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  1. Tony Swinney

    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    I'd rather think of them as supporters, as they are doing it voluntarily for the good of the leading forum of the hobby they love :)
  2. Tony Swinney

    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    This is why 'subscriptions' is the wrong term. It is simply an idea for a voluntary donation that folks can choose to make regularly if they want to - just as is available now by clicking the Donate button below, but giving the option to have it automatically happen on a regular basis for those...
  3. Tony Swinney

    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    I think it would be a very good option to have available to members, though I'd question using the term "subscription" which implies you are subscribing to something, rather than simply making a regular donation. I'd agree that leaving the amount open to each members choice, with a minimum of...
  4. Tony Swinney

    Aquatics Live 2012 Competition

    Looking forward to it too - last year was great fun :)
  5. Tony Swinney

    Mark, the Expert!

    Most deserved for the most prolific scaper, creating scapes at the highest level with top-level photography and videography too. Amongst the worlds best.
  6. Tony Swinney

    Changing times for UKAPS

    I like that idea Matt - good thinking :thumbup:
  7. Tony Swinney

    Changing times for UKAPS

    Congrats paulo - the perfect man to continue James' excellent work :) Also, big thanks to all the ukaps founders for their continuous hard work :clap: :clap: :clap: Tony
  8. Tony Swinney

    Congratulations to Darrell (dw1305)!

    Congrats Darrell, well deserved indeed - you know your onions :) Tony
  9. Tony Swinney

    New Featured Aquascape....

    Congratulations Andy, its a great scape, and most well deserving of this honour. Well done :D Tony