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    Kandahar, Afghanistan

    same as you londondragon i wanted something to carry around with me instead of my dslr and i picked up a cheap canon ixus 75 i can not fault it...the macro is good and some landscape photos i took whilst out shooting were pretty good it really makes the colours vivid .. so check out the ixus...
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    Kandahar, Afghanistan

    nice photos...landscape photos for me are definitely my favourite photos due to they give you a sense of being there...the joys of war…. i spose if u look on the bright side at least you have an office with a cracking view... cheers.... passerby
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    using window light

    come on saintly we are "MEN"... men aren’t supposed to be taking photos of rose's against purple backgrounds ..lol it does look pretty cool thou must admit..using such simple low budget lighting and background shows that there no excuse’s for the likes of me with out fancy lighting,,lol...
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    Canon eos 450d

    owwww 450d....the newest canon out..sweet..just experiment and play with your camera ..learn by doing.. plus read the little Manuel booklet that came with it i actually found it useful on explaining what all the setting do....good luck and my favourite setting is defo "av" and just select the...
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    Eye, eye...

    a bit off topic...but would a ring flash work with taking macro photo's on a tank or would it just reflect off the glass... a ring flash would give even more detail...if it did'nt reflect off....be good to experiment... cheers....passerby.
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    Macro shots - Pogostemon helferi

    blurr of green ...to me it looks like a great use of a shallow dof..nice photos something different the standard photos of tanks start to look boring after a while .. its good to use your imagination and bring a bit of "ART" into ukaps.. cheers....passerby