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    Takashi Amano

    A while back - may even be a few years - there were some pictures on here of some amazing Takashi scapes. The thing is, the scapes were actually done in thimble sized glass tubs but on first view you thought they were full sized aquariums. Anyhow, I have lost all the pics and links, does...
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    RO water

    Hi Just wondered what the opinion was with using RO water for a new set up (and do the buffers work without introducing CO2 - as I wasn't planning on using CO2 Thanks
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    Very hard glass algae

    My daughter has a standard non CO2 aquarium and is plagued with algae. I'm going to increase her filtration and take it upon myself to pop round and do regular water changes but can anyone advise if these things will actually help to any degree...
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    Budget starter packs

    Yes I know these are probably frowned upon but any advice appreciated on those small sub £30 packs? Was thinking of getting one for my daughters 100l aquarium and was going to go for the TMC Aquagro listed here https://www.seapets.co.uk/searchresults?keyword=co2 Any good? I appreciate it...
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    removing thread algae from bogwood

    Hi chaps Advice welcome Have been told to dunk bogwood in 10% bleach solution but am a bit nervous about this. If the info is correct how long should I soak it and how long to then keep it in fresh water before putting back in aquarium. Thanks
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    Substrate for best results in non Co2 tank

    Hi chaps Been reading the posts on substrates and have got myself in more of a spin. Changing from gravel to a substrate more ideal for plant growth and need advice. For ease of use had decided on Caribsea but was put off it by a couple of people so wanted to gauge opinions on here as I only...
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    Where to buy in Holland?

    After (not much) consideration I have decided that I would rather travel from Ipswich to Holland rather than Wrexham for my initial plant purchases. Now I am sure Wrexham has its charm but I think Holland edges it and it is also nearer to Ipswich than Wrexham - and the Dutch speak better...
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    Bargain filter unit with UV

    Now I can't comment on the quality as I haven't bought it yet but whilst searching for filters I came across what looks like an absolute bargain. For the price I will give it a go and I just thought I would post this in case anyone might be interested http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ...
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    Lighting a 30" tall tank

    Hi all I like tall and wide aquariums, I am about to set up a 44" x 20" x 30" aquarium and I want my lighting to be sufficient for carpet plants. Originally I was going to buy this http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ... qi-48.html But would prefer to buy this...
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    If anyone is ever in Hong Kong.........

    Hi all As a new member I am still finding new topics and last night I came across the "where to buy" section. Someone posted about where to go if you were visiting China or Hong Kong to which I offered a short reply but then thought it may be of interest on here as it is a busier part of the...
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    EQJ Trading

    Hi there I was kindly recommended EQJ by a member and on first viewing the goods looked good and price fantastic - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/EQJ-Trading I was planning on buying from them but found some horror stories on the net relating to products and service. This is just one of them as an...
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    After a lifelong absence I've got the bug again - advice req

    Greetings Kept aquariums as a kid before entering into the trade in the 80's where I spent many years before becoming fed up with it all. Anyway, just set up a little aquarium for my (grown up) daughter and have got the bug again. I have decided to get a 48 x 20 x 30 (inches) aquarium...