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  1. mattb180

    Scared Fish - Iwagumi

    Light substrate, bright light and zero cover all go to make for scared fish. They may come round after a while when the scape grows in but you may struggle to see any relaxed behaviour from them in that sort of set up.
  2. mattb180

    Certain fish without heating??

    Celestial Pearl Danio's actually prefer a temp of 20-22 degrees and do well in unheated tanks. Mine are out in the garden at the moment and thriving!!
  3. mattb180

    Galaxy Rasbora in pH 6.0

    I believe their are reports of them spawning and fry being raised in pH 6.5 or thereabouts. They may do ok at that PH, generally do not seem overly fussy. Optimum seems to be a TDS of about 250 - 350 and PH 7-8.
  4. mattb180

    Fish advice for new project

    I have my CPD's in water that is hovering around neutral. They are breeding so this is fine for them. I have 15 and they are always out and about. I guess the more you have the more confident they are, although they definitely are not a tight shoaling species by any stretch!
  5. mattb180

    home made fish food

    Really interesting video. I have given this a go this week. I made mine with squid, prawns, sardine and mussels. Added a small amount of paprika. I have noticed a slight improvement in colour and my CPD's were spawning this morning so could have something to do with it. It was very...
  6. mattb180

    What do you do with your fish?

    What do you do with your fish when you have finished with a certain scape or have a desire to try a new species? Do you sell them? Give them to a LFS? Interested to see the usual trend given that some people have a quick turnover in terms of tanks and scapes!
  7. mattb180

    Rio Nanay fish

    One of the nicest looking Angels i have ever seen!
  8. mattb180

    What to feed otos

    Mine used to love cucumber, that was when they could get to it through the bristlenoses!