica tweezers which I really like (vs a previous unbranded kit) but I doubt they are the same as the ADA pinsettes and not sure if there are any good alternatives for pinsettes.
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    Rivers Edge

    How many hours does it run a week?
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    ADA 60P lily pipe size and placement

    I have a 60p sized tank, and I used the ADA recommended lily pipes (P-2 and V-3 I think) with an Eheim 2215. One option would be to use a hose size adapter although this would likely reduce flow rates. However, the filter you have chosen already has a very high flow rate for the tank.
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    Inline External Heater

    Hydor 200W external on my 60p tank. These were unavailable in Australia for a while because I think they have redesigned them to avoid the failures they used to have. Although currently it is unplugged since it is no longer winter.
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    AS900- restart and rethink.

    That Rotala doesn't look too bad to me but I agree that there could be an iron defiency. I have had this before but more severely and iron fixed it straight away.
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    Can High Temps Cause Algae?

    According to some (e.g. Green Aqua) it does. The theory might be like other said that the plants don't like it so much but it increases the metabolism of algae. My tank temperature is high at the moment due to where I live and I have a fair amount of staghorn algae, but I am about to install a...
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    Rivers Edge

    Not great but a stepping stone I guess. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Rivers Edge

    What's the pay rate for these jobs?
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    Thanks so much for this - definitely was going to end up drying them out probably since I have two sets of bags now for swapping. Also explains why the new bags I got yesterday were slightly damp.
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    Not sure if you tried but repeated soaks in new bleach of low strength would eventually get it there I would think.
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    Alternative lighting regime

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Would be even better if you had CO2 injection. If you have ferts then maybe it would make sense to split dosing into two (but not necessarily two halves).
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    Inline CO2 before chiller

    Maybe I'll just rig up the CO2 after the chiller then. Won't make much difference aesthetically I guess since the chiller will already be outside the cabinet. Removes any doubt.
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    Inline CO2 before chiller

    Hey - unlikely scenario for the UK I know but with temps in tropical Australia starting to ramp up and tank temps of 28 C+ already I have purchased a chiller. Just wondering if anybody has run inline CO2 before a chiller before and whether it could damage the chiller. I have seen some threads...
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    The stupid arch (AS600)

    If you can backlight the wall behind the tank with a LED light strip (I use lifx z) it might help increase your depth of field. It certainly works for me anyway with a 60 p tank and similar tank lighting. My tank is also a fair few cm away from the wall.
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    The stupid arch (AS600)

    If the wood is moving due to buoyancy well after a week or two it should no longer float.
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    ADA Solar I

    Going by these looks like it will do a slightly larger tank just fine with planting everywhere.
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    23 liter unheated stocking ideas

    Yeah the galaxy rasboras sound like a good choice.
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    Why we clean media?

    As others said especially the sponge at the bottom of my Eheim classic builds a lot of brown muck, and even the water surrounding the seachem matrix etc accumulates goes dark brown when I remove the matrix. Can't think that it is beneficial so worth removing.
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    Don't make the same mistake as me and use bleach containing sodium hydroxide. Still has a swimming pool smell even after the prime and buffer rinses. I sourced pure bleach (1-10%) which fingers crossed will do the job.
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    ADA Solar I

    You'll probably do alright as long as you focus plants in the middle.
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    Strange growth on Anubias Petite

    It's likely variegation caused by viral infection, probably not harmful and actually desired by many here in Australia where everyone is $$$ rare plant crazy due to import laws.
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    0£ hardscape, any good? 60cm/50liters tank.

    Looks very nice! I would just make sure you give it a good soak in case there are any extra contaminants e.g. salt.
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    I'm using the CO2art inline diffuser but they also do one like this. Can't think that an in tank diffuser would beat inline though.
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    Why exactly do we dose EI on alternate days? . . .

