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  1. JamesC

    New Traces from Aqua Essentials

    As you may or may not have noticed Aqua Essentials have changed their Trace mixture. Some have been asking for a comparrison so I have posted up a table showing the differences between them along with Plantex CSM+B and Garden Direct's Chempak Trace mix. Plantex CSM+B is IMHO by far the best...
  2. JamesC

    What nutrients do plants actually require?

    Been thinking about this recently from another thread where someone decided that tap water was full of 'nasties' and shouldn't be used to reconstitute reverse osmosis (RO) water. I've always added tap water to my RO water as I believe that tap water contains lots of 'goodies' that are required...
  3. JamesC

    Tropica TPN+ match using ammonium nitrate

    Been playing with my calculator again and come up with an almost exact match for Tropica's TPN+. Rather than use potassium nitrate for a source of nitrogen I have used ammonium nitrate which is what I'm led to believe is what is in TPN+. Using ammonium nitrate seems to tie all the figures in...
  4. JamesC

    Tropica, Aqua Essentials and Garden Direct Chelated Traces

    There's been a bit of talk about Aqua Essentials and Garden Direct chelated traces recently so I thought I'd compare the concentrations of the different elements with Tropica Plant Nutrition. I've always made up solutions from the traces I've brought using 15g of trace added to 250g of water...
  5. JamesC

    Dosing with Ammonia and Urea

    Decided to open a new thread on this very interesting subject rather than carry it on in the Good Algae Article thread - http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=905 Here's what been said so far: I'm going to look into this a bit more and I might even test with dosing some urea to see how it...
  6. JamesC

    'All In One' dosing solution

    As I keep on being asked about the 'All In One' solution I make I thought I'd post some details of it. After Tropica released their Plant Nutrition Plus, which is an 'All In One' dosing solution, I became interested in doing the same to make life easier for myself. Normally it is advised to...