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  1. ian_m

    DIY Project Water change heater project.

    One issue I have my high tech tank is the length of time required for me to do a 50% water change (90litres in my case). This is made worse in, my house, due to use of a water softener (incoming water is 22° Clark) meaning I can't use hot house water in water changes. I have been mixing tap...
  2. ian_m

    DIY Project DIY dual peristaltic dosing pump with alternate switching.

    Needed a solution to fert dosing whilst I am away for 3 weeks shortly (and as I keep forgetting). Time to make a gadget.... Here is the finished item, awaiting to be fitted. And two one litre containers for the mixes. And inside. I got two peristaltic pumps from...
  3. ian_m

    Anyone used Byron/Home Easy remote timeswitches ?

    Anyone used Byron/Home Easy remote timeswitches to control their aquarium equipment ? One of these to control the switches http://www.chbyron.com/Byron/RemoteControlProgrammableTimerUnit/69/121/0/45/model/p/56/HE200/ and some of these...