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  1. Ed Seeley

    Nanochromis transvestitus

    I'm assuming the Nanochromis transvestitus in your EI article are yours? How long have you had them and any luck breeding them? (or keeping them from killing each other actually!) What size tank are they in?
  2. Ed Seeley

    New source of Wild South American fish with potential.

    Just thought I'd add a link to something that I think could be a really valuable source of fish for our tanks, especially things like Otos, cories and tetras. TA Aquaculture, who I use for all my dried food and Brine shrimp (they sell really good quality stuff for very good prices), are...
  3. Ed Seeley

    In praise of Otos!

    I've got one of the PFK cubes in my living room that I've always had problems with really. It sort of splutters from one kind of ugly mess to another! Anyway start of the summer holidays I decided to re-scape it and then start EI on this tank (as I just about have the time to keep up with 50%...
  4. Ed Seeley

    The most unusual fish that works in a planted tank...

    Rather than have a best/worst fish for a planted tank I though it might be fun to start this bit off with a slightly more unusual question.... "What is the most 'unusual' fish that you have, or want to have, in a planted tank?" They could be very rare fish, hard to source or things that people...