    Oddly enough the EI fert I mentioned on that other thread has everything mixed in all in one bottle, but still says dose every other day. I decided just to dose everyday instead since I don't want to be trying to remember if I dosed yesterday etc...
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    Shop with good hardscape selection in or near London

    London Kings Cross to Cambridge route probably. Google Maps will tell you.
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    Algae ID

    Tested the pH this morning and had 7.52 before CO2 and 6.78 at lights on. Strange since I never had pH quite this high on the tank before, could be that the pH pen has drifted but at least the magnitude of change is as expected. Will keep going throughout the day.
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    Algae ID

    What fish are you keeping them with? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Algae ID

    What size is your tank? Mine is only 60 L.
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    the social dilemma

    I think they worked out she's your wife :)
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    Algae ID

    Thanks mate. I am not any expert specifically but have a scientific background in the nutrient biology of corals - so not far away from this sort thing. That said, I don't have the experience to diagnose deficiencies exactly (apart from iron which I have seen before). My plants are pearling...
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    Aquamanta Nano 60

    Ask MHA but I can't imagine it has a super powerful light - so can't think that it wouldn't be suitable for what you want.
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    Algae ID

    Yeah sorry - I do have pressurised CO2 dosing very close to what the fish can tolerate at the start of the light period. I then run it on and off the rest of the day (e.g. starting 30 mins every hour and tailing off) to maintain pH and hence at least the CO2 level at the start of the light...
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    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Looks very nice. Random question but is the aquascaper sticker removeable?
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    Algae ID

    I have a couple of types of algae in my tank atm and looking for IDS. Plants are mostly growing happy, I did a big trim yesterday. Looking for some recommendations from people on what to change to prevent/remove the algae. It's not overwhelming atm but seems to be slowly getting a bit worse. 1...
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    Critique my hardscape

    They actually meant to far backward - no space for any plants behind.
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    Adequate or insufficient light

    Probably too much nutrients as well. I don't understand if you have 20 ppm nitrate why you would need to add more with EI.
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    Bleach for Purigen but not wood?

    Bleaching wood doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Purigen is a synthetic resin designed to be cleaned by bleach, then soaked twice once in highly concentrated dechlorinator and then in buffer to stablise to pH. Wood is wood... I would imagine among other things bleach could discolour the wood.
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    New Planted Advice

    I run a 60p tank with 10 hours per day from ADA Aquasky RGB (40w of light) and CO2 at several bps coming on 1.5 hours before lights. Then I have the CO2 turning off and switching back on for 30 mins per hour at the start of the day, gradually reducing the proportion of each hour for the rest of...
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    'Eruption', my lockdown scape

    If it's Twinstar light you could try dimming it and see if things improve, should lower nutrient demand.
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    Yeah pack the filter with media as much as poss. If you have a filter with eheim taps you can try shut them a bit. However I recently tried that when doing maintenance or something and found if you shut them too much they started leaking a bit, probably due to the pressure. Sent from my Pixel 4...
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    Eheim is the only alternative then I think, but the flow is going to be high. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Hydor heater and eheim 2215 on my 60p size tank.
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    Dennerle Nano Cube 30L just sprang a leak

    Not underheard of, I had a 35L Fluval which had a slow leak within this time span.
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    Changing to lily pipes

    Lily pipes are usually done on the inside diameter.
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    New ADA light: Aquasky RGB

    Yeah I have one and like it. I don't really have anything to compare it too as when I was keeping tanks before was still on T8s/T5s mostly.
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    Dr Timothy Hovanec's comments about Bacterial supplements

    As a PhD student yes Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Dr Timothy Hovanec's comments about Bacterial supplements

    I was referencing the substrate as an ammonia source not bacteria. I also used power sand which supposedly has bacteria added but more likely the plants I would say. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Dry food for ember tetras - can't get them to eat

    Mine eat ADA food. Never tried anything else. Like others said just try to starve them it's unlikely you will kill them and you should notice if they get too skinny.
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    Dr Timothy Hovanec's comments about Bacterial supplements

    To add to the plants cycling tanks argument, I cycled my tank earlier this year in 1 week just with Amazonia Powder / Amazonia II and heavy planting. They were a bunch of emersed plants from a grower here in Australia.
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    What’s the cause, mutation or deficiency?

    Leaf shape looks similar to Rotala "colorata" that I have, and colour range is similar. Looks nothing like my Rotala "green" which has much smaller and sharper leaves.
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    Buying fish on ebay?

    Shipping fish is quite common in Australia but temperature is generally warmer. Still, had ember tetras in the post for 72 hours earlier this year and arrived fine and dandy. As long as they pack them well in poly box and multiple bags etc it's fine. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Same for CO2art here in Australia but mines not too bad. Needle valve is a bit faulty atm but I have it set and forget and just adjusting timings instead now. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    From Reef to Nature Aquarium a journey

    Yeah, not going to blend nicely if tank height is 45cm or more. Mine's 36 cm tall and probably wouldn't work above that.
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    Regulator/solenoid issue?

