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  1. Gary Nelson

    The salty side

    Here is my Fluval Nano, I’ve started back up on a nano planted tank…. Good to be back
  2. Gary Nelson

    Recommended fish?

    Thank you for all your suggestions guys and it's been a great help and given me some good ideas, I like the 'Galaxy Rasboras' and also the 'Celestichthys erythromicrons' Not where I could locate the second option from though as I have not seen those in any stores I've been in. I decided to...
  3. Gary Nelson

    Recommended fish?

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and it's good to be back after a few years break. I am after some advice and recommendations for some fish to go in a 50L - ideally something small that I can have 10 or 12 of... Nothing that likes to jump as the tank is open top... Any recommendations would...
  4. Gary Nelson

    Co2 glass U bend?

    Ah, nice one Andy... Just what I'm after, thanks for the link.
  5. Gary Nelson

    Co2 glass U bend?

    Hi, guys... Does anyone know where I can get hold of the co2 glass or acrylic U bends in the UK?
  6. Gary Nelson

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2016 - How to Enter

    Do we have the names yet?
  7. Gary Nelson

    dusting off the old Fluval Studio aquarium.....

    Fantastic hard scape again mate, very nicely done indeed - looking forward to seeing this develop :)
  8. Gary Nelson

    Amano RIP?

    Terrible news :( inspiration to many - RIP
  9. Gary Nelson

    Coming back to UKAPS...

    Good news George... Tempted to join you as I keep looking at new tanks ;)
  10. Gary Nelson

    Stu's 120x45x45 tank sponsored by Tropica

    Fantastic mate.... Another belter from the master! Great detail and scale too - a winner for sure :)
  11. Gary Nelson

    Aquarium recommendation

    Hi mate, the Ehiem Scubaline do a nice range and you can now get them with LEDs built in :)
  12. Gary Nelson

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    Yes I agree with Ali, it looks great and nice and mature.... The colours on the bows look incredible too.
  13. Gary Nelson

    Do Fertilizer Salts React With Metal?

    Another tidy cabinet..... Where did you get the tray from?
  14. Gary Nelson

    Most aesthetic way to drill holes in a cabinet for filter pipes? TMC Signature

    That's what I did with mine and works fine :) http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/a-twist-of-nature.30272/
  15. Gary Nelson

    Castle Crag

    Looks fantastic James! Great to see your work again.
  16. Gary Nelson

    How do you clean up salts?

    White vinegar and kitchen tissue :)
  17. Gary Nelson

    Ecotech Radion XR15w Freshwater LED

    I got mine yesterday and am really pleased with it! The control over the lighting spectrum is incredible! I might have to invest in the reef link though, as control over it from the iPad would be handy.
  18. Gary Nelson

    Ecotech Radion XR15w Freshwater LED

    What the FW versions? I have been watching Charter House Aquatics to see when they are getting them in - look like they have the marine versions and the mount bracket, but no FW version :(
  19. Gary Nelson

    Ecotech Radion XR15w Freshwater LED

    A very interesting read so far! are these in the UK yet?
  20. Gary Nelson

    Pop- up Nightmare!

    As above mate, download Spybot (free software) run a full scan and let it do its thing - could take 45mins. When it's done and found errors, run the fix - this should then remove the spyware you have.... It's worth keeping Spybot on and running every month or so for good house keeping on your PC
  21. Gary Nelson


    This looks great Ali, really liking the wood you have used, you can't get more natural than that! are these the Fluval tanks with the side opening doors? Looking forward to watching this one develop :thumbup:
  22. Gary Nelson

    My new iwagumi

    Very nice - do you have any more info on the lid, on how it was made? I've often thought about making one for my TMC signature as the mrs hates the light spread from the open top - I'm just not sure how you would make it to stop condensation running down the outside of the glass :( Sent from...
  23. Gary Nelson

    Melanotaenia praecox Male/Females

    Yes they are great fish, one of my favourite - look great in a planted tank too when they mature :thumbup:
  24. Gary Nelson

    Melanotaenia praecox Male/Females

    I would say they are all females, sometimes females can have a orange-ish tinge, where as males have a distinct red.
  25. Gary Nelson

    What dechlorinator?

