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  1. oliverar

    More strange thing's in my tank! HELP!

    I have just spotted some more odd tank life! It looks a bit like a really thin, elongated blood worm, although it is white. I saw it moving on the glass like a leech, it grabbed onto the glass then pulled the rest of its body along. Then it jumped off the glass and spiralled down onto the ground...
  2. oliverar

    Strange things in my tank!

    Hi, I have attached some photo's and a link to a you tube video, can you see the tiny little whit spec's that are darting about, there are loads of them, I have taken my shrimp out of the tank a few weeks ago, and I have just noticed these, could they be baby shrimp? If they are bad how do I get...
  3. oliverar

    apple snails and planted tanks

    Is this a disastrous mix or if the were well fed would they leave the plants?
  4. oliverar

    how were CRS originally bred

    how did people breed crs from cherry's? Does any one know? Or was it just a mutation that was exaggerated?
  5. oliverar

    micro crabs?

    does any one know where I can get micro crabs from?