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  1. Tony Swinney

    3 tanks, 3 shots

    Nice tanks George, like you say - great to have such different scapes on the go at the same time to see how differently they grow, and the difference in maintenance between the different styles. Tony
  2. Tony Swinney

    Inspiring shots from Russia

    We can only aspire to such work, eh George :shock: Tony
  3. Tony Swinney

    White Balance

    Hi Andy Youre probably right with your choice of shots - the original is a bit cool, and Georges a bit yellow overall for me. Try to find something in the picture that should be neutral and use that as a guide. In this instance the black tank backing - try to not let it have a colour cast...
  4. Tony Swinney

    Snowy Suffolk (120mm Colour)

    Nice work Tom, and great to see something shot on film again - its been a while ! Tony
  5. Tony Swinney

    Photography montage/ video opinions

    Very nice Mark - how do you find the time !!! Look forward to seeing more. Tony
  6. Tony Swinney

    Canon 500mm f/4 L

    I've been thinking about it for a while George, as I really want to get into shooting HD films, and also play with the MP-E 65mm (thanks to Saintly's pics and vids :wink: ). Having tested the 5dMk2 with the Zeiss lens the stills quality matches the D3X with Nikon lenses, but the feel is so...
  7. Tony Swinney

    Canon 500mm f/4 L

    Excellent John - that is one serious bit of kit :shock: Look forward to seeing your pics :D I've just sold my D3x body, and am now selling all my Nikon kit off and making the jump to Canon kit :shock: Cant wait to start shooting with it next week :) Tony
  8. Tony Swinney

    Home Printing

    Hi John I'd completely agree with Mark too - the R2400 is a cracking little printer, and gets very good results out of the box (even better if you profile the printer too, but thats for further down the line ;) ) Tony
  9. Tony Swinney

    Walk in the forest

    Nice pitures Peter - I've just got back from doing much the same thing :D Tony
  10. Tony Swinney

    saintlys 'walk in the park'

    Good stuff Mark - I gotta get me one of them :) Anyone want to buy some Nikon DSLR kit ! Are you using a fluid head on the tripod ? Cheers Tony
  11. Tony Swinney

    A Subset of Sublime Subtropic Sunsets

    Nice shots Clive, you get great skies out there :D We're heading back over to Naples Fl for a few weeks in April- cant wait ( and I'll be taking the camera :D ) Tony
  12. Tony Swinney

    A bugs life...

    Great pic Mark :D Chilling insects down is certainly an option used. We did a shoot once with Damselflies, and bumble bees, all of which had to be in flight. We had an insect specialist from the Oxford Scientific Film unit working with us, and he used a spray to temporarily knock out the...
  13. Tony Swinney

    saintly's Nature plant pot.

    Great pics Mark, its amazing how much wonder is around us, when using a macro lens :D I'll be in the garden seeking new mosses this weekend :lol: Tony
  14. Tony Swinney

    My first wedding shoot

    Very nicely done George, when its time to retire from the RAF, you can shoot weddings :D Tony
  15. Tony Swinney

    Shooting Panoramic Shots

    Hey Dan Sounds like fun :D A couple of tips that spring to mind... -Aim for a minimum overlap of 50% between frames -Get the camera absolutely level before you start -Use the lightmeter in the camera to work out your average exposure across the pano, then set everything to manual and shoot...
  16. Tony Swinney

    Mullion Cove - handheld landscapes

    What, no RAW :x Oh well :D I'd put a curve layer on, and increase the contrast in the sky, lifting the highlights very slighty, and bringing the mids down - just to get some definition in the clouds. Then mask off that layer, and gently brush it back through in the sky areas, trying not...
  17. Tony Swinney

    Mullion Cove - handheld landscapes

    Great stuff George - you cant beat walking at the seaside with a camera :D :D :D Got to agree with Dave on the clifftop hotel image - it rocks :D I'd keep the colour in it myself, and do some work on the sky :wink: Tony
  18. Tony Swinney

    Trip to London.A few more pictures.