    Prime is your friend :) you won't go wrong with it!
  26. Gary Nelson

    60P - The Shimmering of Light

    Thanks for the info Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures and following with big interest :thumbup:
  27. Gary Nelson

    60P - The Shimmering of Light

    Great pictures and I like the frosted tank background - what are you using for your light filters?
  28. Gary Nelson

    Some Lighting Advice Needed Please

    I would say that the standard lighting that you have is more than adequate... if anything to much! I would not bother to add reflectors either.
  29. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014 results - updated page 1

    Fantastic results for all the UKAPS team - well done everyone! :clap:
  30. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014 results - updated page 1

    Well... 'Landslide' slid in at 1050 - up quite a bit from last years, so quiet pleased :thumbup:
  31. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014 results - updated page 1

    I thought my result may have come in this mornings post.... Not a sausage :(
  32. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014 results - updated page 1

    anyone have the link for online results?
  33. Gary Nelson

    nugget's 4ft tank

    Very nice scapes, as Nath says... The March one is stunning!
  34. Gary Nelson

    Our very first tank - the Fluval Edge 46 litre!

    Well Glenda, I have been reading allot of your posts and various questions you have asked and I would say you are very much on the right track and you should be very proud of your first tank - it looks great! Remember this hobby always offers loads to learn and as you will read, some of us here...
  35. Gary Nelson

    Quest for the perfect corner creation - Resurrection

    Looking forward to watching this develop - thats a big lump of wood too!
  36. Gary Nelson

    Nutrafin Aqua Plus dosage help please!

    Just top up straight from the tap - I must put around half a litre every day in mine (120litre tank) straight out the tap - I only use declorinator on a water change.
  37. Gary Nelson

    Video of Tom Barr's open house meet and trim ideas

    Great video and some fantastic tanks too! Nice to see your setup.... That would be my dream :thumbup:
  38. Gary Nelson

    120cm Planted Tank with Angelfish

    Very nice, it's filled out very nice indeed and the scape you have done suits the tank perfectly :thumbup:
  39. Gary Nelson

    Lakeland Wraith - NA 120

    Iain... This is an absolute belter of a scape, shown off to perfection by a fantastic video! This is my favourite scape by far - the choice of fish complement it brilliantly too... Really well done mate :thumbup:
  40. Gary Nelson

    Norfolk area shops?

    Hi guys, I'm in Norfolk for a few days... Can anyone recommend any aquatic shops worth a visit?
  41. Gary Nelson

    Awsome cleaning tool

    I normally use a bit of white vinegar on some kitchen tissue, a quick wipe and it's gone :thumbup:
  42. Gary Nelson


    Thank you for the kind words Tim :thumbup:
  43. Gary Nelson


    Sorry for the delay in getting some photos up - I'm having a few problems with my Flickr account so have uploaded these few... these are not the best pics and some are only iPhone ones, but it gives you an idea. IMG_0153 by DigitalDream3, on Flickr Then a few days after planting... IMG_0155...
  44. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014

    Mines just gone in.... last minute.com!
  45. Gary Nelson

    NA 120cm - Asian Dreams-IAPLC # 251

    It looks stunning Iain! A fantastic video and the fish look superb too...! One thing I notice though, is you have very little movement from the plants in the flow, yet they are pearling like crazy?
  46. Gary Nelson


    Thanks Tim :thumbup: Thanks Lee:thumbup: Cheers Ali:thumbup: Its looking much better now too, thanks to your help :snaphappy:
  47. Gary Nelson


    Hi everyone, I thought I had best make a start on my latest journal 'LandSlide' - This was actually started a few months back now, but as life and work have been very busy, I have just not got around to starting this... hence why I have not been on UKAPS much either :( This scape is in my TMC...
  48. Gary Nelson

    Messed up my Macro mix, how to proceed...

