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  1. Ed Seeley

    What size glass diffuser for Rio 180?

    Simple question! What size glass diffuser would I need for a 40g tank? I'm planning to put it underneath the outlet from the Juwel filter to distribute the bubbles. I'm looking at either a Rhinox 3000 or 5000; or a Dazs Spiro. If the Sprio's up to the job I might try one of those as I will...
  2. Ed Seeley

    CO2 kits

    Hi all, I've just been to Weld UK (http://www.welduk.com/index.asp), who supply welding gear to trade and DIY and are a great source of disposable CO2 tanks which are identical to the JBL ones in all but label. You can even remove the black plastic base from the JBL tank to fit these! I went...