    Possibly dust in your reg, that when you pressurised it blocked the reg.
  78. L


    There is another similar CO2 retailer in the UK, not sure if I am allowed to name due to non-sponsor. They might have something smaller?
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    ADA state their temperatures as mostly 25 C, sometimes 24 C. I heard and expect that they maintain this by regulating room temperature. With regards to the ADA Studio in Poland, I am pretty certain I have seen a hydor external heater in a video shot there.
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    I think it would be fine. Maybe also consider more corydoras since they like groups. I would remove the internal filter unless you specifically need it - more space for plants etc. I had 60p tank, eheim classic 350 with the following stock: 10 Emperor tetra 12 Ember tetra 12 Cardinal tetra 5...
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    Replacing Substrate

    I have a 60p and did a rescape recently on by draining water and adding an extra 3 L ADA Amazonia powder (very ammonia rich). The week before rescape I lost a few emperor tetras - I got a bunch of new plants in and left them floating in the tank but I think they brought in dermosporidia as...
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    CO2art (forum sponsor) do all the kit you need for this including a sodastream adapter and will be able help you with it if you ask via their website. Their regs are quite large though so may not look the best. However, nano regs (including many of those GLA) are unlikely to be as good quality...
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    Thinking inside the box

    I would have the substrate more or less uniform across the front - max around 4 cm. I would get a much larger rock for the main rock (the current main rock you have is probably perfect for 45p). The rock on the right looks a bit out of place currently, however you could cover it with...
  84. L


    I live in a tropical climate (no heating) and we had our coldest day on record this year (13.6 C max during day) and the tank dropped below 20 C. Luckily had no livestock but realised after that I had to get a heater - I bought a temporary aquael smart heater and imported hydor external heater...
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    Boyu 150 L/H Filter!

    What info do you want? Not used it myself but for those who have then it will help you have can provide some more specific questions.
  86. L

    From Reef to Nature Aquarium a journey

    Yeah totally different approach but it is actually working for me, not seeing any LED points with mine it blends nicely.
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    New Decade, New Decadence...

    Really nice. Did the pinnatafida grow out of the tank naturally? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Flood light Juwel vision 260

    I would just stick with the T5s if I were you...
  89. L

    Flood light Juwel vision 260

    What's the budget? Do you have CO2 and ferts?
  90. L

    Java fern melt/die off

    I have bought several stems of trident here in Australia and never had any luck. Won't be trying it again until I move back to the UK since it is so expensive here.
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    Maidenhead Aquatics/Fishkeeper

    Any Maidenhead Aquatics is probably better than the one aquarium shop we have in Townsville Australia. Would probably never by dry goods in store since better to buy online. You can get good fish but Maidenhead is bigger and has more choice etc. Plants not great but I think that is more of an...
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    From Reef to Nature Aquarium a journey

    Anyone looking for a cheap alternative, I am using half a LIFX Z strip on the back of my tank. The I have it sitting on a strip of polystyrene which contours the back of my substrate. Works pretty well and the light spill of my Aquasky RGB creates a gradient with the light. Tank is against a...
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    Ember Tetras with Shrimp

    They don't take any notice of my shrimp. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    excessive water changes?

    Even the high tech lean dosing route suggests 30 to 50% water changes weekly.
  95. L

    'Pot' scape

    Yeah interestingly the N source in the ADA Fert is urea as well.
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    From Reef to Nature Aquarium a journey

    Would be interesting to see the colour of the white light w/o the film as well.
  97. L

    Be honest

    Hard to see - would be better with a photo zoomed out a bit and lit well without the reflection. However, I think it could like quite good if you brought the whole hardscape forward a bit and built up the back higher with substrate.
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    Bacteria in a bottle ?

    I had a 1 week cycle earlier this year with Amazonia Powder, Amazonia II and Power Sand Advance, along with a bunch of plants. The Power Sand Advance contains Bacter 100 which I guess one of ADA's equivalents of this kind of product (they also have green bacter). I can't tell you whether the...
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    Big rock nano

    Try get to epiphyte plants to go on and under the rock, at the moment the rock looks overwhelming.
  100. L

    IAPLC 2020 top 127

    I think that is because the judges are not ADA. It would be interesting to have a contest where it did reflect ADA because I join reading the content on their site etc.