    To be honest.... I would not think it matters to much as EI never has to be that accurate, its all about over dosing what is needed - if it were me, then I'd just stick with what you have and just dose a smaller amount.
  49. Gary Nelson

    Messed up my Macro mix, how to proceed...

    Double the water amount into what you have and have the next lot ready mixed :)
  50. Gary Nelson

    hello from romania

    Welcome to the forum :)
  51. Gary Nelson

    Unknow white stuff on twinstar nano

    Bleach won't do anything, just use one Oust sachet and add a little water in a cup (remove the rubber sucker) and leave to soak - you will see the lime scale start to bubble and dissolve straight the way, give it a couple of hours and then just rinse it well under the tap.... Job done :)
  52. Gary Nelson

    Unknow white stuff on twinstar nano

    It's 100% lime scale - I get it on mine. I soak mine in Oust lime scale remover for kettles/irons.... 2 hrs in that and it's like new again. I normally do mine every two months or so.
  53. Gary Nelson

    Calling All Petrolheads

    I had a custom map, it's about 320bhp.... Not sure on 0-60, but on paper it says around 4.9. I looked into getting my V6 mapped, but it was not going to make that much difference... It does make it smoother though and more lively.... But the V6 sound is still the best!
  54. Gary Nelson

    Calling All Petrolheads

    Traded mine in for the TTS.... stage 1 map = flying machine :nailbiting:
  55. Gary Nelson

    Calling All Petrolheads

    Higher tax band then :( I did not realise till I sold mine that the s-tronics were a band lower, yet the cabriolet s-tronic is in the same band as a Manual.
  56. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014

    Any previews to show us Stu?
  57. Gary Nelson

    Calling All Petrolheads

    Looks nice Nath :) is it s-tronic? I swapped mine last week
  58. Gary Nelson

    Twin Specs

    Looking forward to seeing these mate, they look great little tanks - I'm sure you will do them proud :thumbup:
  59. Gary Nelson

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I've been using oust kettle de-scailer.... Seems to work fine :thumbup:
  60. Gary Nelson

    Problems with CO2 since FE change

    Hi Bert, when I first started in this hobby 3 years ago and adding co2 I used exactly the same JBL bubble counter - all was well for a while, but i soon discovered the rubber O ring soon looses it's seal, I replaced the unit with a second one after the first failed and this was ok for a few...
  61. Gary Nelson

    Eco Lamps KR90FW- Freshwater led unit

    Lovely stuff... A great review too Ali... I'll be ordering mine this weekend :thumbup:
  62. Gary Nelson

    Fluval G6 pipe size ?

    16/22mm tube, I went for a 300w, but a 200w would also do the job:thumbup:
  63. Gary Nelson

    Guide to Acronyms

    An excellent read about that fellow here... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackbeard
  64. Gary Nelson

    Guide to Acronyms

    Black Beard :)
  65. Gary Nelson


    Holly poop! That's big...! :eek: Ali, you could charge admission when this is done for people to come and view your projects... I can see it now, not ADA but 'ANE' in neon lights (Alastairs Nature Exhibition) :thumbup:
  66. Gary Nelson

    Plant Id please

    Eleocharis sp :thumbup:
  67. Gary Nelson

    Nathaniel's Dry Start Mini-M

    Lovely stuff Nath!
  68. Gary Nelson

    1300 litre chocolate lake

    Sorry to hear this mate :( do you have any ideas what may have happened?
  69. Gary Nelson

    Original UP New Inline CO2 Atomizer Diffuser System Available now on CO2Art!

