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  1. ian_m

    Camera alternative to PAR

    Nice idea and at a first pass is fine. If plants look good under your new light then that is fine. However you don't know the spectral response of your DSLR meter unlike a PAR meter that has a known and calibrated spectral response. Thus you can't really compare light levels with the DSLR light...
  2. ian_m

    canal walk

    Just had to reply with my wife's canal pic. Caledonian canal in autumn, near Fort Augustus, October 2008.
  3. ian_m

    Look what wandered into our back garden

    Fantastic photos. We occasionally get deer wondering into our front garden to eat the flowers. Next door neighbour got a shock when he opened his front door and just outside the door was a deer on its hind legs, reaching up to finish off the final one his £140 worth of hanging baskets !!! Not...
  4. ian_m

    Timelapse using a Rasberry Pi

    Could you take a picture every hour during say a week or two to see the plants grow ??