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  1. JamesC

    Crypt Balansae arriving from abroad

    In the listing this is what it says: James
  2. JamesC

    Achieving redish color in plants such a eleoharis and glosso

    Just a list of a few thoughts of my experiences. Contrary to popular belief adding lots of iron has no affect on making plants go red. As long as plants have enough then adding extra makes no difference. Limiting NO3 can give a few plants a pinkish hue to them but the downside is you end up with...
  3. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    I never said plants don't use green light. This is what I said Yes plants can use green light but mostly they use the red and blue parts of the spectrum, except it seems that under very strong white light, green light may be used more efficiently. Even cheapo daylight tubes normally have red and...
  4. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    Exactly the same at 8 hours. James
  5. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    I brought into the 'more light is better' idea a while ago which is why I went out and purchased a Arcadia luminaire with 4 T5's. But ever since I've never been as happy as I was before with the T8's. Having spent the money I just didn't want accept that it was a waste and I should've stuck with...
  6. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    TBH I'm not sure what's going on. With the T5's I ran just on two tubes for a while and it made no difference to when I used all four tubes. I'm still a firm believer that plants mainly use red and blue light for photosynthesis which is why you get poor results when using cheapo 6500 tubes as...
  7. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    Re: green rotala rotundifolia It's been a while since this thread started but I just managed to get my rotala rotundifolia to go red more by chance than anything. Ever since I upgraded my lighting to an Arcadia luminaire with four 54W T5's I've never been 100% happy with it. I could never get...
  8. JamesC

    Utricularia graminifolia

    Some more info in this thread - http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=749&start=0 James
  9. JamesC

    Utricularia graminifolia

    Lot's of info in this thread - http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=749 James
  10. JamesC

    Carpeting plants

    I brought some of that to try out. Really nice plant and you get a very good quantity for your money. I think you'll be happy with it but you might find it a tad tall if you are looking for a carpet type plant. I think a lot of people and retailers are now finding that Tropica are no longer the...
  11. JamesC

    Carpeting plants

    How about a fissiden's carpet? I've seen this done a couple of times before and it can look quite fantastic. Only problem is that it will be quite slow and also a dirt collector. Shrimp will adore it...
  12. JamesC

    Tonina fluviatilis

    Great little plant. Always interesting to see plants in their natural habitat. Thanks for posting James
  13. JamesC

    Washing New Plants?

    Brought a few things from malaysia and never had any problems or heard of anyone else having problems. I do always give my plants a quick rinse prior to planting. James
  14. JamesC

    Washing New Plants?

    Depends what you mean by nasties. A rinse under fresh water is always a good idea before introducing as some retailers dip their plants in a strong copper solution, but not sure if this is very common now. Snails aren't really classified IMHO as a nastie but you'll have to do a 1:20 bleach dip...
  15. JamesC

    Plant/moss/algae indentification?

    Hard to tell from the photo but it looks like cladophora. Not unusual to get it growing on wood like that. Is it rough or gritty if you rub it between your fingers? Take a look at http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm for ID. James
  16. JamesC


    I brought some Fissidens splachnobryoides from aquatic magic some time ago and it grew great. BUT I had it growing on some wood that was above the water line. What I put submerged died pretty quickly. I've brought a fair few plants from them and never had any problems. You do have to watch it...
  17. JamesC

    green rotal rotundifolia

    Just seen this. I brought some rotala rotundifolia from Tropica a little while ago and have also noticed it never goes red, even when it reaches the surface. This is with 4wpg of T5 as well. Funny thing is is that I also had some rotala sp. green so now have two lots of green rotala. Be...
  18. JamesC


    Doesn't look like UG to me. Never seen UG grow that straight or that fine. I'd go go dwarf hairgrass. The other plant could be Staurogyne or possibly Hygrophila sp. Porto Velho (dwarf hygro). Hard to see without a close up. James
  19. JamesC

    Pllants whilst cycling tank.

