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  1. oliverar

    My Co2 system that was free!

    Hi everyone, I would just like to share my experiences with making co2 with everyone here. Well I made a DIY one for free! Here are some pictures! This is the Yeast mixture which produces the co2: This is the Diffuser: I mixed up the Yeast mixture with 1 sachet of dry bakers yeast, 2 cup's...
  2. oliverar

    Frustrated... HELP!

    Hi, I am trying to set up a yeast co2. I have got a mixture that is producing it well! I have got co2 tubing and my diffuser, I have set it all up, but I can't make it work, I can make it all leak proof but then it start's to siphon the water out of my tank, so I have got a 1 way flow regulator...
  3. oliverar

    How do you connect co2 to a canister filter?

    yes does any one have any idea's?
  4. oliverar

    Anyone know about inline co2 reactor's? ( like boyu)

    Hi, I have just read some reviews about boyu in-line co2 reactor's. Does any one know how these work? How do they get the co2? Do you need a pressurised canister? Is it possible to wire them into a canister filter? Anyone had bad experiences with them?