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    Ehiem External - where to fit hermetic seals?

    Brilliant, thanks Dan! The simple answers are always the best! Sue :D
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    Ehiem External - where to fit hermetic seals?

    Hi, Looking for some help with an ehiem 2222 pro external filter. Most of the rubber seals on my second hand filter have gone hard & I am going to replace them before I put it into use. I now have a new pack of 3 "hermetic seals" part 7343390 but according to the parts diagram I can only see...
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    Shrimp question

    Hi, I'm not a shrimp expert but can tell you what seems to have happened in my shrimp only tank. I have had and still have a slight white coloured mould bloom on redmoor wood. I have one cherry shrimp that is about twice the size of the others and I have frequently seen her grazing on the...
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    At the river side (25 liters of Ryuboku)

    Hi, A lovely aquascape! It is visually very striking with a lot of cantrast in the plant texture. It made me stop to explore all the detail - plus you have crystal red shrimp in there too! :D Regards, Sue
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    Plant Book

    Dennerle publish their own book ‘System for fascinating aquariums’ that has excellent photographs of plants listed in alphabetical order. The information provided with each plant is quite comprehensive. It sells for about £16-17 but shop around, it has gone for much less before now on...
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    my planted tanks

    These are absolutely lovely tanks - congratulations on such an accomplishment, a real pleasure to look at. :D Could you add some information about the tanks regarding the set-up and maintenance routines? Cheers, Sue
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    Can't find any CRS?

    Thanks for the info guys!! Guess i'll be off to MAq soon :wink: Sue
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    Can't find any CRS?

    I am wanting to add some CRS to my planted shrimp only tank but just can't find any! Ideally, I would like to locate some A or S grade fairly locally - Nottingham. However, I am prepared to travel so if anyone has spotted some good stock in a LFS I would be very interested to hear...
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    recommended books on keeping dwarf shrimp?

    I too have been looking for a book on shrimps but not found anything other than foreign language versions. There are several in German but this is not suprising as there has been much more interest in freshwater shrimp keeping in continental Europe than in the UK. Hopefully, as the hobby...
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    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    Thanks guys for some wonderful links - many are new to me! In addition to the ones mentioned, I have found some lovely photographs in the Dennerle book "Systems for Facinating Aquariums". The style is European but makes an interesting change. Suzanne
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    cant keep CRS!!!

    Just to clarify things - is it advisable NOT to use a liquid carbon suplement to a tank intended for shrimps? If so, does this leave no option but to use CO2 for a planted tank? Thanks Sue
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    Transferring plants from an Ich tank?

    Good point! Thank you. I have now decided to go with all new plants - well it won't be that many in a 30 litre nano, but there were some lovely ferns in the old tank.
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    Transferring plants from an Ich tank?

    Thanks Beeky! :D Great answer.
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    Transferring plants from an Ich tank?

    Hi, I am planning my new tank and would like to ask how to sterilize plants being moved from my other tank that had a recent ich outbreak (thanks to some new cardinals). I treated with eSha and then with Waterlife ich remedy. I intend to keep shrimps in the new tank so would it be safe to...
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    Chuffed to bits!!

    I am the person who won book 1 on Ebay the other day for £15, having missed out on the one that sold for over £50! Since buying it I have found 2 other copies at: A & D Aquatic & Garden Centre Unit 6, Churchbridge Oldbury West Midlands B69 2AP Tel: 0121 544 6794 I think they were about...
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    good photos of tanks

    Wow, what great photos. Inspirational, thanks for posting them :D
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    New 20L Dennerle nano tank- some help please!

    Does having a non-heated tank affect what plants or shrimps you can have? I have a modern house with heating set at about 19c (off at night though). I guess the heat from the lights provides heat in the day, but what about at night? Thanks.
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    Wondering about next tank?

    Hello, I've been reading this forum for a while but felt a bit out of my depth to comment :oops: I have kept, at various times, marines or tropicals for nearly 40 years!!! This is my current Biorb which I had because of lack of space - the moss wall is failing so will be removed. I...