    Don't fishless cycle and add plants at the same time. Fishless cycles need to be done in the dark to prevent algae outbreaks. Also elevated levels of ammonia will burn plants. So if you wish to do your fishless cycle then best to do it in the dark and with no plants. Then when finished add...
  20. JamesC

    the best red small leafed stem

    Rotala rotundifolia
  21. JamesC

    Doing a HC carpet right now

    Man, you guys are patient. I really couldn't be bothered to plant stem by stem. I just get clumps of about 2p in size and just push into the substrate. Can normally do the whole width of my 4 footer in less than 10 minutes. After a month it's all filled in and soon after needs redoing again. James
  22. JamesC

    id moss

    Often to ID a moss correctly you need to look at it under a microscope. Mosses grow differently in different conditions and just by looking at a photo it is generally very hard to tell. I've seen Java moss look very similar to xmas before. James
  23. JamesC

    Blyxa Japonica Flowers Underwater

    Nice one Clive. That's what happens with Blyxa when you have plenty of phosphates in the water. James
  24. JamesC

    tonina fluviatilis rotting

    Tonina fluviatilis is a very fussy plant but give it what it wants and it grows like a weed. IME it likes a very low KH of 3 or lower (never use baking soda to raise the KH) with plenty of CO2 and ferts. It likes high light as well. As far as substrates go I use just Akadama and it grows fine...
  25. JamesC

    Tropica's new plant is now on their website.

    Take a look at the second link
  26. JamesC

    Plants from ebay: aquaticmagic

    The portions can be a bit small but it never bothered me as they all grow. James
  27. JamesC

    Plants from ebay: aquaticmagic

    Brought a few times from them now and never had any problems. James
  28. JamesC

    Blyxia deficiency?

    I find blyxa hates a change in water parameters and sometimes totally melts, but it has always come back with me. In my tank it also goes a reddish colour as well, but looks like it may have lost this colour during postage. James
  29. JamesC

    Trimming HC?

    I find the easiest way is to rip the whole lot out and replant small tufts of it. Soon spreads out and fills in the gaps. I used to trim but didn't find the results as good, and also takes ages to net out all the small bits that float around. Others will probably have their own ways. James
  30. JamesC

    The Green Machine.

    Re: Greetings from The Green Machine... I wondered who was behind Expert Aquatics - now I know. I was very happy with the service and quality of the plants I brought. James
  31. JamesC

    Glosso - or maybe not?

    Let's have a closeup of the leaves please James EDIT: It could be Micranthemum umbrosum. In the photo it looks like at each node there is only one leaf. But then again on some nodes it looks like 2 leaves.
  32. JamesC

    Glosso - or maybe not?

    Looks like it could be Hydrocotyle Leucocephala. James
  33. JamesC

    Weeping moss

    A nice little website all about mosses - http://www.aquamoss.net/Introduction.htm. Doesn't mention anything about if they attach or not but good for ID'ing. James
  34. JamesC

    Weeping moss

    Nope, not all mosses do. I have Willow Moss which is exactly the same and doesn't attach. You'll need to always keep it tied down to prevent it from drifting off. James
  35. JamesC

    translucent hygro

    Garden Direct sell the Chempak Chelated Trace Mix - http://www.gardendirect.co.uk/product.asp?numRecordPosition=5&P_ID=501&strPageHistory=cat&strKeywords=&SearchFor=&PT_ID=29 I used it for a while a couple of years ago with no probs. James
  36. JamesC

    Java moss - Vesicularia dubyana

    I had the java moss growing in two different tanks. In my high light, CO2, EI tank it never really did that well and grew pretty slowly. Eventually ripped it out. In my shrimp breeding tank which gets no ferts, no CO2 and has lowish light it grew like there was no tomorrow. btw the java moss...
  37. JamesC

    Java moss - Vesicularia dubyana

    If I recall correctly mosses don't like being too hot, ie 30+ degrees, but prefer the lower twenties. Mmmm, just done a quick search and other people seem to think that java moss does alright at 30 degrees. Not so sure myself. Still think it may be a bit too hot for it. James
  38. JamesC

    Mosses from AquaticMagic

    I brought some willow moss from them a while back which arrived in very good condition. The portions are fairly small but once they are spread out and tied down they soon fill up the gaps. Java moos IMO is a manky unattractive moss compared to my willow moss. I grow my mosses in my shrimp...
  39. JamesC

    Co2 query?

    The only thing I can suggest is that you try it and see. I would guess that it should be ok. I often tun off my filter when doing HC maitanence without any probs. The CO2 builds up a bit at the top of the reactor but then when filter is turned back on again it soon dissolves. Welcome to UKAPS...
  40. JamesC

    I need a plant but I'm not sure what...

    Greenline are selling it - http://www.aquaticplants.eu.com/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eaquaticplants%2eeu%2ecom%2facatalog%2findex%2ehtml&WD=blyxa&SHOP=%20&PN=Mid_ground%2ehtml%23a68#a68 James
  41. JamesC

    I need a plant but I'm not sure what...

    I recommend blyxa japonica as well and have used it in my tank with great success. It is actually a stem plant if you look closely. Have found it doesn't like a change in water parameters or being uprooted too much. James