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  1. ian_m

    Hydroponic culture

    Often contain ammonium compounds, fine and cheap for plants & hydroponics but very toxic for fish.
  2. ian_m

    Moss & Yogurt mix grows white fuzz mold

    This is normally done to get moss to grow on tiles and bricks to "age" a new house. Not heard of it for use in an aquarium, will probably just go mouldy and kill the moss....oh it does.
  3. ian_m

    White thread like fungus

    Yes hydrogen peroxide can be used but if too strong will kill the plants as in this thread. http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/attacked-by-algae-in-my-planted-tank-bba-bga-gsa-help.34996/
  4. ian_m

    Home Lohas brings hydroponic gardening into your room

    $680 + electricity to runs buys an awful number of bags of salads from Tesco's ?