    Sounds like a cracking weekend Graeme, and some lovely shots too :D Well done for actually getting out there with a camera, and shooting whats around you, its amazing how different your immediate vicinity looks through a viewfinder :D Cheers Tony
  19. Tony Swinney

    Photographic Opportunism.

    Nice pics Dave :D I've got to agree about having a camera with you as much of the time as possible. I've probably got as many good photos when I've not gone out specifically to shoot, as I have from "shoot-trips" :D Cheers Tony
  20. Tony Swinney


    Looks like it has recovered well from Georges "modifications" on Saturday night :lol: Tony
  21. Tony Swinney

    Who needs plants, anyway!?

    Lovely pic George - the colours are beautiful :D The metadata reads correctly in Bridge by the way :D The photographer I assisted when I first came to London shot on a Leica R8, with their 50mm F1 lens :shock: The (lack of) depth of field you could get with it was just amazing ! Tony
  22. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    We traded in the Mamiya 7 for the D700 - most clients wont accept film anymore :roll:
  23. Tony Swinney

    Restoring an old forge - Photos.

    Blown out highlights and shallow depth of field are great - really help create the life in the picture :D Tony
  24. Tony Swinney

    Restoring an old forge - Photos.

    Great pics of a cracking location Steve - theres some really nice textures in the brickwork and roof structure :D Tony
  25. Tony Swinney

    Jersey - Rock formation pics

    Thanks Graeme. I'd really recommend Jersey, though it was made all the better for having great weather all week ! Its only a 50 min flight from Gatwick, and there are definitely flights from Manchester too. Being only 13 miles x 5 miles you can get around it dead easy - I'd love to go back...
  26. Tony Swinney

    Jersey - Rock formation pics

    and a few more from a sea water swimming pool....
  27. Tony Swinney

    Jersey - Rock formation pics

    Re: Jersey - Rock formation pics (more added) haha ! I think I just about got enough through for my nano :lol: I've been editing the pics today (shot over 1200 through the week :shock: ) and working on the ones I might use, so here's a few more water based ones (to keep on the Ukaps theme...
  28. Tony Swinney

    Jersey - Rock formation pics

    Hi I've just had a great little break on Jersey, and shot a few snaps of some of the fantastic scenery around the coast - thought you guys might appreciate the rock formations, beaches and rockpools :D Theres another 30 or so pics like these here too...
  29. Tony Swinney

    George's Iwagumi

    Great pics - I'm loving the copper harlequins at the minute :D
  30. Tony Swinney

    Sepia portrait

    Lovely pic George - all done in LR ? Tony
  31. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    The image above of the discus was on Nikons 24-70mm f2.8 G ED lens. Tony
  32. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    I had another play with a D3X yesterday, and thought you might like to see this pic: Shot under tank lights only, ISO 1000, 1/80s at f4.5 handheld. Full frame: and a crop from that file:
  33. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    I know the feeling Mark. I traded in my Mamiya7II to buy the D700, and hugely regret selling my Fuji GX617 last year, but it just wasnt getting used enough, having moved away from a local lab. I shoot so much more now on digital. You'll never beat a 10" x 8" Velvia tranny on a light box -...
  34. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    It's a great bit if kit, and down to a mere £4900 if you shop around - if you can make it pay for itself its a great buy ! The photographer who owns it has hardly used his Hasselblad / Phase One kit since byuing the Nikon (and thats £20k !!!) With the right processing and PS tweaking the...
  35. Tony Swinney

    Nikon D3X

    Hi I had a client here yesterday, with his D3X, so I grabbed a shot of the nano tank with it. The quality from this body is amazing, rivalling the medium format digital backs for clarity, and beating them hands down for usability. It also has fantastic low light ability. This is shot...
  36. Tony Swinney

    starlings formations

    Fantastic ! Just PS the house out and your away :D
  37. Tony Swinney

    Andean mountains + Amazon and Yarupa rivers

    Great pics matt ! I've got to 'do' South America one day. :)