    Now they look easier to clean! :)
  70. Gary Nelson

    Another Eheim skim350 fix

    That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing it :thumbup:
  71. Gary Nelson

    Decisions Decisions on upgrade

    Apple = King :thumbup:
  72. Gary Nelson

    Gradually Getting There

    Very nice Bert... Loving the Rainbow selection too - all that hard work has paid off :thumbup:
  73. Gary Nelson

    300l Wapoga River

    A lovely scape Sanj and the fish are stunning too.... They look very at home in that setup :thumbup:
  74. Gary Nelson

    Trigon 190 'Crypt Corner' (PFK featured)

    Thank you Dan :thumbup:
  75. Gary Nelson

    Bogwoods TMC Signature 60cm "Shrimp Heaven"

    That really nice, the shrimp look fab! What sort of power and duration do you run the tile at?
  76. Gary Nelson

    Dwarf pass. (My First nano)

    That looks very nice, but that's allot of light, you would easily get away with using just the smaller light.
  77. Gary Nelson

    1300 litre chocolate lake

    They look stunning mate and look very much at home already :thumbup:
  78. Gary Nelson

    Love it, or hate it?

    Perfect on Weetabix too :)
  79. Gary Nelson

    Short 17mm glass inlet?

    Cheers Aron :) Thanks Ian :thumbup: A decent price too.
  80. Gary Nelson

    Short 17mm glass inlet?

    Hi guys, I'm after a shorter length 17mm glass inlet - can anyone point me in the right direction? Most 17mm inlets seem to be around 300mm
  81. Gary Nelson

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Congratulations again mate, you will do TMC proud, and I for one know that the market will be developed very well and be in good hands :clap:
  82. Gary Nelson

    Help me choose a moss!

    Christmas moss for sure :)
  83. Gary Nelson

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    Lovely stuff and as clean as a whistle! :thumbup:
  84. Gary Nelson

    Stu's Black Lava Mini M Nano Scape

    Very nice indeed Stu, another winner for sure! Your scapes and plant choice are always spot on mate - well done :)
  85. Gary Nelson

    Please tell me what that is..

    Nor do I, but sometimes they are already on plants that you buy ;)
  86. Gary Nelson

    Please tell me what that is..

    Snail eggs?
  87. Gary Nelson

    No name 60... Ug!

    Fantastic layout Iain... I'm sure you will do fine with the UG... it will look stunning when filled out too! Looking forward to seeing this one grow :)
  88. Gary Nelson

    IAPLC 2014

    I'll have another go... Hopefully it will get marked lol - hoping we can try to beat the number of last years UK entry's too :)
  89. Gary Nelson

    Eheim skim350 fix - no more death trap

    That's a great idea and thanks for sharing it :)
  90. Gary Nelson

    Nathaniel's Dry Start Mini-M

    Looks like a great start Nath, I think you have the hard scape spot on for the tank too - will be looking forward to seeing this develop.
  91. Gary Nelson

    UKAPS Tshirts options POLL

    My black hoodie is spot on, really chuffed with it :)
  92. Gary Nelson

    Blue Garden

    That's really nice and you have some great contrasts with plants, how do you find that skimmer that's built into the inlet... Is it acrylic?
  93. Gary Nelson

    Anyone else play guitar or anything else?

    It sounds like you need to get yourself to the auditions at 'Britain's got Talent' :) I'd love to be able to play the drums! But I think if I bought a set my neighbours would saw my arms off!
  94. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Cheers Tim... Yeah I'm really chuffed mate - I do miss the Trigon sometimes so you never know ;) but I do like this open topped tank and lighting, it's so much easier to work on :)
  95. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    That is a shame mate, it would of been good to see you again and you buy me a beer ;) I'm sure there will be other events coming up through the year, so hopefully you can make it and buy me that beer then :)
  96. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Thanks mate... Yes I've just seen that.... Global! I'm really chuffed too :) are you going this weekend?
  97. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Cheers Paulo - for the price of the light its fairly good, but I am missing being able to dim it down a bit. :facepalm: Thanks mate... the Pencilfish are great - I just have the 4 but seeing as they have settled really well I am tempted to get some more.... the colours are stunning...
  98. Gary Nelson

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    It looks great mate, I like all the colours you have mixed in and it suits the tank really well. Where did you get the co2 elbow joint from that goes over the edge of the tank? Is it plastic or glass?
  99. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Yes its worth it - I was putting about half a litre a day in mine. I just use a 5L container for the water feed... seems to work OK.
  100. Gary Nelson

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Yes it is...well spotted - it is a very easy solution :thumbup: