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  1. Ed Seeley

    Ashes Final Test

    Well as I'm typing this we've survived the first over so my heart beat has settled down a little! If you're not a cricket fan then I know this is probably a bit hard to understand but there's nothing like cricket to build and sustain the tension of a sporting event. All of you football fans...
  2. Ed Seeley


    I've finally got round to uploading some of the photos from my recent trip to Uganda. I flew into Entebbe Airport, right next to Lake Victoria, and then drove to Kampala and onto Masaka town where I was staying with the headteacher of our partner school, Meeru Primary School in Masaka District...
  3. Ed Seeley

    6 Nations Kick off!

    So anyone else a fan of real sports then and will be glued to the tv this afternoon to watch the 6 nations kick off? I can't wait as I love international rugby and all the matches are live on the BBC this year. Much better than watching football with them falling over like big girls when...
  4. Ed Seeley


    So who's got it yet and how much? We've got a thin layer here and some big flakes starting to come down! Apparently the South side of the city has very little so far though!
  5. Ed Seeley

    F1 is a complete joke.

    And anyone who knows me knows how much I love F1 but this run of Ferrari bias, and I can't think of any other way to explain the recent (and not so recent) stewards decisions, is completely ruining the sport. I watched a great race today where a brilliant driver messed up his race in the first...
  6. Ed Seeley

    Discussion about my school from Wild type scalare angels thr

    ***I've copied these posts from a discussion on Wild Type Angelfish from the 'Where to buy' forum as it was going very off-subject and I didn't want this discussion from the one of Wild Type angels! If anyone else wants to see the original thread then it is here*** Mine are at school I'm...
  7. Ed Seeley

    Happy Birthday Lisa

    Happy Birthday Lisa, All the best people are born in August!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Ed Seeley

    Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

    This was posted on another forum I look in on and it made me laugh so I thought I'd post here for you guys to enjoy reading. You gotta love this students reasoning! So Hell has already frozen over so I'm able to relax. Except for the fact that I wonder what would happen if logic such as this...
  9. Ed Seeley


    This was posted on a koi forum I visit and I thought that a few people here might agree with it and add their signatures too. They're risking life and limb keeping us safe the least we can do is look after them properly if they need us to.
  10. Ed Seeley

    Fuel Protest petition

    Hi guys, Whatever your views on global warming and pollution from cars everyone here I'm sure relies on fossil fuel transport to an extent. As such we are all paying through the nose thanks to ridiculouslly high tax on fuel, coupled with various world political situations... As such there is...
  11. Ed Seeley

    New Card Scam

    Hi guys, I read this on another forum and thought I ought to pass it on here. Read it and let others know!
  12. Ed Seeley

    Go Lewis!!!!

    Well after last night's disappointment let's hope Lewis Hamilton can get back to winning ways and clinch the F1 championship! If any of you haven't tried it yet you can get a lot of the pit timing info on your computer live at http://www.formula1.com/services/live_timing You have to register...