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  1. Tony Swinney

    5ft Iwagumi Shallow Tank

    Thats a shame - looked lovely ! Hope you can repair the silicon and rescape it :thumbup: Tony
  2. Tony Swinney

    From This to This!!!

    From this.... to... Tony
  3. Tony Swinney

    Moss Spot

    Beautiful Levinen - I love the shape of the spiky moss, was it tied to a rock originally or has it been trimmed that way?
  4. Tony Swinney

    nelsons lava outcrop

    This looks good Nelson - why not hack the stem right back and trim things to show the hardscape more - the rocks are cracking :) Tony
  5. Tony Swinney

    Where do you have yours?

    That really was a beauty George - I'm surprised any guests made it past the hallway :lol: Heres my opti in the office... This is where my nano did sit in the office, and will soon be scaped again and back on the desk :D And the discus tank in the kitchen/diner after a heavy trim last...
  6. Tony Swinney

    FoF 2009 UKAPS Display Aquascapes

    Cracking tanks, and nice pics George :D You guys certainly did ukaps proud with those on display. Youre a trooper for the cause Dan ! Tony
  7. Tony Swinney

    A Great British Biotope

    GReat set up George, nice to see something different and 'local'. Cant wait to see the BIG one now :D Tony
  8. Tony Swinney

    ADA 60cm - Espei's Escape (final tank shot)

    Very nice George - the black background works a treat 8) Tony
  9. Tony Swinney

    At the river side (25 liters of Ryuboku)

    Hi Levine'm, and welcome to Ukaps :D This is a lovely looking tank - great colours in there. What is the plant in the picture of the Ember Tetras, I love the shape of the leaves ? Is that pellia ? Thanks Tony
  10. Tony Swinney

    80 x 40 x 50

    Lovely pics ziperzip, and a great carpet you've got there too :D Tony
  11. Tony Swinney


    Very nice - the red colour in your stems is amazing - I'd be interested to know more about your setup too, particularly your lighting. :D Cheers Tony